She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

[Female lead with no romantic interest + ancient female awakening + passionate righteousness + refusing to be a submissive woman] After failing to conquer the emperor, the system punished me by forcing me to livestream modern life to ancient people.

The man I personally supported to ascend the throne saw me wearing a strapless minidress and dancing seductively at a banquet amidst revelry and wine, and he flew into a rage, accusing me of violating womanly virtues.

I smiled calmly and pointed the camera towards a modern street, launching a shocking livestream for the ancient people!

"Good heavens? It's nighttime now, but what are those pearls shining so brightly?"

Female lead: Those are light bulbs.

"There are indeed objects in this world that can transmit sound over thousands of miles away. What a marvelous treasure!"

Female lead: This is a cell phone.

"How could the women on the streets dress so scantily and shamelessly flirt with men? Don't they know propriety? Why hasn't the county office come to stop these debased women and thrown them into pigsties?"

Female lead: Because this is the glorious era of China!