She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 10

Gu Sang raised her eyes, her bare gaze fixed on Gu Qingrou.

She was helping Pei Changying ascend the throne, so she naturally couldn't avoid using some treacherous means.

But those were only used on the battlefield!

She searched her heart and asked herself, in these past seven years, she had never harmed the old, weak, sick or disabled, let alone an unborn child.

"Is that so? The child in her womb was killed by me?"

Gu Qingrou walked behind Pei Changying, placing her hands in his, with a hint of sadness on her face: "Your Majesty, you have already compensated this concubine."

"That was so long ago, this concubine does not wish to bring it up again."

Pei Changying lovingly embraced Gu Qingrou.

His gaze was full of hatred as he looked at Gu Sang: "Rou'er, I only believe you, you are the most kind and gentle, nothing like that vicious woman."

Seeing the two embracing each other, Gu Sang's heart was as calm as a lake, she didn't care at all who Pei Changying believed or loved, she only cared about herself!

Such a provocative action couldn't hurt her in the slightest!

Having never loved, she didn't care.

"Gu Qingrou, I used to wonder why this dog emperor suddenly imprisoned me, turns out it was because you framed me for killing your child, harming your own flesh and blood for the throne, do your dreams come back to haunt you at midnight?"

"Gu Sang, I won't believe a single word you say!"

"I'm not asking you to believe me, believe it or not, I don't care! But what I didn't do, I didn't do, so stop saying such disgusting things."

"I'm really going to vomit, Pei Changying, listen, sooner or later I'll make your dynasty change its name!"

"The livestream ends here, tomorrow again, goodbye." Gu Sang had an indifferent attitude.

She decisively ended the livestream without giving Pei Changying any chance to stop her.

She really was disgusted with Pei Changying to the core, the loathing in her eyes was about to overflow.

"Gu Sang!!!"

The livestream froze on Gu Sang standing between two senior students!

Her eyes were bright, looking up at the seniors, her face showing the ease of having regained her freedom, a look that made Pei Changying want to tear everything apart!

It was only at this moment.

That Pei Changying realized, in the seven years he was with Gu Sang, she had never shown him a genuine smile.

Because when she truly smiled, there was a light in her eyes.

The light called freedom and happiness!

Looking down from above, Pei Changying clenched his fists tightly, staring fixedly at the dimmed screen, recalling the image of Gu Sang walking with two men, he was so angry he could not remain rational!

He closed his eyes.

His words were sinister and cold: "Gu Sang! Even if I have to dig three feet underground, I will find you! You are my woman, even in death you will be mine alone!"

"I don't believe that in my realm, no one can break your witchcraft!!"


The three arrived at a Chinese restaurant on the fifth floor of the mall.

It had been seven years since Gu Sang last experienced being treated politely by men.

Experiencing it again, she felt it was truly wonderful.

That ghostly place in ancient times where women couldn't even sit at the table should be destroyed: "Lu Mufei, what documents do we need to prepare for enrollment?"

Gu Sang put down the menu elegantly, listening to Lu Mufei's reply:

"Just bring your ID card, everything else can be found on the computer."

"I'm able to retain my academic status, thanks to you seniors."

"And the tutoring job before... I could only afford to pay back their tuition fees because you helped me find that tutoring job......"

Gu Sang wanted to completely cut ties with the Gu family.

So she gritted her teeth and paid back all the money her parents had spent on her, resolutely returning to her grandmother!

And she demanded that her birth parents not disturb her and her grandmother's life anymore.

"Gu Sang, you don't need to be so polite with me," Lu Mufei looked at the woman sitting across from him with burning eyes.

A year had passed, and she had become more and more radiant.

Just sitting there, she had a kind of pleasing beauty!

He didn't know what she had experienced that year that changed her so much, nor did he feel comfortable asking.

He had only heard from some students that Gu Sang had fallen out with her family and returned to live with the grandmother who raised her.

And the friend sitting next to him caught the word "pay back."

Thinking Gu Sang was short on money, he smiled and suggested: "Bro Lu, the first time I saw your friend, I wanted to say."

"Your friend has such a great air and demeanor, she really seems like the legitimate daughter of an ancient noble family."

"There's still over a month until graduation, why don't we let her audition for Director Zhang's short drama?"

The friend who spoke was studying cinematography, for good form and demeanor are like shining pearls in the night, hard not to notice.

Thus, from the beginning, he had been studying Gu Sang.

Not with ill intent, just pure appreciation!

"Short drama?" Gu Sang asked in confusion, there were no short dramas before her car accident.

"Yes, the short dramas promoted on the DouYin Platform, each episode is two or three minutes long, they've become quite popular recently."

Lu Mufei suggested: "My friend is investing in a short drama, and they're still lacking an actress for the role of the empress dowager, they haven't found a suitable actress yet."

"The empress dowager is the legitimate daughter of nobility, though it's just a short drama, he has high standards for the actors, both in appearance and demeanor, you can go and take a look if you're interested."

Gu Sang pondered.

There was still some time before school started, and it would be fine to earn some money in the meantime.

Her grandmother's savings weren't much, only that old house was quite valuable.

Plus she was about to start school, tuition and living expenses weren't a small amount...

"Can you make money filming short dramas?"

Lu Mufei was silent for a few seconds, then explained: "There's a 15,000 yuan performance fee, about half an hour if there are no re-takes. But if it goes viral online, the lead actress can get a 1% bonus!"

"Lu Mufei, I'm very interested."

Upon hearing this, Gu Sang agreed directly, confidence filling her beautiful face.

She had experienced seven years of life in ancient times, the demeanor of a noble daughter had been ingrained in her, she had some knowledge of the traditional arts like music, chess, calligraphy and painting.

As for riding and archery, she was even more proficient!

Even scholars specializing in ancient studies would have to admit inferiority before Gu Sang.

"Okay, I'll ask about it for you."

Lu Mufei took out his phone directly and asked his friend a few questions.

A few minutes later.

Under Gu Sang's sincere gaze, he gave an OK gesture: "There's an audition the day after tomorrow, at the Longfeng Manor, but the actresses need to know how to ride horses, if you don't know how, I can take you to the stables to practice?"

"Thank you, senior, but I do know how to ride, no need to practice." Gu Sang expressed her gratitude.

After this meal, both sides exchanged phone numbers.

Rejecting the senior's offer of a ride, Gu Sang took a cab home by herself.

Gu Sang held the updated property deed, sitting on the sofa and looking at the empty room, letting out a small smile with little curvature.

She hugged the property deed tightly, like embracing her beloved grandmother.


Wait for me.

I will succeed.

I will bring you back home.

Twenty years ago, it was you who found me and raised me.

But fearing you couldn't provide me a good life, when my birth parents came looking, you gave me back to them.

Now, I don't want my parents anymore, I only want you to come back safely and in peace!

Just as Gu Sang was curled up on the sofa about to fall asleep.


The system suddenly sent a message.

"Livestream room upgraded, enabling connection mode."

"Do you choose to randomly connect with an ancient person?"