She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 9

What a shocking few words these are!

How invigorating these words are!

Gender equality!

Equality for all!

What kind of realm is it that dares to establish such an outrageous rule of gender equality?

And what kind of place is it where women not only dress freely, move freely, but can even walk hand in hand with men on the streets?

Without fear of any gossip or rumor?!

The hearts of the ancients beat faster, their blood boiling with emotions surging!

One of the Palace Maids has already secretly lowered her head, her eyes red as she shed a teardrop...

"What place is this that is so vast, rivaling even the Imperial Palace... no, it is far more bright and luxurious than the Imperial Palace, and so colorful!"

"What are those shining treasures, glittering, oh my! How high up they are, how did those treasures get hung up there?"

"The things they are holding in their hands look so strange, red and green, and so exquisite. Ah... they are drinking it? And from the expression of that woman, it seems to be very delicious."

"Whew! So many people! Why are there more women walking around inside than men? Don't they need to attend to their masters?"

The crowd kept marveling at everything in the shopping mall.

Like ignorant children, gazing at a strange world they had never seen before.

Looking ahead, the shopping mall stretched farther than the eye could see.

Looking up, the domed ceiling of the mall was round, inlaid with irregularly shaped crystals that refracted dazzling rays of light from every angle.

Some ancients were surprised to see stores selling cosmetics.

Some ancients also noticed the girls passing by holding milk tea.

It seemed that all the men and women in this shopping mall had a relaxed and contented look.

It was as if in this place, there was no distinction between master and servant, no need to cower in fear, only life and happiness.

"Gu? Gu Sang?!" At this moment, two young men about 180 cm tall approached, and one of them, slightly taller, stared at Gu Sang for several glances before exclaiming in surprise.

Gu Sang stopped, looking at the young man with some puzzlement.

He seems a bit familiar...

Can't quite remember...

The young man offered a warm smile and said to Gu Sang, "Gu Sang, thank you for taking the time before to tutor my younger sister. That's how she managed to get into a good university."

"Do you remember who I am?"

"Mu Fei, senior student," Gu Sang replied politely and warmly.

"It's been over a year since I last saw you. What have you been up to this past year that you didn't even go visit Mu Yun?" Lu Mufei was unaware that she had been lying in the hospital for a year.

Her grandmother hadn't told anyone about this, even Gu's own family was kept in the dark.

Gu Sang's real parents also didn't know she had been in a car accident; they only thought she wasn't used to the atmosphere at home and was living with her grandmother!

"I had something come up and went away for a while. I only just got back recently. Senior Mu Fei, there's something I'd like to ask you if I may?"

Lu Mufei guessed what Gu Sang wanted to ask and smiled warmly, "About university, right? I've reserved your admission spot for you, so you can just go and register when the new semester starts."

Upon hearing this, Gu Sang's expression visibly brightened with joy. "Thank you, Senior Mu Fei."

"No need for thanks, we're not that distant. Actually, we were just about to go eat. If you really want to thank me, why don't you join us?" There was a hint of a different kind of affection in Lu Mufei's eyes.


Before Gu Sang could respond!

A stern and imperious voice suddenly rang out from the ancient realm: "Forbidden! I, your Emperor, do not permit you to go!"


Which mutt is barking over there?

Gu Sang looked up.

Ah, it was Pei Changying!

Even now, he was still using that commanding tone when speaking to Gu Sang.

As if Gu Sang wasn't a person, but a pet who must obey her master's words at all times!

Too bad for him, the ancient and modern worlds are entirely different.

She has always had a rebellious streak, defiantly disobeying Pei Changying's wishes!

Gu Sang smiled sweetly, not even thinking twice before agreeing, "Sure, Senior Mu Fei has helped me so much. I'll treat you to a meal then."

Seeing Gu Sang actually agree to go eat with Lu Mufei, Pei Changying was enraged!

A surge of indignant fury welled up inside him!

His woman!

His woman, Pei Changying's woman, dared to go out alone for a meal with two other men?

This was an outright challenge to Pei Changying's dignity, a field of lush green grass sprouting atop his head!

Gritting his teeth, Pei Changying spat out words he thought could threaten Gu Sang, seething with rage: "You slut! Can you not live without a man in your life?"

"Before, in the palace, you tried every trick to get intimate with me. Now that I'm gone, you can't wait to go seduce other men! You're just that shameless and wanton!"

"Come back! Gu Sang! Get your ass back here right now!"

"If you dare disobey, I swear I'll find you and throw you into the military camp as a prostitute!"


None of it worked!

Faced with Pei Changying's torrent of insults, Gu Sang was utterly unperturbed, not even offering an explanation. She simply walked away smiling and chatting amiably with Senior Mu Fei.

This left Pei Changying's rage with nowhere to vent, like a punch thrown into cotton—a frustrating sense of repression welled up inside him.

To make matters worse, Gu Qingrou couldn't resist fanning the flames: "Your Majesty, please calm down. My younger sister has always been unrestrained. There were some rumors about her and General Zhou before, but they were later proven to be only rumors—the two of them were innocent and did nothing to offend you."

Zhou Qichen!

A flash of vicious light flickered in Pei Changying's eyes.

He took several deep breaths to quell the murderous rage within.

For the first time, he lowered his status to speak calmly to Gu Sang:

"Gu Sang, you've caused enough of a scene today. I'll give you one last chance. Come back to my side immediately, and I'll overlook this unsavory business of you seducing other men."

"I'm still keeping the Noble Consort position open for you!"

Gu Sang was truly speechless.

Even now, still going on about being a Noble Consort?

Truly the behavior of a man who ascended the throne—arrogant and self-important.

A mocking smile curved Gu Sang's lips as she said dismissively, "Ah yes yes, I've caused a scene, I'm seducing others, so please, I beg you, take away my Noble Consort title right away. I truly feel it's an unlucky burden!"

"And! I am now an independent individual. Forget about eating with other men, even if I was pursuing love, what could you do about it, you bastard of an Emperor?!"


That felt great!

What a satisfying rant!

Gu Sang's eyes sparkled with delight, and she chatted even more warmly with her senior student.

This enraged Pei Changying so much that he furiously kicked the coffin, leaving a huge hole in it, his expression darkly sullen.

But soon!

Pei Changying let out a cold laugh, his tone dripping with scorn: "Hah, for those words to come from you—Gu Sang, the one in this world who values status and position above all else."

"For the position of Empress, not only did you put your life on the line for me..."

"Rou was your own older sister, yet you were so vicious as to harm even the child in her womb. And then you put on this whole dramatic act with sorcery. Gu Sang, don't tell me you don't care about status!"

"I see that you care more than anyone! You would go to any lengths for that position!"