She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 8

They were...two distinguished guests.

For such prestigious men to actually apologize to a servant?

How, how could this be?

She and her companions never even dreamed that a master would ever defend a slave like this.

In the palace, masters would beat and scold servants at the slightest provocation, and they could even beat a servant to death. All they had to do was inform the Ministry of Household Affairs, and a new servant would be assigned to attend them.

No one cared about the lives of servants.

Let alone just for being touched!

Witnessing this scene, Consort Zhao felt conflicted emotions.

She glanced at Pei Changying for a second, then lowered her eyes and put on a smile to agree: "If this woman dressed properly, she wouldn't have invited such trouble."

"In the end, it's her fault."

"Servants are not as important as distinguished guests. If they don't have rules to follow, the slaves beneath us would become too arrogant."

"Sister Sang's witchcraft is quite powerful. Where in this world could such absurdity be found?"

Her words deeply resonated with this emperor, Pei Changying.

However, Gu Qingrou and the other consorts were stunned.

From a young age, they were taught that there were rules in the household - masters were masters, and slaves were slaves, and there was no comparison between the two.

But today...their entire worldview had been turned upside down!

It turned out that a master could actually treat a slave so kindly.

It turned out that a woman dressing beautifully was not a crime, and being admired by men was not a crime either.

The ones at fault were the men with impure thoughts!

They were at fault for being taught from a young age that women who flirted with men deserved to be drowned in a pig cage, and after entering the palace, they understood this even more deeply.

If they were admired by someone, whether they were willing or not, it was considered an honor!

But in the place where the empress resided, it seemed that everyone thought it was natural and praiseworthy for a master to stand up for a slave.

At this moment.

The mindset of the palace servants watching the livestream in Xuyang Palace was quietly shifting.

After the lawyer Li signed the contract for the real estate, he handed over all the materials to Gu Sang.

Gu Sang still needed to go to the property transaction department to change the name on the property deed.

Seeing that it was almost lunchtime, Gu Sang went out to catch the bus, planning to eat at a nearby mall.

"This, could her clothes be getting shorter and shorter? How could someone's pants not even cover their thighs!"

"This is no different from wearing a crop top! Even her waist and skin are exposed!"

"Does no one manage such attire? Is this even legal? Why are the other pedestrians behaving as if it's completely natural?"

"Those men aren't even looking at those women and just walk past - why? Do they have no desires? How could they not violate those women?!"

"A monster! Look, that one has red hair!"

The woman walking towards them on the street was wearing super short shorts, exposing her white thighs and slender waist, causing the conservative ancients to blush furiously and cover their eyes.

Their bottom lines were being broken one by one!

Their worldviews were being shattered time and time again!

Hearing the ancients' heartfelt bewilderment, Gu Sang looked over.

Realizing it was a beautiful woman with dyed red curly hair, she said: "That's not a monster, she just dyed her hair."

"Here, if anyone harasses a woman on the street for any reason, they will be arrested by the magistrate and put in jail! Everyone will denounce and condemn them!" that so?

The magistrate doesn't blame the woman for dressing scantily, but instead punishes the man?

The ancients couldn't understand at all!

They couldn't comprehend why there would be such absurd rules, nor could they comprehend how black hair could be dyed red?

They exclaimed in shock and bewilderment, one time after another.

It was then that a bus slowly drove over, prompting another round of shocked exclamations and questioning from the ancients.

"My lady, what is that? How could there be such a huge iron box, and I can even see many people sitting inside it."

The transparent bus door slowly opened, triggering another wave of astonishment.

Three buses came one after another, but none of them were headed to Gu Sang's destination. It wasn't until the fourth bus arrived that Gu Sang boarded.

She opened her phone, scanned the transit code against the machine.

"How did that door open by itself? I didn't see anyone opening it."

"Sister Sang, a few iron, vehicles, just drove past. Why didn't you get on?" Consort Zhao couldn't help voicing her doubts, blushing as she spoke.

She had expected that Gu Sang would definitely not reply to her.

After all, their relationship in the palace had been terrible.

But unexpectedly, Gu Sang didn't seem to care about their past conflicts at all. After finding a seat, she calmly replied: "Those were buses. Each bus has a different destination, and the first three weren't going where I needed to go."

"But Sister didn't give any money when you got on the bus." Consort Zhao's sharp eyes noticed someone else boarding and tossing two coins into the bus.

Yet Gu Sang didn't toss in any coins at all.

Gu Sang said indifferently: "I already paid."

"Sister Sang, we all saw with our own eyes - you can't lie to us."

"Yes, Madam, we servants witnessed the people who boarded all tossing in two silver pieces, but you didn't pay anything."

Just as everyone assumed Gu Sang would be unable to refute them!


Gu Sang simply raised her phone.

In a casual tone, she uttered words that were shockingly outrageous: "I have a phone. I can make payments through this phone, and the money will go directly into the other party's pocket."

The servants: ??

The consorts: !!

Pei Changying: ...?!

This, this is definitely not the mythical world from legends, right?

"How could money fit into such a small thing?"

"Your servant is more concerned about how the money ends up in the other party's pocket. This is unbelievable."

"Could this be the lost art of teleportation from the martial arts world? Did someone teleport the money over? No, no, it must be the Storage Bag from legends - that thing called a 'phone' can store money!"

Everyone began wildly speculating about Gu Sang's phone.

No wonder they were so fixated on Gu Sang's phone; in this livestream, her phone appeared very frequently.

It could call for rides, make payments, and even communicate over vast distances!

Half an hour later.

The ancients followed Gu Sang's steps into a large, brilliantly lit mall.

Before the consorts and servants could even marvel at the wonders of the mall,

They immediately noticed a couple passionately kissing on a nearby bench...

And it was the woman who was actively cupping the man's face to kiss him??

"Which parents raised such a woman to openly tempt men like this, and even...even! Actively kiss them passionately in public! Her parents should be punished as well."

"A woman should preserve her purity. To engage in such shameless public displays that corrupt social mores by taking the initiative to be intimate with a man - she should be dragged away for execution."

"It was fine for her to link arms with her husband, and her immodest dress was tolerable too, but how could she have the audacity to do such a shameless thing! She, she actually took the initiative to kiss the man! Oh heavens!"

Gu Sang glanced at the couple and didn't show the slightest reaction: "It's just a kiss, it's the most normal thing here."

"So what if the woman took the initiative? So what if the man was passive? How dare you only blame the woman for not preserving her wifely virtue, just because she's a woman, just because you men have two extra pieces of meat down there?"

"I'm sorry, but here we believe in gender equality - everyone is equal!!!"