She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 7

"Why is it so bright here? It's as beautiful as a paradise—this must be the residence of a wealthy master!"

"Sister Queen, she must be like the servants who receive guests in the palace, right? Look at her strange smile, how could a master's servant not know the basic etiquette of smiling without showing teeth?"

"She doesn't even have manners? And she's making eye contact with a noble guest—such an ill-disciplined servant!"

Gu Sang listened to the comments in the livestream, feeling only sorrow.

In their eyes, servants had no human rights, living worse than dogs!

Women had to strictly follow rules; even the slightest violation could ruin their reputation, or worse, get them beaten to death!

How tragic!

At that moment!

Two men sitting in the lounge area beckoned to the woman: "Beautiful lady, you must have just graduated from university? Come here and introduce us to the most expensive house!"

The woman smiled sweetly and walked over. As she was about to bend down to hand them the information materials,


One of the men reached out and touched her buttocks.

"What are you doing!" The woman stood up abruptly, her face turning very unpleasant.

Seeing the woman's strong reaction, the other man smiled smugly.

He reached out to grab her arm and said flirtatiously, "You're a real estate seller, we know how it works—you have to use some tactics to boost your sales numbers, right?"

"Beautiful lady, sit down and give us a good introduction to the houses. If you make me happy, I'll put down the deposit!"

The woman was furious inside, but for the sake of her job, she decided to endure this one more time.

She calmly took a few steps back,

Creating a safe distance between herself and the two men before speaking: "I hope you two can be respectful. If you truly want to see the houses, I can call a professional colleague for you."

The man who had reached out earlier brazenly eyed the woman's body, patting his thigh. "We want you to introduce them. Come, sit here."

"Or would you prefer to sit on my lap?"

Seeing the woman's stern expression as she turned and walked away,

The two men scoffed and curled their lips, acting as if money could buy any woman, even leering at Gu Sang.

"Little lady, you have a great figure. Let's get acquainted."

Gu Sang gave them a cold look, her eyes filled with indifference, causing the two men to avert their gaze.

This scene gave Pei Changying an opportunity to mock: "Indecent and immoral, attracting flies and bees."

"It serves you right to be harassed like that. What proper maiden would dress like you? By dressing that way, you're providing convenience for those men ruled by lust."

"Gu Sang! You'd better change your clothes immediately, or if you get defiled by those men, it will be your fault for being a seductress! In that case, I will have your head chopped off!"

Pei Changying, as the emperor and a man, blamed Gu Sang harshly, each word piercing like a knife.

Just like some ordinary men, he was arrogant and never found fault in himself.

Gu Sang didn't argue with Pei Changying about her attire, as she never argued with idiots.

Because at this moment;

The sales Manager came over with a professional smile, and the livestream's ancient people clearly saw that this person was the master of this place as all the Salespeople called out "Manager!"

"Look, the master here has arrived. That woman will definitely be given to those two men as a concubine!"

"A female servant who catches the eye of noble guests must be sent away as a gift. That woman was foolish to resist despite being noticed—she'll have a hard time from now on."

"Yes, she had no discipline. Dressing provocatively, yet defying noble guests. Now the master here will surely punish her!"

This was the ancient people's assumption.

It was also the assumption of the Palace Maids, who believed that the woman was doomed!

But the next scene!

Left the ancient people completely dumbfounded!

The Manager strode over to the two men and politely said, "Hello, you want to see the houses, right? Come this way, I'll show you around."

"Call that woman over, we don't want a man to introduce them," one man said.

The Manager smiled as he poured water into the cups in front of them:

"I'm sorry, she's gone to attend to other clients."

"If you truly want to buy a house, we welcome you. But if you have impure thoughts and keep harassing our employees, don't blame me for being unwelcoming!"


The man angrily stood up and knocked over the water cup in front of him, arrogantly saying, "You're in the service industry, the customer is god!"

"I want a woman to introduce the houses, what's the problem? Are you going to offend important clients like us just for one employee?"

The Manager was also done being polite!

He scoffed coldly.

Waving over the female Saleswoman from earlier. Before the two men could show their satisfied smiles,

The Manager took out his phone and pressed the numbers 110, firmly and resolutely saying:

"Before you demand our respect, you should respect my employees first!"

"You touched that female employee inappropriately earlier, and it was all caught on surveillance! I was going to let it go, but you two have gone too far! So please apologize to this employee."

"If you don't apologize, I'll call the police and report you for sexual harassment!"

The Manager pulled the female Saleswoman forward, sternly staring at the two men without backing down or giving an inch.

" was just an accidental touch, what's with calling the police? Are you trying to extort money?" The man who had touched the Saleswoman became flustered and shouted loudly.

"Don't give me that, apologize! Show some respect for our female employees!" The Manager's gaze was resolute.

The man angrily took out ten red bills from his wallet and gritted his teeth, saying, "Isn't it all about money? A thousand bucks should be enough, right? I could sleep with a woman for a thousand."

He then contemptuously threw the money on the floor in front of the Manager, acting condescendingly as if he was superior.

The livestream's ancient women held their breath.

They were puzzled and confused.

They didn't understand why the Manager would risk offending important guests to defend the dignity of a mere servant.


Their ancient education taught them differently!



They had no dignity!

Being groped or harassed was the woman's fault—the woman was the seductress, the man had done nothing wrong!

"I'll say this one last time, apologize, or I'll call the police! Three, two, one!" The Manager didn't even look at the money, his tone firm.

Seeing the phone already dialed, the two men were scared and immediately caved in, bowing to the woman and apologizing, "We're sorry, sorry."

"It was our fault, we shouldn't have harassed you."

After hastily saying those words with their heads bowed in shame, the two men quickly ran out of the sales office, not forgetting to pick up the one thousand dollars on their way out.

This scene drew cheers and nods of approval from the on-site house buyers.

Well done!

This Manager actually has some backbone, willing to protect his employees.

The cheers from the modern customers, however, sent shockwaves through the souls of the livestream's Palace Maids, leaving them in stunned silence!!