She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 6

Beneath the short skirt were slender legs;

A large swath of bare back skin;

Wavy hair cascading over her shoulders...

As Pei Changying gazed upon her, he felt a surge of restless flames in his chest, his eyes reddening as he stared fixedly at Gu Sang, for the first time experiencing what it meant to feel powerless!

"Sister, this is simply too shameless!"

"Flaunting yourself in such revealing attire in broad daylight? You've lost all dignity, how will you ever show your face in public again?"

"Your Majesty, please don't be angry. Sister Sang is merely venting her ire at you. Alas, such improper dress is indeed deplorable, deserving of being caged like a sow..."

It was high noon, with hardly a soul on the streets.

From the livestream, one could see Gu Sang standing at the entrance of the residential complex, taking out her phone to call a car.

The camera followed Gu Sang's every step.

At first, no towering buildings could be seen in the distance. Those watching the livestream from Xuyang Palace only saw Gu Sang's hand tapping on some object.

Soon after, a white Chevrolet screeched to a halt before Gu Sang.

In that moment!

The air grew deathly still!

Pei Changying and the ancient onlookers had never laid eyes upon such a contraption.

They gaped in shock at the iron box that had suddenly materialized, exclaiming:

"What is that thing, and how does it move?"

"Your humble servant's eyes must be playing tricks - one blink and it had already stopped before Sister Sang, its speed far exceeding that of your finest stallions!"

"Heavens, what strange creature is this?"

Before the consorts and palace maids could recover from their astonishment, the next sight nearly made their eyes pop out of their sockets!

What did the onlookers witness?

They saw Gu Sang saunter up to the iron box.

She reached out her hand;

With a click, she opened the iron box, then stepped right inside??

This unfathomable sight left even the formidable Pei Changying stunned!

Hundreds of eyes bulged, like naive infants experiencing the world for the first time, following Gu Sang's receding figure into the vehicle's interior.

"Your Majesty, everyone, listen closely!"

"I hear music, as if someone is playing an instrument! The sound is emanating from this iron box, such beautiful tunes and singing! Heavens, I have never heard such exquisite vocals!"

"But there is no one singing here, how can there be sound? And look, there is another long, bright object inside! What could that be displaying?"

" you all feel it? This iron box is moving! It's truly moving!"

"...Gu Sang, what devilry is this? First you feign death, then disappear to some strange place, and now you produce these bizarre objects - what is the nature of this iron contraption?"

Gu Sang heard the ancient onlookers' astounded remarks clearly.

She first confirmed the phone's last digits with the driver, enabling system voice muting to prevent outsiders from hearing her self-talk during the livestream.

Then, slowly running her fingers through her long tresses, she said: "As I mentioned, this is my world, the glorious age of China!"

"It's not called an iron box, it's called a car."

"It can travel thousands of miles without rest or pause. A true journey of a thousand miles in a single day - just six hours, and you could cover a thousand-mile distance!"

"In my homeland, many families own such small vehicles."

Upon those words leaving her lips,

Everyone fell silent.

They wanted to refute her, to declare it impossible, a blatant deception.

But they had just witnessed with their own eyes the dizzying blur of scenery whizzing by, at a pace that could indeed cover a thousand miles in a day!

So just what kind of place was this realm Gu Sang inhabited?

Pei Changying suddenly wondered - if he too possessed such a vehicle, could border reports reach the palace within a single day?

Would that not mean...

"So many cars, so very many!"

"Your Majesty, look at that, what are those things? Towering dwellings? No, not quite - why would buildings glow like that? Is this a celestial realm?"

"Sister Sang, are you living in a place meant only for immortals? It's so beautiful, does such a wondrous world truly exist, or is it a mere fantasy?"

"Heavens! Everyone, look at those women walking about - why are they dressed in such immodest attire? Is there no local official to uphold decency?"


Each person held their breath, momentarily forgetting the reason they had come to the palace.

They stared unblinkingly at the screen, fearing they might miss any other sights.

Every fleeting scene in the footage, they watched with rapt attention.

Soaring commercial towers piercing the clouds!

Streets teeming with car and pedestrian traffic!

Dazzling illumination of shopping plazas!

Women strolling along the roads, dressed in the same revealing manner as Gu Sang, baring legs and necklines! Yet they showed no fear whatsoever.

No fear of male harassment.

No fear of assault!

Not even fear of officials arresting and executing them on the spot... They were all smiling, their expressions so natural and carefree as they walked the streets in safety.

How could such a place exist in this world?

Not just the palace maids, even the Empress harboring resentment towards Gu Sang was rendered speechless, her heart pounding as if struck.

A sense of overwhelming shock took root, uncontainable!

"Why are they all dressed that way, exposing so much bare skin? Why does no one arrest this allowed?"

"Is it truly allowed?"

"Your humble servant even saw women holding hands with men, walking the streets openly. So women are permitted to go out and be seen with their beloved without facing punishment?"


Gu Qingrou felt her heart swell, falling silent.

All the consorts present stared wide-eyed, their minds reeling in disbelief.

Only Pei Changying and the eunuchs remained stoic, inwardly cursing Gu Sang and those indecent women as shameless sluts, no better than street entertainers!

A woman's place was confined within the household, unfit to even step outside!


Amidst the stunned expressions, the car arrived at the sales office, and after disembarking, Gu Sang called Lawyer Li.

Learning that Lawyer Li would be slightly delayed, Gu Sang headed into the sales office first.

According to Lawyer Li over the phone, being a commercial property, a contract would need to be signed at the sales office before proceeding to the property registration department to change the owner's name.

"Welcome, are you here to view or purchase a property?"

As soon as Gu Sang entered, a woman dressed in professional attire greeted her with a warm smile.

Her demeanor was neither servile nor arrogant, only courteous.

"I'll wait for someone first," Gu Sang replied politely.

"Certainly, let me show you to the waiting area. Just let me know if you need anything."

The woman's smile never faltered as she led Gu Sang to the sitting area.

Wearing a standard business suit with a spaghetti-strap white undershirt, and a form-fitting skirt ending mid-thigh, her figure was undoubtedly accentuated with every step.

This scene;

Prompted further derogatory remarks from the ancient onlookers: "That woman's skirt clings so tightly, her gait and the glimpses of her waist are simply unbearable to witness!"