She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 5

Everyone grew even more fearful and apprehensive.

A few seconds later.

Only Pei Changying was heard letting out a cold laugh, his deeply passionate and affectionate gaze from before turning completely!

It turned into an expression of disgust and certainty: "Gu Sang, your schemes are becoming more and more ingenious. Using witchcraft to hide in some strange place, pretending to be dead, thinking I would regret making you the Empress?"

"Heh! The palace rumors were also spread by you, weren't they?"

"To become the Empress, you truly are unscrupulous."

"You vile woman really have clever tricks, daring to use death to threaten me, even daring to carry out this witchcraft! What crime shall you be charged with!"

Gu Qingrou seized the opportunity and immediately knelt before Pei Changying.

Her eyes glistened with tears not yet shed, giving her a pitiful appearance: "Your Majesty, please judge for your servant. Your servant has absolutely not done anything to wrong my sister."

Pei Changying extended his hand to help Gu Qingrou up.

In front of Gu Sang's face, he gently caressed her cheek: "I believe you, you are the Empress I personally chose."

"Gu Sang, you have caused the entire palace to be in turmoil. I order you to show yourself and apologize immediately, or else I will revoke your title as Noble Consort."

Gu Qingrou stood behind Pei Changying, a faint smile crossing her lips as she defiantly looked towards Gu Sang.

Faced with everyone's varying thoughts, Gu Sang remained indifferent.

"You think I still care about the petty title of Consort?"

Hearing this nonchalant tone, a sudden anger emerged on Pei Changying's previously cold and stern face.

This expression only amused Gu Sang further.

How refreshing!

In her joyful mood, she proceeded to say words that caused Pei Changying's pupils to nearly burst: "In fact, I'm not even from your era."

"I come from modern civilization two thousand years into the future. If not for wanting to return to the present to see my grandmother, why would a narrow-minded, self-centered man like you be worthy of my affection?"

"I know you must be thinking something along the lines of feigning nonchalance, or being insincere. You're too arrogant!"

"Pei Changying, after seven years, can you still not sense my heart?!"

Everyone was astonished, their expressions like spectators witnessing something shocking unfold.

Consort Li was stunned by her earth-shattering words.

Consort Zhao took note of the words "two thousand years into the future."

Pei Changying's body froze for a moment as he stared at Gu Sang, his jet-black eyes seeming to conceal a volcano.

In that instant!

A sense of dread filled his entire being, causing all his confidence, conviction, and self-assuredness to dissipate like smoke!


He suddenly recalled various details from before.

No wonder!

Every time Gu Sang looked at him, it was as if she was gazing past him into the distance. No wonder she would call out wanting to go home and see her grandmother in her dreams.

But at the time, Pei Changying had not paid it any mind. He thought the "home" Gu Sang spoke of was the ancient Gu family estate, even though he had long sensed that Gu Sang was not entirely obedient towards him.......

It turned out! It turned out this was all an act!

"Vile woman, you have finally spoken your true feelings! This is a crime of deceiving the Emperor. Do you believe I will not exterminate your entire clan!" Pei Changying's gaze pierced through the screen like a physical force, filled with killing intent as his eyes locked onto Gu Sang, filled with both rage and helplessness.

"Ding ling ling......"

The sound of a phone ringing interrupted Gu Sang and Pei Changying's gaze at each other through the screen.

Gu Sang answered the phone. It was her lawyer calling.

It turned out that before Gu Sang had awoken, her grandmother had entrusted the lawyer to help transfer the property ownership to her name.

Today, the lawyer called to ask if she had time to handle the property transfer formalities.

It was only at this point that everyone noticed the interior decor of the room behind Gu Sang.

As well as the fact that the long, bright object had emitted the voice of another man.

"How is this Noble Consort talking to that object?"

"Your servant seems to have heard a man's voice come from that object. Is it an illusion?"

"Is she dead or not? Why would she be in such a strange place? And look, Your Majesty, there's also a strange cup, how is it made to look so exquisite?"

"What is that transparent thing on the window? How can it show the outside scenery so clearly?"

"What is that bright thing? And what is this modern civilization? Your servant has never even heard of it before."

Having just ended the call, Gu Sang heard the others' confused inquiries and replied: "This is a phone, capable of contacting others from thousands of miles away."


These words elicited shock and denial from everyone!

"How could there be such a thing, what nonsense are you spouting?"

"Gu Sang, what new trick are you trying to pull, daring to speak such a ridiculous lie!"

"For the last time, I order you to return and beg for forgiveness, or else you will never again receive my favor! Gu Sang, do not push me to dispel your witchcraft!"

Gu Sang showed no concern as she revealed a smile.

His favor?

This evil thing can favor whoever it wants!

I'm just a heartless, unfeeling woman who has cut off all feelings of love!

All I want is to topple your dynasty!

She cast a mocking and disdainful glance at the furious Pei Changying: "You? Don't have that capability! No one can harm me on this land where I stand!"

"I was just about to go handle the property transfer, so I'll show you all the outside world."

"Let you all witness the prosperity of modern times with your own eyes!"

After the upgrade to a small live streaming room, outdoor live streaming would be enabled.

Gu Sang wanted to let these ancient people experience modern technology's advancements!

To let Pei Changying see what it means for a woman to be capable of self-reliance!

Gu Sang looked at the weather outside and chose a blue spaghetti strap dress, carrying a blue and white single-shoulder bag, and applying light makeup.

After opening the door, the camera would automatically begin live streaming.

When Pei Changying saw Gu Sang wearing a short dress, exposing her long, fair legs.

As well as her bare arms and fair neck...

He grew so enraged that his entire body trembled, his eyes brimming with an intense possessiveness.

His imperial fury was displayed, as he commanded in an unbending tone:

"Gu Sang, what decorum is there in dressing like that? So debased and wanton! You are exposing more skin than even a prostitute! Just who are you trying to seduce? I order you to change your clothes immediately."

"Indecent and seductive, a promiscuous woman!"

Seeing that not only did Gu Sang not listen to him, but she even walked to the door and put on a pair of light-colored high heels that exposed her toes and foot arches.

Pei Changying's previously unshakable expression now darkened like approaching storm clouds, as if wishing to grind her into his bones.

Damn it!

This vile woman!

Despite having a husband, she dares dress like this!

Simply debasing herself, lower than even a courtesan!

He raged in desperation: "Gu Sang! If you dare go out wearing those shoes, I will have your legs cut off!!"

"You are my woman, I will not allow you to dress like this, do you hear me! Gu Sang, you are playing with fire!"

However, Pei Changying's furious outburst could not change anything.

Gu Sang paid no heed to this tyrannical Emperor's anger, her smile self-assured and radiant as she headed towards the community gates, trailed by the live streaming camera -