She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 4

After the projection uttered these words, the palace maids who were cleaning the palace suddenly widened their eyes.

Could the Empress really hear their conversations?

And... the current life?

Is there life in hell too?

Aren't they supposed to directly pass through the mountain of knives and the sea of flames before reincarnating?

"Bihai, look, there's no shadow of the Empress on the coffin anymore."

"Where exactly is the Empress now, and why does that place look like a paradise, with sunshine and so many strange and beautiful things?"

"The Empress treated us extremely well when she was alive. Other palace maids were beaten and scolded. Every so often, one or two palace maids would die, but our Empress never treated us like slaves."

"We can't just sit back and watch the Noble Consort invite the Grand Master. If that happens, the Empress will be torn into pieces!"


The next day.

"Hey, have you heard about the ghost haunting Qiyang Palace?"

"Who hasn't heard about it? Even the Empress went there yesterday."

"I heard the reason why the Noble Consort's wronged soul hasn't dissipated is that she was killed by her own sister, so she has become a vengeful ghost seeking retribution."

Wherever there were palace maids and eunuchs, rumors about the ghost haunting Qiyang Palace were spreading.

It spread from one to ten, and from ten to a hundred.

Within just a morning, the entire palace knew the rumor that the Noble Consort's resentful soul had not dissipated, and she would appear in Qiyang Palace every day, seeking justice for her grievances.

In just a few days, this preposterous incident reached Pei Changying's ears.

Pei Changying, who was deeply saddened by Gu Sang's passing, suddenly raised his head when he heard about this. His eyes were pitch black, evidently from not having slept for a few days.

During this time, Pei Changying dared not set foot in her palace.

He thought he could evade the reality: "You're saying Gu Sang's soul has returned, with grievances?!"

"Set up an altar at Qiyang Palace immediately. I want to see it with my own eyes."

In an instant, various factions in the palace set up altars at Qiyang Palace, all wanting to witness the "haunting legend" themselves.

As night fell, palace lanterns were lit everywhere, illuminating the palace.

The live projection still did not appear.

The consorts who came to watch the spectacle grew increasingly lively in their thoughts.

At that moment, Consort Zhao stepped forward and approached Pei Changying.

Under Gu Qingrou's cold, resentful gaze, she smiled sweetly at the Emperor and said:

"Your Majesty, this consort has always been on good terms with the Noble Consort. I have some of the Noble Consort's calligraphy and paintings in my palace. Why don't you come to my palace tonight and appreciate them with me?"

"Your Majesty~ The Noble Consort also gave me some gifts. You must come to my palace."

"Your Majesty, I also have something to show you."

Hearing Consort Zhao's bold invitation, the other consorts were not to be outdone.

They were all shameless women!

They didn't seem close to Gu Sang before, but now they were all eagerly waiting here, just to say a few words to the Emperor.

Having to share her husband with so many women, Gu Qingrou's heart was shattered.

She looked at Gu Sang lying in the coffin, then once again brought her up to shield herself: "It hasn't even been a week since my sister passed away, yet you're all here vying for affection and love, shamelessly exposing your ugly side in front of the deceased! What decorum is this!"


As the words fell, a voice suddenly rang out!

"Gu Qingrou, I'm already dead, so stop using me as an excuse!"

The abrupt voice caused the lively Xuyang Palace to fall into a deafening silence.

This voice was...

Instantly, everyone's hearts skipped a beat, and they all turned their gazes toward the coffin.

Right before their very eyes!

As Pei Changying turned his shocked and bewildered gaze toward it, an image suddenly flickered on the coffin!

It was Gu Sang, dressed in a white bear pajamas, smiling gently at them.

"Ahh!!! A ghost!"

At that moment, a palace maid shrieked in terror.

"Your Majesty~ This consort is scared."

Consort Li even clung to Pei Changying, crying out in a feeble voice.

Consort Zhao caught sight of Gu Qingrou's deathly pale face, and was so frightened that she stumbled back several steps, nearly fainting! But she quickly regained her composure.

Meanwhile, Gu Qingrou stared at Gu Sang with a pale, resentful expression.

Seeing the human drama and scheming unfolding in Xuyang Palace, Gu Sang maintained a gentle, serene smile on her lips.

"Viewer count has reached the minimum standard. Projection transferred from coffin to wall, opening video face-to-face mode."

Since the number of viewers had reached the requirements for a small streamer room, the live location was transferred.

To their horror, the screen suddenly moved from the coffin to the wall.

Everyone was so terrified that their souls nearly scattered. Not a single person dared make a sound.

Gu Sang's gaze swept over the crowd.

Upon seeing Pei Changying, she skimmed over him as if he were a stranger she had no relation to, lightly glancing at him!

Pei Changying's breath also caught in his throat as he stared intently at Gu Sang.

"Gu Sang! Are you really not dead?"

"Where are you now? I command you to immediately return to my side!"

Pei Changying gazed dazedly at the projection on the wall, his eyes flickering with mixed emotions, unable to discern if it was anger or some other feeling.

Gu Sang smiled radiantly, her gaze mocking as she stared at Pei Changying: "Return? I've finally gotten rid of you! Why would I go back!"

"Pei Changying."

"You promised that if I helped you ascend to the throne of Emperor, you would make me the Empress. How laughable that a man could be so fickle and disloyal, casting me aside after using me."

"Fortunately, I never loved you either. So, I don't hate you anymore!"

Pei Changying's guilt and deep affection for Gu Sang turned to resentful anger at her accusations and exposures.

His face darkened as he coldly said:

"Gu Sang, do you even know what you're saying! I am the Son of Heaven. The position of Empress is mine to bestow upon whomever I choose. When did you become so wicked and jealous?"

"Yes, yes, I'm wicked, heartless, disloyal, cruel, and jealous. So what? You're just an ungrateful bastard!"

"I've had it with your arrogant face for a long time!" Gu Sang finally vented all her pent-up anger, which she had bottled up for so long:

"What right do you have to say that to me?"

"Let me tell you, Pei Changying, ever since I met you seven years ago!"

"Every single day I spent getting close to you, sharing intimacies and love with you, every interaction with you, I felt so dirty!"

"I had to bathe three times a day!"

Ah, it felt so good to finally say it!


Before, she had to shower Pei Changying with affection and pretend to love him deeply to get his help in completing her mission.

Now that she had returned, why should she hold back?

Hearing Gu Sang dare to insult the Emperor, the consorts and concubines were utterly astonished, not daring to even breathe, fearing they might be implicated.

However, contrary to expectations, Pei Changying remained calm and did not fly into a rage.


Pei Changying still believed that this woman loved him deeply and resented him, so she was using such words to provoke him! She wanted to see his helpless, anguished side that showed he still cared!