She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 3


No breath left, gone?

How could she be gone?!

His Sang was so strong, she had survived and shielded him from death twice before, how could she suddenly die?!

"Gu Sang!"

Pei Changying shouted in a grim and anguished voice.

The look of strategic calculation on his face had completely vanished, replaced by the collapse of having lost a gamble!

It was shock.

And fear.

He carefully held Gu Sang's corpse, trembling in a manner unbefitting of him: "Wake up for your sovereign, I command you! Wake up!"

"Don't die, don't die Gu Sang, this must be you playing a joke on me, right? You must be putting on an act, you want to get my attention, you want to stop me from making your elder sister the official consort, isn't that right?"

"Gu Sang!"

Inside the palace, only Pei Changying's helpless and frightened cries remained.

The Gu Sang who had supported him all the way to the throne, who responded to his every need - that vibrant, dazzling, irresistible Gu Sang, was for the first time ignoring him.

He had finally, finally lost her.


Time passed quickly, and the next day arrived.

Today was Gu Sang's first live broadcast.

This system task provided ample freedom, without overly constraining her time.

In the initial period, she only needed to broadcast for an hour per day, with the broadcast time determined by herself.

After preparations were complete, Gu Sang calmly began: "System, start today's live broadcast."

"Live broadcast initiated!"

Looking at the floating camera in mid-air, Gu Sang reached out to touch it.

Her fingers passed right through it, as if it didn't exist, yet she could see it vividly and realistically.

Gu Sang had no live broadcasting experience, but having been through life and death in ancient times, this task was already a breeze for her.

"I am Gu Sang, and today is my first live broadcast..."

In ancient times, at the Xuyang Palace.

The palace maids keeping vigil were suddenly startled by a voice from inside the hall, scaring the wits out of them.

"Wh-what was that sound..."

A few maids huddled together, trembling as they looked towards the coffin in the center.

Then, one of the maids noticed the projection on the coffin lid.

"What is that?"

Hearing the voice coming from the coffin, and it being broad daylight, the maids finally mustered their courage to look at the projection.

What they saw left them stunned.

It was the late Consort Gu Sang!

"That's Lady Consort!" the maid exclaimed with eyes wide open.

"Is this...the Underworld?"

Seeing the room decor behind Gu Sang, exquisite, strange, and unlike anything they had ever seen!

The visual shock left the maids gaping, momentarily forgetting their fear.

"Does the Underworld have sunlight?"

"Why is there a painting of Lady Consort hanging on the wall? And the painting is even smaller than a book? It looks just like her!"

"Heavens, this...this looks like a fairy realm, so bright and beautiful! Isn't the Underworld supposed to be a terrifying place?"

The system projection was in extremely high resolution.

The maids murmured in shock as they peered through the screen, able to see Gu Sang seated at a desk, sunlight streaming through the windows into the bright and simple room decor.

There were fuzzy toys on the bed;

Thin books;

Transparent glass windows;

Various strange and exotic objects that to the people of ancient times were simply mind-blowing!

And outside the Xuyang Palace.

"Your Majesty, you have just ascended the throne as empress, how could you come to such an ill-omened place? It bodes poorly for you," the head palace lady-in-waiting cautioned solemnly.

This was where someone had died, inauspicious!

Gu Qingrou lifted her eyes and said, "She was my younger half-sister after all. No matter how deep our grievances, they are nullified in death. I have come to offer incense for her."

"Your Majesty is truly kindhearted, a blessing to the world and the palace," the head lady-in-waiting flattered obsequiously.

Listening to the flattering words, Gu Qingrou felt satisfied and smug inwardly.

Gu Sang, ah Gu Sang, you could never defeat me in the end!

Everything you did was merely paving the way for me!

Dressed in the bright red robes of an empress, Gu Qingrou entered the Xuyang Palace with a radiant expression.

However, as soon as she stepped into the palace hall, she heard Gu Sang's voice: "Don't be afraid, I'm not a ghost, this is where I'm living now..."

"What you were staring at earlier is a photograph, it can capture someone's exact likeness in just a second..."

What nonsense about ghosts and photographs?


What was even more shocking to Gu Qingrou was that the voice seemed to be coming from the coffin.

After overcoming her initial fear, Gu Qingrou boldly stepped forward.

She sternly rebuked everyone in the Xuyang Palace, asserting her imperial authority as empress: "How dare you practice sorcery in the imperial palace! How many heads do you think can be chopped off for this?"

Sorcery was forbidden in the palace.

Anyone found guilty would have their entire clan executed.

Hearing this, all the palace maids and eunuchs in the Xuyang Palace wailed their innocence, dropping to their knees in a frantic clamor.

"Gu Sang, as a consort you should know your place. Not only are you spreading rumors of your own demise, but you are also resorting to such deceptive tricks. What do you hope to achieve!"

Gu Qingrou shouted at the coffin lid in berating tones.

But no matter how she railed, the Gu Sang on the projection screen continued talking obliviously.

Gu Qingrou glared at the woman on the projection screen, her gaze arrogant, as if expressing her victory in becoming empress.

"So you didn't die after all!"

"Stop this charade of sorcery, come out now! I am the empress, and even if you cling to life, His Majesty will no longer favor you."

"Fine, you want to put on this sorcery act? I'll see just how long you can keep it up."

But the Gu Sang on the other side simply continued speaking, not giving Gu Qingrou the slightest regard.

With a glance, Gu Qingrou signaled the head palace lady, who immediately understood and ordered the palace maids to smash the objects in the Xuyang Palace hall and the projection on the coffin lid.

Yet the projection remained unscathed.

The environment Gu Sang was in was unlike anything Gu Qingrou had ever witnessed!

Seeing that she was powerless against the projection screen, Gu Qingrou was utterly perplexed.

She began to panic, fearing that the sorcery might bring ill fortune upon herself!

Afraid, and after issuing her stern warning, she turned to leave: "No matter what trickery you're playing, I won't fear you. I will definitely root you out."

"You just wait! If I can't deal with you myself, I will have masters versed in exorcising sorcery come and deal with you!"

Gu Qingrou swept her sleeves and stormed off angrily.

Seeing the devastation left in the hall, the few palace maids keeping vigil hurriedly kowtowed, explaining to Gu Sang's coffin.

"Lady Consort, please don't blame us servants. It was the Empress who disturbed your eternal rest. All grievances have their source, please don't hold it against us."

"Sorcery is forbidden in the palace, Lady Consort. Please leave quickly."

"Yes, the Empress will certainly not let this go easily. She will definitely find masters to exorcise you!"

Gu Sang smiled faintly: "Don't worry, I'm not a ghost."

"That's all for today's broadcast. I know it may be too much for you to process at once, but I will continue broadcasting my current life at this time tomorrow."