She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 2

"How do I get it?" Gu Sang, a person who remained calm even amidst the chaos and slaughter of war, lost her composure after hearing that her grandmother had a chance of coming back.

"You have automatically bound a live broadcast task. The system will allow you to gain merit directly."

As the system finished speaking, the wall in front of Gu Sang turned into a screen-like projection.

The screen vividly reflected a deep red palace wall.

It was—

The Imperial Palace where Pei Changying resided! It was the palace where she had been confined for half a year when the system erased her!

So the ancient person she was going to broadcast to...

Was from the era when Pei Changying lived??

Flashes of people from her previous life and Pei Changying's heartlessness suddenly appeared in Gu Sang's mind. Her feelings of suppressed grief unexpectedly turned into anticipation!

"You need to broadcast the details of modern life to awaken the ancient woman. This is your task as a broadcaster."

"As more and more people awaken, the scenes you can broadcast will expand—from the palace, to the city walls, and even the entire country will be able to see your broadcast."

A glimmer of hope arose in Gu Sang's eyes.

Her gaze grew increasingly determined: "Is there a time limit?"

"Five years."

"Good, I accept the task! Official broadcast begins tomorrow."

After obtaining Gu Sang's agreement, the system fell silent.

In their seven years together, it had already understood what kind of person Gu Sang was.

Calm, goal-oriented, relentless in pursuing her objectives, and absolutely would not get lost in emotions—a lucid and rational woman who only loved herself!

In the seven years she spent with Pei Changying, the system almost thought Gu Sang would develop a "lovesick brain" and gradually fall in love with this man.

But she didn't!

Her mind was only focused on completing the task. She was clear-headed and self-reliant, knowing that powerful men only love themselves.

Women were merely stepping stones!

From the very beginning, she never believed Pei Changying's promise of a lifetime together, just the two of them.

"Grandma, I will definitely make it happen. Wait for me!"

Gu Sang gazed into the void and murmured with a calm and composed tone: "Pei Changying, get ready for me to overturn your dynasty!"

This time, I will definitely, definitely not fail!

Because this time, my fate is no longer in the hands of a man!

Men will only make me lose!

But girls won't. They are the most adorable and resilient creatures in the world. Give them a glimmer of hope, and they will surge upwards, shining brilliantly!

Modern girls are like this, and ancient girls will be too!


At the same time, in the ancient Imperial Palace.

"Your Majesty, the Noble Consort... has passed away."

Pei Changying, who was reviewing memorials, paused his hand.

A drop of ink "plop" fell onto the memorial, the red ink spreading across the paper like vivid blood.

Pei Changying quickly regained his composure, a flash of disgust flickering in his eyes as he coldly snorted: "Go tell her, I've seen too many of these 'vying for favor' tricks in the depths of the palace."

The palace maid kneeling on the ground trembled, gathering her courage to report again:

"Your Majesty, the Consort has truly passed away... her body is within the hall..."

"Get out!" The Son of Heaven could not bear to hear the news of Gu Sang's death, nor did he believe it.

That wrathful voice terrified the palace maid, causing her to lose her soul as she scrambled out of the study room.

"A person as crafty as her, how could she have passed away? This must be an excuse for her to see me."

"Gu Sang, Gu Sang! Didn't you previously say that women should also stand tall and upright, and that if given a chance, they would be no less than men?"

"How is it that now you're only growing more jealous and insecure?"

Recalling the arrogant words that woman had once spoken, Pei Changying felt extremely displeased!

All the women of this era followed the "Three Obediences and Four Virtues" with the husband as the principal guide, yet she alone looked at it with disdain.

She was proud, vivacious, lucid and opinionated.

Unlike the stiff and dull palace ladies Pei Changying had seen, she would never lose herself for a bit of love and affection. Therefore, he admired her but also wanted to control her.


She had never been someone a man could control, even if that man was the Emperor!

This time,

Pei Changying was determined to make that woman suffer a loss.

To let her know that man is a woman's heaven!

If she had these terrible thoughts before, that's one thing, but now that she was his woman, she should take him as her heaven!

"You said, 'If all the women in this world had your insights,'

'Having read tens of thousands of poems and books, traversed miles of mountains and rivers, crossed the four provinces of Jiangnan, seen the boundless desert, appreciated the peach blossoms of a ten-mile gallery, they too would be like you, unwilling to view a man's favor as everything!'"

"They too would be like you, unwilling to be confined in this palace that is like a cage, wasting their lives away."

"But I, will have to see just how long you can persist!"

"It's merely that I'm giving you face! After I made your elder sister the Empress, you're still vying with her and using every trick to seize my favor, aren't you? Ha!"

At this moment, Pei Changying felt a mixture of disdain, sarcasm, and smugness.

His making of Gu Sang's elder sister the Empress was not out of love at first sight.

He did it to let Gu Sang know not to delude herself with promises of "a lifetime together, just the two of us."

He did it to break Gu Sang's wings.

To make her fall from the free heights to become the caged golden songbird he kept!

There were still a few unreviewed memorials on the table, but after the palace maid reported the news of that woman's death, Pei Changying could no longer concentrate.

In the end,

Pei Changying irritably tossed aside the memorials and rose to his feet: "Gu Sang, you'd better be dead! Otherwise, I don't think you'll want this position of Noble Consort either!"

Ultimately, Pei Changying did make his way to Xuyang Palace. He did want to see what other tricks Gu Sang had in mind.

When Pei Changying entered Xuyang Palace with utter disdain,

He expected to see the usually arrogant Gu Sang lower herself and beg for his favor and pity.

But unexpectedly!

He only heard the sobbing of a few palace maids within the palace, and a cold corpse!!

"You all—"

"Your Majesty, blessings upon you... The Noble Consort had already... passed away last night..."

Pei Changying's cold lips were about to open and punish these palace maids when he was shaken by their next sentence, his face turning pale!

Dead, dead?

No, it couldn't be possible!

He almost trembled as he strode to Gu Sang's corpse, not daring to look at her already pale face, but instead kicking her with his foot.

"Gu Sang, what kind of trick are you playing again!"

"Gu Sang, I'm here now, don't pretend to be dead in front of me."

Pei Changying received no response.

The woman lying before him had a ghastly pale face, no heartbeat, her body as cold as if she had been dead for a day!

At that moment,

Pei Changying's heart clenched, he finally panicked and became afraid, his fingers beginning to tremble as he checked for Gu Sang's breath.