After Being Reborn and Regaining Her Identity, The True Heiress is Spoiled in the seventies

[Time Travel + Online Shopping Mall + Sweet Petting + Sudden Wealth + Strong Female Lead + Abusive Scum Male Lead]

An Zhi Xia was born and immediately had her identity swapped out. She was harmed by the fake rich miss and her foster parents until no bones remained.

After drifting for a hundred years as a ghost, she watched with her own eyes as the fake rich miss assumed her identity to marry into a prestigious family, achieving success in both career and love. The fake rich miss also angered An Zhi Xia's birth parents to death, and left her four brothers either dead or disabled.

Upon returning to the 1970s when she was harmed, the hundred-year-old ghost An Zhi Xia decisively counterattacked. She acknowledged her birth parents, drove away the fake rich miss, and sent her foster parents to prison.

Did you think she wanted familial love?

No, she only wanted the villains to pay the price.

But things often go beyond one's expectations. An Zhi Xia's big brother doted on her, second brother cherished her, third brother loved her, fourth brother protected her. As for her mother, she was always worried about the fake rich miss, but that no longer mattered. Her grandparents still made the decisions at home and could not be swayed.

In this life, An Zhi Xia wanted to live for herself, make money, and pursue her career. Yet she was secretly being watched by someone.

Pei Jing had a irritable personality but was handsome. After an accident where he was taken advantage of by an ugly woman, he thought he would hate her gritting his teeth. But instead, he unexpectedly fell deeply in love with her, doting on and cherishing her for life.