She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 25

Though the husband is strong, he demands that the woman, for the sake of descendants and the family, clip her high-flying wings.

Yet when he turns around, he still mocks the woman, saying she can only be dependent on men.

It is these officials who have monopolized all the wealth.

But they still shout, "So what if sweet potatoes can be eaten? Violating our ancestral teachings, how can dignity be important!"

The other day in the livestream, she changed the thoughts of the servants and imperial concubines. These people were already unwilling in their hearts, hoping someone would reach out and pull them up.

So when Gu Sang appeared, she was their sunshine, and they wanted to follow Gu Sang out of the darkness without any hesitation.

But these self-righteous old officials, their thoughts have long been solidified. They prefer the status quo and are afraid of any new things that would change them.


The phone rang abruptly in the room, interrupting Gu Sang's thoughts.

Gu Sang picked it up, and Gu's mother's voice came through.

"Little Sang, it's Mom. When do you have time to come home for a meal?"

"I haven't had time lately."

"I heard you took on a short drama. If you want to act, I can introduce you to a media company boss. There's a banquet in a few days, and if you're willing—"

Before she could finish, Gu Sang decisively interrupted her, saying, "Thank you, but I don't want to."

"Little Sang, you don't have to be so resistant to your father's and my help. Your father and I just want the best for you and to arrange everything for you."

Gu Sang understood in her heart that this was Gu's father and mother trying to compensate for her.

They felt that she didn't enjoy a good quality of life as a child, so after bringing her back home, they thought they were doing her good by arranging the best courses for her.

But Gu Sang didn't like it.

She politely declined the call again.

"Little Sang refused."

Seeing Gu's mother's sighing expression, Gu's father showed displeasure.

This child is nothing like him, with such a stubborn temper.

Gu's father said, "Let her refuse then."

"The entertainment circle is a big melting pot. Her personality won't fit in, and she can't even learn etiquette. If she goes to that banquet, she'll be out of place."

These words fell on Gu Qing's ears, stirring up her resentment.

She said sarcastically, "Dad, you really show favoritism. We're both your daughters, but when I want to enter the entertainment circle, you stop me at every turn. When Gu Sang wants to enter, you go out of your way to arrange for her an entertainment company."

"Gu Sang doesn't like us, doesn't like this family. Why are you so enthusiastic about her?"

Gu Qing's tone was quite sharp.

If it weren't for her parents forbidding her from entering the entertainment circle, would she have had to act in a short drama and break her leg?

"Qing Qing, your sister was raised in the countryside since she was little, unlike you. You absolutely can't enter the entertainment circle."

Gu Qing's eyes reddened with anger: "Why? I don't accept it."

"With your sister's abilities and conditions, she probably won't fit in with the high-class circle. Her wanting to go to the entertainment circle doesn't affect the reputation of the Gu family. But you're different, you're the heir of the Gu family. How can you go to that dirty and chaotic circle?"


The next morning.

The sky was just brightening when the crew members got up.

The makeup artist came to knock on Gu Sang's door and went in to do her makeup.

Originally her natural face was already very beautiful, but after the makeup was done, that air of elegance became even more pronounced! The makeup artist couldn't help but exclaim a few times in amazement:

"Your skin base is really good. With this makeup, you truly look like a noble young lady from the ancient aristocratic family."

"You studied film and television, right?"

"This temperament is even better than some popular female stars in the entertainment circle. Elegant and graceful, just like someone who walked out of an ancient noble family!"

The makeup artist sighed endlessly. This refined and noble air was not at all like something deliberately imitated! It was completely natural!

Gu Sang smiled slightly: "Thank you. If acting can make a lot of money, I'm quite interested."

On the way to the shooting location, Gu Sang had the system start a livestream, and those consecutive-watching officials and maids were already waiting in the palace.

A few kilometers from the village, a temporary ancient palace set had been built, where they were going to shoot.

The first scene was a horse-riding shot.



The moment Gu Sang was on the horse,

the air around her seemed to freeze!

A majestic and noble, righteously stern aura radiated from Gu Sang!

She looked at the soldiers following her, her voice not loud but resounding through the heavens and earth: "Look at those behind you, the countless common people!"

"Look into their eyes, we are their hope..."

At that moment!

Everyone seemed to be subdued by her aura, carried away by the tragic heroism in her tone, to the ancient battlefield.

To that era of military preparation.

Everyone couldn't help but be on high alert.

As if they were the soldiers under the queen, about to follow the queen through this killing field!

In the palace.

Gasps of astonishment and surprise burst out one after another.

"The Queen Consort's... aura is earth-shattering, truly a peerless heroine of the age."

"Hmph, in my humble opinion, this is an act of usurpation. Gu Consort's intentions to become the Empress are all too obvious. If everyone imitates Gu Consort, the world will be in chaos."

"Imperial Censor Zhang, your words are mistaken. The Consort's bearing is natural, and moreover, the Consort has previously led the Emperor to slaughter thousands of barbarians, not anyone can have this kind of aura."

Unlike the strife and spitting in the palace, General Zhou stood in a quiet corner, his eyes fixated on the woman on the horse, as if through her, he saw the shadow of the past, riding a fresh horse in splendid robes...


"Very good, prepare for the next scene."

After the director yelled "Cut!", the crew members were amazed and crowded around.

"Gu Sang, are you from ancient times? This motherly domineering aura, I almost thought I was really seeing an ancient empress."

"Sister Gu, if you go into acting, you'll definitely be a movie queen."

In the face of everyone's enthusiasm, Gu Sang all responded with a smile.

Half an hour later.

They began shooting the second scene of the day.

Gu Sang appeared on the horse in the frame, riding from a distance, closely followed by a man as white as jade and of imposing bearing.

The man seemed to have angered Gu Sang, so he was following behind her, trying to explain.


The man's warhorse neighed and its front legs knelt down.

In a flash, Gu Sang abruptly turned her horse around, and she and the man fell to the grassy ground together.

"Ouch... It's my fault, don't be angry, okay? If you don't like her, I'll order her killed later?"

"Not angry anymore?"

"But I seem to have hurt myself... my back, uh, hit a rock, the physician can't heal it. Maybe you need to blow on it to make it better..."

The acting man was clearly the ruler of a country, but he didn't refer to himself as "I".

Nor did he command the female lead in a high and mighty manner.

Instead, he looked up at the woman with a pitiful expression, as if he would die if she didn't blow on it.

This scene!

It completely bewildered the ancient people!

Seeing the two bodies almost overlapping, this despicable woman, Gu Sang, didn't even push the man away???