Falling in Love Online with an Ancient General

[1v1 + Sweet Pet + Other World]

After her new phone fell victim to a poisoned hand, Feng Qingyi received a battered eighteen-hand phone for twenty dollars. Unexpectedly, the broken copper and rusted iron transformed before her eyes, housing not only a mysterious mall but also a handsome man who claimed to be a general.

In order to earn points to purchase goods, Feng Qingyi had no choice but to chat and video call with the handsome man, inadvertently chatting herself into his world.

The great general of Tianqi, Qin Yuechuan, accidentally picked up a small box from the spoils of war. The small box not only allowed for long-distance voice communication and video calls but could even transmit objects through space.

The woman who video called him and sent him gifts was not only breathtakingly beautiful and exceptionally talented but also highly considerate. Qin Yuechuan decided to find a way to lure her back home.