She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 26

Pei Changying was so furious his lungs were about to burst.

He glared at the two who were embracing, panting heavily: "You wretched woman, I command you to kill this man immediately! How dare he touch you!"


"Remove your hands from my imperial concubine's waist! She belongs to me!"

"I order you to let go!"


Pei Changying's impotent tirades had no effect whatsoever.

In the next moment,

Gu Sang suddenly wrapped her arms around the male actor's neck and, as per the script's requirements, actively kissed the seemingly passionate actor before her.

The world... seemed to fall silent!

The ministers too, fell silent!

Pei Changying's handsome face turned pale due to the spasms of his heart, sinking like it was filled with cold lead.

An endless chill swept through, causing the temperature in the entire hall to plummet.

In that instant, the hearts of the ministers and eunuchs froze, as if instantly encased in ice, with icy flakes even in their flowing blood.

"I will kill you all!"

"Gu Sang! Have you so willingly debased yourself, that you cannot live without a man touching you? Come back to me! If you have the courage, come back!"

"I shall grant your wish, and make you beg for mercy on your knees every day!"

"Have you no shame left? You are my woman, Pei Changying's woman! How dare you, in front of me, frolic with another man? I swear, I will have you torn to pieces!"

Pei Changying shouted helplessly, raging, thinking this would make Gu Sang panic.

But it did not.

Gu Sang even smiled radiantly, completely unfazed.

And on the other side, on the Xuyang Palace live broadcast screen,

Those snacking and chattering imperial concubines had just finished marveling at Gu Sang's imposing presence, when in the next moment, they saw Gu Sang actually kissing a strange man in full view of everyone?!

This, this, this!!

The imperial concubines' mouths hung open wide, completely forgetting how to react.

Their minds were in a daze.

It seemed their brains had been suddenly emptied, unable to utter a single word for a long while.

By the time they regained their senses, the filming had already ended.

The one called the director even came over to praise Gu Sang's excellent performance.

Pei Changying's impotent raging could still be heard, but Gu Sang raised a smile of affirmation from the director, looking at the live broadcast screen without a hint of humiliation.

She spoke word by word, each syllable ringing with power, startling their very souls:

"Pei Changying, you are only fit to rant helplessly in this hall."

"Dear ministers, why are you looking at me with such eyes?"

"Thinking I've debased myself? Thinking I should be drowned in a pig's cage?"

"And you imperial concubines of Xuyang Palace, do you think the same as these ministers? That a woman touching a man is the utmost disgrace?!"

"Today, I tell you all, I shall perform as I please!"

Thump thump!

The hearts of the imperial concubines and palace maids were struck by something.


Igniting a surge of fiery blood.

As if something deeply buried in their hearts had awakened, grown, and broken through the soil.

And standing before the live broadcast screen, Gu Sang continued to speak!

With each sentence she uttered,

The hearts of the ancient women grew warmer.

With every word she spoke,

The confined thoughts of the ancient women cracked a little further!

"By what right can men revel in debauchery, while women must uphold the virtues of womanhood?"

"Since ancient times, why has all education been about teaching girls to respect and love themselves? What is this respect and love? I tell you all!"

"Respect and love for oneself is honoring one's inner self, caring for one's own body, not restraint, not bondage, not coercion."

"Without harming oneself or others, we women can boldly, freely, and fearlessly pursue anything, try anything."

"I've never asked the director if the male actor is okay with kissing scenes, but I'll ask the female actor! Why wouldn't it be okay? This money, I shall earn! Why should I feel guilty?"

"Why? By what right should I feel guilty?"

"When men kiss women, do they feel guilty? No, they only feel proud of themselves! I feel the same, I feel proud that I've earned this money!"

"Wake up, my sisters, I am right, we should be free, following our hearts, fearless and righteous! Not bound and constrained!"