She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 32

"If that's the case, then don't scold him so disrespectfully: 'Dumbass, those are your own subjects, and you're using them to threaten me?'"

"You're the Emperor, and I'm not the Emperor!"

"This is your responsibility, not mine! Do as you please, just don't let your stupidity and selfishness get you killed!"

The court officials remained silent.

If one listened closely, there were even a few sighs.

At times, their ruler was indeed quite foolish and selfish.

But what could they do?

He was the Emperor, the Son of Heaven...

Zhou Qichen stood among the crowd, smiling as he watched the scene, silently applauding Gu Sang.

Yes, Gu Sang, don't soften your stance!

The world you're in now is so much better, don't ever come back!

He watched as Gu Sang entered the banquet, shining brightly in that modern world.

At the moment, inside the modern high-society banquet hall, Gu's father was negotiating a business partnership with several associates, when his gaze suddenly caught a familiar face.

His eyes lingered, staring in disbelief.

Was that his unassuming daughter?

Her movements and bearing exuded an aura of nobility and grace that could not be replicated.

Like a princess stepped out of an old European painting, naturally elegant and regal.

She undoubtedly had his genes, and with just a bit of guidance, had achieved such remarkable results.

Gu's father broke into a satisfied smile, waiting for Gu Sang to come greet him.

But Gu Sang had no such intention, and upon entering, she headed straight for the dessert area, planning to have a snack while waiting for the film studio executive to arrive.

"Senior Lu, you don't need to keep me company, go take care of your other matters if you must."

This kind of banquet was the best place to exchange resources.

Lu Mufei nodded, "Okay, call me if you need anything."

As time passed, the ancient figures also emerged from the plague, and began to pay attention to the live broadcast of the modern banquet:

"Your Highness, what are they holding in their hands? That cup looks so beautiful, but the liquid inside is red, like blood."

"What dance are they doing? In this world, can men and women dance together?"

"Where is the music coming from? I don't hear anyone singing."

"What is that hanging from the ceiling, shining so brightly? It seems to be glowing, your world has so many strange treasures!"

Gu Sang took a sip of red wine and casually replied, "This is indeed a banquet, but there are many different types. This is a high-society banquet, where people dress more formally."

"For a regular banquet, the attire would be more lively. And then there are small gatherings among friends, where they might sing karaoke and such."

"This kind of banquet is usually for conversing and exchanging resources and cooperation, so it doesn't last too long. In the middle, there is a dance floor where men can invite women to dance..."

Although Gu Sang did not mingle with the crowd, her inherent elegance and grace still caught the attention of many.

In the ladies' lounge, a group of aristocratic ladies were chatting.

The ladies scrutinized Gu Sang: "Whose daughter is that? I've never seen her before, which is strange, as a young lady with such a distinctive aura, I'm sure I would remember."

"She must have just returned from abroad, judging by her bearing, she must have been studying in an elite school with princes and princesses for a long time to have cultivated such nobility."

"I can guarantee that there is no such 'princess' in our Jianghai City, she must be from the capital."

As the others speculated about Gu Sang's identity, the smile on Gu's mother's face was increasingly hard to conceal.

She then proudly declared, "That is my daughter - Gu Sang."

The other ladies were surprised and quickly asked, "But your daughter doesn't look like that, did she have plastic surgery?"

"She is my long-lost eldest daughter, not Gu Qing."

"Ah, Mrs. Gu, you are so blessed! We heard your daughter was raised by a poor old man, but she has turned out so noble, you must have spent a lot of money on her education."

Hearing these praises, Mrs. Gu's smile was almost ear-to-ear with delight.

Unexpectedly, Gu Sang today was even more regal than true nobility!

A year ago, she wasn't like this at all!

As the aristocratic ladies admired Gu Sang, Lu Mufei approached her, "Xiao Sang, the film studio executive has arrived, let me introduce you."

Gu Sang followed Lu Mufei to a quieter area of the banquet hall, where a few people were standing and listening to the music.

"President Tang, hello."

"Shh, listen to the music."

Since President Tang requested silence, the two stood quietly and listened to the performance on the small stage.

After the piece was finished, President Tang turned to them.

He first looked at Lu Mufei, then his gaze lingered on Gu Sang, a flash of amazement in his eyes.

President Tang smiled warmly, "Your father isn't here today?"

Lu Mufei: "My father is abroad, President Tang, this is my friend, Gu Sang."

Gu Sang proactively extended her hand, "Hello, President Tang."

"Hmm, is this how you greet people in your world? A lady should not initiate physical contact with a man, this etiquette is too informal."

"What kind of 'President' is this Tang? Does he wield great power?"

"Gu Sang, instead of courting this man, why don't you focus on becoming the Empress? This man's status is not as high as mine!"

Whenever a man appeared around Gu Sang, Pei Changying would sneer and taunt her, which Gu Sang had long grown accustomed to.

Let him rant all he wants, as besides empty threats, there's nothing he can actually do.

It would be interesting to see how arrogant he'd be once he's dethroned.

Meanwhile, President Tang briefly held Gu Sang's hand, then quickly released it.

"Miss Gu Sang, I noticed you were listening intently just now, do you have some understanding of the guqin?"

"This instrument has some history, its tone and style reveal it is not a modern one."

President Tang nodded approvingly, pleased that Gu Sang seemed knowledgeable about the guqin.

He was about to ask her opinion on the piece, when Gu Sang suddenly spoke up.

"The instrument is fine, but the composition is lacking."

President Tang's expression turned slightly mocking, "Oh? In what way is it lacking? Please enlighten me."

After all, Gu Sang had come to get acquainted with the film studio executive.

She naturally wanted to showcase her value, not just be humble.

Gu Sang was not one to shy away from asserting herself and securing her own interests.

So she went on to say something that left the entire crowd stunned:

"The piece is quite odd, the beginning and end sound like ancient music, but the middle section has a modern feel. You see, there is a distinct difference between ancient and modern music, so combining them creates a very jarring effect, like a foreigner speaking Chinese - it sounds very awkward!"