She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 31

Gu Sang truly did not care.

It was nothing more than a petty competition for favor, she was not jealous from start to finish, her eyes were only on the task of returning to the modern era.

Gu Sang could not comprehend those women who traveled back in time, how could they be so naive as to stay in the ancient era for a man?

And how could they believe a man's temporary promise of a lifetime partnership?

How could a girl entrust her future to a man's hands?

It's simply insane!

Consort Zhao asked with hopeful eyes, "Sister Sang, if... I mean, if your parents did not approve of you being with the man you love, and even threatened to kill you over it."

"Would you compromise?"

Gu Sang pondered for a while before answering, "In the modern era, the real decision-making power is actually not in my hands, but in the man's hands."

Consort Zhao was puzzled, "?"

"In our era, most parents allow their daughters freedom in romance, if the parents do not approve, it may be because the man is unworthy."

"I will look at that man's attitude, if he is worthy, I will go for it without hesitation! So, whether I agree or not, depends on him."

"But in your ancient era, parents often sacrifice a daughter's whole life for the family's stability. No matter how much they try to force me, I will never marry someone I do not like."


In Sister Sang's world,

the man whom the parents do not approve of is usually unworthy of trust?


in matters of marriage, the parents' primary consideration is the daughter's happiness, not just interests?

Consort Zhao's eyelashes fluttered, and she fell silent.

Seeing this, Gu Sang sighed softly and said, "The reason ancient women had no voice is because you women had to depend on men."

"But in our world, both men and women can have jobs, and women can also support themselves."

"If you have enough strength to support yourself, you can be your own master."

"No matter the time, women can only avoid being bullied if they become self-reliant and strong."

"Only when you are powerful yourself, will your parents be unable to control your thoughts, unless you are weak and hand over everything to others."

Consort Zhao's face was filled with admiration, and a fleeting look of pain flashed in her eyes.

She seemed to understand something.

It was the fault of the times.

And also her own fear and powerlessness to resist.

After all, she was incapable: "Sister Sang, thank you for speaking to me so openly."

"After seeing your explanation of the prosperous era, many women in the palace have been subtly changed by you, you are really remarkable, and I also want to be like you."

"Sister Sang, the Emperor has ordered the imperial physicians not to let the medicine formulas you gave out spread, now the epidemic outside is severe, do you... have any way to save those innocent civilians?"

"Or is there anything I can help you with?"

Seeing that Consort Zhao actually dared to mention the affairs of the court,

Gu Sang was somewhat surprised: "Are you not afraid that if one day the despicable Emperor finds out you have disobeyed his orders, you will be punished for it?"

Consort Zhao smiled.

She had been cowardly for so many years, but now a surge of passion welled up, so she decided to take a gamble!

Consort Zhao still spoke softly, but her words were firm: "Before I would hesitate, but now I want to follow my own heart!"

"I'm tired of being a caged songbird all my life, I want to live for myself for once."

If he were still here, he would also hope that she could save them...

Thinking of that gentle-eyed young man, a dull ache grew in Consort Zhao's heart.

If only she had been more resolute back then, perhaps she and him would have had a chance?

To be honest,

Gu Sang now looked at Consort Zhao with newfound respect.

She never expected the first one to dare to stand up would be Consort Zhao!

Gu Sang nodded approvingly and immediately said a sentence that made the other stiffen: "Since that's the case, dare you make a bet with me?!"

Consort Zhao seemed to have guessed what it was, and her voice was a bit unsteady: "Bet on what..."

Gu Sang looked up, her eyes bright, filled with coldness towards Pei Changying: "Bet on whether I can overthrow his dynasty! Whether I can, and set you free!"


"Now quickly go find the Elder Princess."

"Although Pei Changying is selfish and self-serving, he was once the most humble bastard son! The Elder Princess is the legitimate eldest daughter of the previous Emperor, of noble status, and also holds a special title from the previous Emperor!"

"Only the Elder Princess has the qualification to lead the imperial physicians to save people, with her presence, Pei Changying dares not ignore her!"

Consort Zhao took a deep breath, as if she had made a firm decision, and nodded decisively.

The image of the Elder Princess immediately surfaced in her mind!

Just thinking of her made Consort Zhao shudder a little.

The Elder Princess is the legitimate eldest daughter of the Great Liang Dynasty.

She is also a princess respected by all.

The noble aura that comes with standing at the top for so long gives her an imposing presence, that innate royal elegance that inspires awe in those who see her.

Gu Sang had seen the Elder Princess a few times before, and once declared boldly: 'Pity this era... if she were a man, the imperial throne would not have fallen to Pei Changying!'

She is a woman worthy of respect!

Consort Zhao's eyes were filled with fear and struggle, but thinking of the civilians and the future, she still bit her lip and nodded: "Alright!

I will bet on this!"

"I will immediately send someone to find the Elder Princess outside the palace."

Seeing Consort Zhao's courage,

Gu Sang and Consort Zhao discussed further, and Gu Sang had Consort Zhao record the epidemic information she found online to give to the imperial physicians.

A life-and-death struggle to save the civilians was about to begin...

Pei Changying.

Your dynasty.

It's time to be overthrown!

I'll make you wish you were dead!

A few days later, at the high society banquet.

The moment the live stream opened,

the ancient viewers saw Gu Sang standing in front of the camera in a vintage moss green dress.

She had her hair all pinned up, with a few pearls adorning it, her arm linked with Lu Mufei in a white suit as they entered the banquet.

Seeing this scene!

Except for Pei Changying, who was still glaring at her with a look of disgust, the others all had an awestruck expression.

Just now when the scene unfolded, they had momentarily thought she was a foreign princess.

After being so used to the halter dresses and miniskirts of their era, suddenly seeing such a proper and beautiful dress, they couldn't help but marvel.

It seems the aesthetics of that era were quite good.

Look, this dress is quite lovely.

A female official in the Xuyang Palace who was watching, her eyes shining, quickly praised it.

"The color actually changes with the light, and it can better showcase the beauty of the female form, blending elegance and nobility."

"It's a pity, I don't know what material this is, how can they produce a color with such vibrant life."

"With our current dyeing and weaving techniques, I'm afraid we can't do it yet."

Gu Sang heard her sigh, and replied, "You just lack the technical barriers, later I'll show you some videos, I believe with your wisdom, you will soon be able to make such clothes."

"Ah! The Princess actually replied to me, thank you Princess."

The palace maid flushed with excitement.

Hearing that Gu Sang had started the live stream, and it was not to speak to him, Pei Changying's heart was filled with bitterness.

He opened his mouth with heavy sarcasm: "You keep scolding me for being selfish and self-serving, but I see you are the most selfish person in this world."

"If you really cared about the civilians, you would come back and apologize to me, instead of cavorting with a man in another world."

"Gu Sang."

"I've given you a chance before, if you don't come back, I absolutely will not let the medicine formula spread out of the palace, and then countless civilians will die because of you!"

Gu Sang sneered contemptuously, her eyes sweeping to another split screen.

Consort Zhao, who had already handled the matter, was wringing her hands and nodding to her.

Gu Sang understood, she had contacted the Elder Princess.