She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 30

The screen suddenly disappeared from the faces of the crowd of ancients.

"Gu..." Pei Changying didn't even have a chance to open his mouth and make threats.

He watched helplessly as the livestream was shut down, his rage burning within and causing his whole body to shake.

Gu Sang dared to say he was unfit to be Emperor!

Gu Sang dared to say his reign would collapse!

"Gu Sang! How dare you curse me like this! I will kill you!"

Pei Changying raged and kicked over the table in front of him with his foot.

As the reigning Son of Heaven, it was the first time he had behaved in such an undignified manner in court.

Seeing the Emperor's face twisted in rage, the ministers lowered their eyes and knelt trembling on the ground, awaiting the Emperor's wrath.


Shortly after, at the Imperial Medical Academy.

"It's fortunate that we asked how to deal with the plague before."

"Isolation and water sources are crucial. Hurry up and prepare these medicinal ingredients. We'll need to send them to the disaster area soon."

Upon learning that the plague had broken out in the southeast following the floods, everyone at the Imperial Medical Academy sprang into action, waiting for the palace to dispatch servants to collect the medicinal ingredients to be sent to the southeast.

With the prescriptions from the future, the Imperial Physicians were full of confidence that they would be able to reduce casualties from this plague.


They waited and waited, and waited some more.

But the one who arrived was not the palace messenger eunuch.

Instead, it was several obstinate but well-intentioned ministers who truly cared for the people, making their way to the Imperial Medical Academy in a group.

The Imperial Physicians had not yet recovered from their surprise at the ministers' arrival when the lead minister asked with a complex expression: "We hear you have a prescription to treat the plague? And that this prescription was given by Noble Consort Gu?"

In fact, they had known when they saw the Imperial Medical Academy bustling with activity upon entering.

But they still wanted to ask.

"Yes, Noble Consort is truly compassionate. She gave us several prescriptions that cover isolating the plague, treatment methods, and some medicinal recipes."

"After some research, we are very confident in treating this plague."

"We have prepared the medicines and supplies. This time, we will certainly be able to save those people!"

Seeing the Imperial Physicians' eagerness to depart and hearing that Noble Consort Gu's prescriptions could indeed treat the plague, the ministers looked deeply at them.

Recalling the Emperor's attitude in court, the ministers sighed heavily. They moved their lips but ultimately dared not say anything.

One by one, they left with complicated feelings and bitter smiles.

"The ministers have left? Their expressions seemed strange..."

"The ministers must be concerned for the people and worried! But now that we have Noble Consort's methods for isolating the plague and her medicinal recipes..."

"Master, we have prepared all the medicinal ingredients. Why has the palace not issued an edict yet?"

As the ministers exited, they could still faintly hear the hopeful voices coming from within the Imperial Medical Academy.

Your Majesty...

To force Noble Consort to admit her mistake, you are neglecting the lives of an entire city's population!

In a moment, these Imperial Physicians will likely learn of the news from the palace. Who knows what their feelings will be when they find out...

The ministers exchanged glances, each seeing disappointment and helplessness in the other's eyes.

Meanwhile, in the palace...

In the Imperial Concubines' Quarters.

"This is this year's new tribute of Longjing Tea. Empress Sister, please try some," Consort Zhao smiled at Gu Qingrou.

Why had Gu Qingrou taken the initiative to seek her out?

The relationship between the two in the palace was like water and fire.

Gu Qingrou gave a bitter laugh, her expression pale and weak. "Sister, there's no need to be so guarded against me. In the end, I'm just a pitiful person."

"In Gu Sang's era, we were all only despised third parties."

These words only added to Consort Zhao's confusion.

But she still smiled and responded, "Sister, you're still the Principal Wife. I'm just a concubine."

"If we were in Sister Gu's world, I would definitely be mocked to death."

"Others may envy our luxurious lives in the palace, but what is it to be an Empress or an Imperial Concubine? We still have to rely on men to survive."

"Freedom of marriage...I never imagined there could be a country where freedom of marriage is realized."

"A place where even the nation recognizes monogamous relationships. There, a woman's jealousy is justified, free from criticism."

Gu Qingrou looked meaningfully at Consort Zhao. "If we women could also have freedom of marriage and love, you would have long flown off with your beloved, Sister."

The smile froze on Consort Zhao's face.

A glimmer of forbidden yearning and regret suddenly surfaced in her eyes...

But in the end, she could only say in a self-mocking tone, "Perhaps I committed too many sins in my past life, so I cannot have my heart's desire."

"You see, Sister Gu did so many good deeds, so she went to that world of freedom for women."

Upon hearing the words "good deeds," Gu Qingrou's expression changed slightly.

She understood that Consort Zhao was mocking her.

Immediately, Gu Qingrou could no longer sit still. She pursed her lips, found an excuse, and left.

After Gu Sang's livestream, the women in the rear palace no longer schemed and fought against each other like before. Instead, there was a sense of shared suffering.

They were all victims of the patriarchal society. What was the point of fighting?

"Alas, the village struck by the plague is only a dozen or so miles from my home. If the plague continues to spread, then my family..."

"Didn't they say before that Noble Consort gave prescriptions for treating the plague? Why haven't the Imperial Physicians departed yet?"

"Oh, you don't know yet. I heard it was the Emperor's edict..."

Shortly after the Empress left, Consort Zhao overheard the whispers of some palace maids outside.

This time, she did not order her personal maid to silence them.

Let it be in disarray.

The entire palace was already filled with anxiety.

Even she had lost all hope in the Emperor and no longer had any desire to compete for his favor.

Consort Zhao closed her eyes and laughed bitterly. "Have her come back? Hah, it's so good there, why would she ever return?"

"It's just a pity for those people. If Sister Gu were here—"


Consort Zhao seemed to sense something, her pupils shining with delight.

The next second!

A projection appeared out of thin air, floating in mid-air.

Consort Zhao exclaimed in a hushed voice, "Sister Gu?"

At this moment, Gu Sang had returned home and was sitting on the couch.

Seeing that the person connected to her was actually Consort Zhao, Gu Sang was also slightly taken aback.

"Do you also have questions to ask me?" Gu Sang did not show any displeasure. Her expression was calm, as if she could accommodate everything.


In her eyes,

The women of ancient times were all sacrifices of the era.

The pursuit of favor was not their fault, but rather the fault of the excessive patriarchy!

After ordering all the palace maids to leave, Consort Zhao pursed her lips and spoke, "Sister Gu, in the past, I was narrow-minded and held prejudices against you. I only wanted to survive in the depths of the palace."

"I don't care," Gu Sang waved her hand. "Just ask whatever you want to ask."