She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 29

If only! If only she lived in modern times...

Then wouldn't she be spared from vying with so many other women for Pei Changying? Wouldn't she be able to have him all to herself for life...

In contrast to the envy and admiration of the concubines in the inner palace, on the other side, the officials in the main hall remained solemn and silent.

Especially the men under Pei Changying's authority, they felt an unprecedented challenge.


Pei Changying wore an enraged expression: "Gu Sang, stop deceiving with your heretical words!"

"It is people like you who corrupt women, disregarding all propriety and morals!"

"What marital freedom? What freedom from parental interference in children's marriages? Such words are utterly unfilial and treacherous."

"Your blood flows from your parents, your life was given by your parents. You must repay them with your life."

Upon hearing this,

those wavering palace maids revealed a sense of inner struggle in their eyes.

Parents! Filial piety! The immense burden weighing upon everyone in ancient times!

Gu Sang heard this and scoffed in response: "Only truth and justice can enlighten people. If my words were not correct, how could they make you reflect and ponder?!"

"Parents raise me when I'm young, I care for them when they're old - that is the essence of filial piety."

"Filial piety, not blind obedience, and certainly not sacrificing one's happiness and freedom to satisfy one's parents at one's own expense!"

"Besides, the parents here are not like those in your world, who claim to love their daughters yet force them to marry the privileged as concubines."

"True love is to support each other, not to coerce, and certainly not to demand sacrifice! Only the incapable seek to change their fortunes by marrying off their daughters."


Such earth-shattering words!

Have they gone mad? Insane? Why would a few sentences shake their beliefs of over a decade?

It was terrifying that they actually thought Gu Sang was right...

Love is to support each other.

Not to force daughters to marry the privileged, and certainly not to force them to marry someone they don't love!

For a moment, those officials who married off their daughters to privileged families averted their eyes in shame, choked with indignation, unable to refute her words.


At that moment!

An urgent voice came rushing in from outside the palace hall.

Before the person arrived, the voice rang out: "Your Majesty, urgent news from Baili."

Everyone was drawn to this voice.

The lofty Pei Changying received the report and glanced at it. Judging from his furious expression, it must have contained displeasing news.

"The drought has only just passed, and now I'm being told of a plague outbreak. Why weren't the initial plague victims executed and their bodies cremated immediately?"

"Instead of reporting it only after the plague has spread!"

"Ministry of Personnel, immediately issue my decree to imprison all officials who knew but failed to act."

The Prime Minister reacted and boldly stepped forward to defend the officials: "Your Majesty, please calm your rage. We should prioritize dealing with the plague."

"After the floods, there are animal carcasses and bodies everywhere, leaving the people unsettled and fearful. This is not something that can be easily suppressed."

"In my opinion...we might as well let them redeem themselves by gathering physicians from around the realm to combat the plague."

A plague?!

This news reached Gu Sang's ears.

Although she was no saint, she needed to accumulate virtues to bring her grandmother back home.

If she could save entire cities of people, her merits would be boundless!

Thinking of this, Gu Sang urgently inquired: "What are the symptoms of the afflicted?"

"How long is the incubation period?"

"Pei Changying, you can try out the plague treatment method I told you about earlier. If your people can't figure it out, let me know the symptoms, and I'll ask the doctors."

"Also, you must isolate the afflicted, and stop using water sources near the plague areas. The water must be boiled before—"


Before Gu Sang could finish her advice,

she was coldly interrupted by Pei Changying: "There's no need for a seductress like you to concern yourself. I have a city full of scholars and warriors who will find a solution."

"I will not use your methods!"

Pei Changying enunciated each word, making it clear he would not use modern treatments.

And judging from the Empress's cold expression, those modern treatments must have been remarkably effective...

In the court, half of the officials were deeply anxious.

They knelt before Pei Changying, pleading earnestly: "Your Majesty, in my humble opinion, the people in the Princess Consort's world look healthy and radiant, surely free from illness."

"Please put the people first, Your Majesty. If the Princess Consort's methods are effective, immediately send someone with the cure to combat the plague."

"Yes, Your Majesty, time is of the essence, hurry..."

Pei Changying: "Enough!"

Relying on his authority, this most esteemed ruler rejected them outright, his expression grim and uncertain as he gritted his teeth: "No one is permitted to use Gu Sang's methods!"

"I refuse to believe that we must use treatments from her world to control the plague!"

"Gu Sang, if you truly wish to save those people, you will return and admit your mistakes. Otherwise, the people of this realm shall lose their lives due to your willfulness!"

As these words fell, the entire world seemed to fall silent...

The concern and urgency on Gu Sang's face dissipated.

She looked at the reflection of that esteemed countenance on the screen with an expression of horror, disbelief, and utter revulsion.

What was Pei Changying saying?

Not permitted to use?

Having a treatment to save the people but refusing to use it, and instead stubbornly demanding that she return and admit her mistakes, only then would he use modern medicine to treat the people?

And... what was that about blaming her willfulness?

This revolting behavior was as laughable as those news reports of certain men abusing children online, then berating the mother for running away.

Using people's lives to coerce her into returning and admitting her mistakes?

"Heh." Gu Sang looked at Pei Changying and laughed coldly, shaking her head. "How ridiculous! Truly ridiculous!"

"Pei Changying, it is only today that I see you for who you truly are. You have repeatedly exceeded my understanding and crossed the line."

"With your behavior, are you even fit to be the ruler of this nation?"

"A selfish man like you, do you even deserve to be called an emperor?"

"I have nothing more to say to you. I find you utterly repulsive! With you in charge, this nation and its people are doomed to ruin!"


Gu Sang closed the livestream, her heart as cold as ice.

Just an hour ago, she thought Pei Changying was merely selfish and arrogant.

But she never expected that Pei Changying would disregard the lives of his people and use that to threaten her into returning and admitting her mistakes.

Such a foolish emperor!

Why keep him around?!