She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 28

"It was you who cheated first. I'm being gracious by discussing divorce with you. If you don't want to be treated with dignity, then don't blame me for being heartless."


The man raised his hand to strike, but Lu Mufei grabbed his wrist just in time.

This caused such a commotion that a crowd quickly gathered to watch.

With the internet condemning domestic abusers, no one expected to witness a man hitting his wife on the street. It immediately sparked outrage.

"Don't be afraid, Miss! Be brave and get that divorce. You need to get away from this abusive man as soon as possible. You have your whole life ahead of you, no need to waste it on a scumbag," encouraged a young girl.

"How disgusting. He's out shopping with his mistress and got caught by his wife, and still resorts to violence. As a fellow man, I'm ashamed."

"Pfft, a man unfaithful to his wife doesn't deserve to be kept around. What, you keeping him for the New Year?"

"Look at that mistress wearing designer brands. She must have spent a fortune of your husband's money. I advise you to quickly find a lawyer, freeze your husband's assets, and get that money back in court."

Seeing so many people actually take the shrew's side was utterly unexpected.

Gu Sang was stunned, her thoughts scrambled by the shocking scene.


The ensuing anger and a man's sense of pride caused these ancients to become furious.

If that were their wife publicly assaulting her husband, they would have locked her up and starved her for half a month to teach her a lesson.

To let her know that men are the head of the household with absolute authority.

The ministers wished they could enter the screen and slap the woman a few times: "An insolent and jealous woman like this needs to be disciplined, or she'll only become more arrogant."

"Those people are deluded, listening to a woman's one-sided story."

"How dare she threaten to take the children? Outrageous! Besides, what man doesn't have multiple wives and concubines? To make such a fuss over a mere mistress is simply the ranting of a jealous wife!"

Some palace ladies from another livestream asked: "Sister Sang, why is that woman mistreating her husband and talking about divorce? Does that mean sending a request for separation?"

"If she gets separated, won't that be disgraceful? She won't have a home to return to after."

"In your world, can a separated woman temporarily stay with her parents?"

After hearing the ministers' condemnation, Gu Sang scoffed coldly.

But when she heard the ancient ladies' cautious questions,her heart softened, and she delivered a thunderbolt of an answer: "Loving parents will let their daughters stay not just temporarily, but for life. Parents are a daughter's eternal support."

"Our world practices monogamy with one husband and one wife who are devoted to each other from start to finish."

"Women can also take up half of societal responsibilities, with the same status as men."

All the ladies of Xuyang Palace gasped in astonishment, their hearts pounding rapidly.

An unnamed sense of hope swept over them, setting their blood boiling.

Women could take up half of societal responsibilities!

And have the same status as men?

Good heavens, their future world is so accommodating to women.

If only they had been born in that era.

No wonder the future women are so confident – it's the assurance given by their time.

Now, when they looked at the violent shrew, they saw her differently than before. She wasn't a shrew, but a woman faithful in love who encountered a bad man.

If men weren't unfaithful, how could women become shrews and be mocked as mother tigers?

Don't emulate the shrew, don't be jealous, only then can you be graced as a good woman.

This saying had accompanied them from birth, becoming a curse for generations.

Didn't they also wish their husbands belonged only to them?

But voicing such thoughts would earn them harsh rebukes from parents. Even their own mothers, being women themselves, couldn't understand. How could they rebel...

"Divorce means dissolving the marriage. It's not separation."

"After divorce, both parties are free to remarry without any ties, and there won't be malicious gossip or shame."

"Here, women have great freedom. She can choose to never marry, or find someone she likes to date and marry. Parents have no right to force their children into marriage."

"Only mistresses, whom we call the third person, are condemned for destroying families. Even their parents can't hold their heads high."

Just as Gu Sang finished speaking,

Before the ancients could react to the shock,

The man was about to slink away with his mistress when the woman suddenly shouted:

"And you, you shameless homewrecker! Seducing a married man, I'm telling you to return everything my husband bought for you, or I'll sue you too."

Seeing the man and mistress flee with their tails between their legs,

The mistress dared not utter a single retort from start to end.

The ladies of Xuyang Palace had teary eyes, feeling both heartbroken and envious.

In their world, not only were there multiple wives, but also countless maids.

Every day, besides trying to please their husbands, they had to fend off all sorts of women clawing their way up to share the man.

In truth, they were tired too!

How nice it would be if there were no other women sharing their husbands!

Compared to their resigned self-mockery, the ministers' hall had become a den of raging trolls, firing shots at the screen.

The Ministers: "Blasphemous words, how can women have the same status as men?"

"Divorce? Unacceptable!"

"Women are born to marry, how can they never marry in their lifetime?"

"Exactly, this so-called prosperous era is nothing but heresy!"

Upon hearing the commotion from Xuyang Palace,

Gu Qingrou, with her ailing body, quietly stood outside and peeked at the livestream.

She witnessed with her own eyes a wife beating her husband in public and cursing the mistress.

What Gu Sang described as the future world, of one lifelong marriage between one man and one woman, seemed outrageous and laughable when she had heard it before.

But now...

Gu Qingrou admitted, her heart had started to waver...