A Girl and Her Best Friends Time Travel to Ancient Times

Time Travel + Multiple CPs + Modern People Travelling to Ancient Times + Light Suspense

Four best friends, because of an ancient book without words from a museum, accidentally travelled to the world inside the ancient book.

Others time travel with food and shelter and meet prince charming, but they time travelled only to be chased and murdered? To be wrongly accused of murder? To be locked up in prison?

The four girls wailed: "Oh God! This is too much!"

Su Mo is good at martial arts, beautiful and glamorous. Sang Lan is an elegant lady with high IQ. Xia Miao Miao is learned, talented and a good girl. Xiao Han loves anatomy and is a silly tomboy.

Will they be able to meet the men again amidst the mystifying cases and heart wrenching romances?

This is a multi-CP novel, please be aware if you don't like that.

[Ruthless Killer vs Sexy Beauty] [White-clothed Black-bellied Teen vs Elegant Lady] [Flower Thief Playboy vs Good Girl] [Warm Refined Gentleman vs Tomboy]