She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 33

This unexpected response caused President Tang's expression to first freeze, then he burst out laughing: "You may not be familiar with this virtuoso performer."

"He is a renowned master of the ancient guqin in China, who has even been nominated for a Grammy Award."

The Grammys are the highest accolade in the world of music.

Gu Sang's face remained expressionless as she spoke in a flat tone: "I was only commenting on the piece of music."

Seeing Gu Sang's stubborn demeanor, President Tang's fondness for her began to diminish.

He had earlier thought that Gu Sang was simply trying to show off, so he had reminded her that this master is considered one of the few renowned grandmasters of ancient musical instruments in the present day.

However, he did not expect Gu Sang to be so single-mindedly focused on her own performance, which left President Tang feeling disappointed.

Someone suggested, "Since Miss Gu is so insistent that the master's performance was not good, then perhaps Miss Gu would like to take the stage and play a piece herself, so that we unsophisticated folk can hear what truly good music sounds like."

"The ancient times were so long ago, can there really be authentic ancient compositions? You're nitpicking!"


Gu's mother had just come over, intending to introduce Gu Sang to the high-society ladies, but was suddenly shocked to hear Gu Sang criticizing the guqin performance.

Seeing the guqin master, Gu's mother felt a sudden dizziness.

Of course, Gu Sang should not have been brought to this gathering, as she does not even recognize this master - it is so embarrassing!

Gu's mother was about to step forward and pull Gu Sang aside, ready to say a few kind words, but she was startled to see that Gu Sang had actually agreed?


Watching Gu Sang approach the central stage, Gu's mother was stunned.

What is Gu Sang doing?

Gu's mother's blood pressure spiked, wishing she could just rush over and send Gu Sang back home immediately.

How dare Gu Sang step onto that stage!

That small circular platform was reserved for the master's performance!

The master, having also heard Gu Sang's critique of his playing, narrowed his eyes and glanced at Gu Sang.

The master: "Please, teach me."

The crowd could detect the displeasure in his tone.

If Gu Sang dared to sit in that position, it would be an outright provocation to the master!

But if Gu Sang could indeed surpass the master's skills, that would be unthinkable...

The people around all had a mocking expression, watching as Gu Sang sat down.

Gu Sang lowered her head, pondering for a moment - this piece had likely not been fully preserved, and had been reconstructed by later generations in the style of an ancient composition.

To reconstruct an ancient piece would not be something that could be done in a day or two.

Therefore, Gu Sang switched to a different ancient composition.

"It seems you've studied for a few years, your fingering technique is quite standard," the master commented.

A haunting, lamenting melody began to flow forth.

It was like the sigh of a woman - first sweet and melodious, then soaring like an eagle breaking free of its shackles, suddenly shifting to the tides of change and the blades of winter...

The palace ladies watching the live broadcast were captivated: "This is the ancient melody of the 'Mang'!"

"I've only heard that Madame Pei is unparalleled in her strategic brilliance, but I didn't know Madame Pei is also so accomplished in the arts."

"After all, she is the daughter of a prestigious family, how could she not be skilled in the arts? But what material is that instrument made of? It looks so exquisite."

Pei Changying pressed his thin lips together, conceitedly and arrogantly: "Gu Sang, are you using this piece to remind me that I have wronged you?"

The people at the banquet were unwittingly drawn towards the stage.

They watched in awe as the woman on the platform wove a story through the hauntingly beautiful music...

President Tang had gone from his earlier disdain to stunned silence, then admiration.

He closed his eyes, letting the melody transport him back to the elegant era of the Wei and Jin dynasties, drinking and enjoying music with his friends by the flowing stream.

The most astonished of all was the master - while the common folk could only appreciate whether the music sounded good or not, he could truly discern its depth.

This, this was the authentic ancient composition!

The versions reconstructed by later generations were completely different from the true ancient score.

This girl truly understands ancient music!

As the piece ended, thunderous applause erupted.

The first to recover was the master, who excitedly approached Gu Sang: "Young miss, you actually know the authentic ancient score! You must be from a family of musicians."

Gu Sang shook her head: "I was just fortunate enough to have heard the authentic score."

"Oh? Your memory is quite good, to have remembered it after just one listen." The master simply did not believe her, and wanted to continue questioning her.

President Tang also came over, looking at Gu Sang with admiration: "It seems one shouldn't judge a book by its cover - today we have truly heard the voice of heaven."

Pei Changying sneered: "A bunch of uncultured fools, this can barely be considered the voice of heaven. If my Li Jieyu were to play, that would be something."

Amidst the chorus of praise, there was one discordant voice.

Gu Sang glanced over.

Ah, it was Pei Changying, never mind then.

He was too despicable, Gu Sang had no desire to engage with him, only wanting to rebel and trample him underfoot!

Seeing the master attempt to inquire about the ancient score multiple times, Lu Mufei timely came to Gu Sang's rescue.

"Excuse me, I hate to interrupt."

"The dance is about to start, Miss Gu, may I have the honor of a dance with you?"

Lu Mufei invited graciously, and Gu Sang smiled, placing her hand in his as they headed towards the dance floor.

Worried that Gu Sang may not be familiar with upper-class etiquette, he thoughtfully said, "Xiao Sang, don't worry, just follow my lead."

Lu Mufei did not know that Gu Sang had been learning waltzing online these past few days.

And with her background in classical dance, she picked it up even faster.

As they were dancing, suddenly another man cut in swiftly, snatching Gu Sang away from Lu Mufei.

At the same time, his female companion ended up in Lu Mufei's arms.

"Hi, let me introduce myself, I'm the eldest son of the Wan Sheng Group..."

Seeing Gu Sang dancing peacefully with someone, only to have this man abruptly snatch her away, left the ancient onlookers perplexed and angered.

The officials muttered: "It's bad enough that they're all mixing and dancing together, but now they're snatching partners?"

"What's with that man who's pursuing Madame Pei, how can he stand to watch his woman being taken?"

"Gu Sang, is this the man you've set your sights on? He can't even protect the woman he likes from being taken!"

"In your land, the dancing is more like the savagery of barbarians."

Gu Sang didn't even spare a glance at these ancient people.

Just then, the two groups of dancers switched partners again.

Gu Sang found herself back with Lu Mufei.

But the earlier man was still persistent, disregarding his own dance partner and forcefully pulling Gu Sang into his embrace -

This sudden movement caused Gu Sang to lose her balance momentarily.

Gu Sang's parents were watching from the side, their hearts sinking at the sight.

Gu's mother, who had just been delighted by the master's praise of Gu Sang, now worried again: "I didn't expect Gu Sang to be so popular, I hope this doesn't bring too much embarrassment to our family."

If she were to fall here, it would truly become a laughing stock.

Gu's father also had a stern expression, tinged with reproach: "I told her not to come, but she still came. We really should get her some etiquette teachers soon, so we don't have to be anxious about her behavior every day."

Just then, Gu Sang swiftly slapped the man's hand away, using the graceful force of ancient dance, she supported herself on one hand, twirled in the air, and landed perfectly on the ground.