She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 18

Their blood pulsed wildly in their temples, their heads felt like they were being crushed, on the verge of exploding, and then growing something new.

As if all things were being reborn, destroyed and rebuilt.


Who would think of the insane idea of infecting themselves with a disease, such a dangerous act?

Only a madman could conceive of it!

Seeing the astonished look on the ancients' faces, Gu Sang first expressed sincere gratitude to the doctor, and then explained to the ancients:

"In our world, the vaccines we get since childhood work like this."

"Pathogens extracted from cows are weakened to a level that does not threaten humans, then transplanted into the human body, and after curing the disease, we develop antibodies."

"But the doctor says all these methods need to be tested first."

In a scene where people gaped, stunned for a long time without coming to their senses.

A concubine suddenly covered her face and broke down in tears: "My poor child! If only you lived in the Princess's world, you wouldn't have died."

"You were not even a year old, you hadn't even opened your eyes to see this world, and you left me."

"Wah wah wah...Princess, if only you had come home earlier, if I had known about this method a year ago, my child wouldn't have died!"

The concubine knelt on the ground, weeping inconsolably in utter anguish.

Her newborn child, not even a year old, had inexplicably contracted smallpox and died!

And she, the mother...

Could only watch helplessly as her child suffered to death, unable to do anything, unable to help at all...

"My servant's brother also died of smallpox..."

"My lord's eldest son was killed by chickenpox, but I was powerless back then!"

"As an Imperial Physician, I could not save the world, nor my own child."

"Wah wah...Princess, you are truly a celestial being incarnate, caring for the world. If only...if only we had known the treatment method earlier, perhaps not so many would have died."

More and more palace maids cried softly.

Their loved ones had perished, to a greater or lesser extent, in the recurring epidemics.

Some contracted smallpox, some contracted chickenpox...

Alas, they only learned of this method today.

The Imperial Physicians listened with tears streaming down, taking the inoculation method and epidemic treatment to heart, as the doctor spoke about isolation, making masks, boiling clothes for disinfection, checking river water...

Most of the ancient epidemics stemmed from water source issues!

And seeing that Gu Sang was such an eager learner, the doctor from the Chinese Medicine Institute went on to share more precautions, and at the end, he sighed:

"Alas, Chinese medicine has fallen into decline these days!"

"The future inheritance of Chinese medicine rests with you youngsters, you must never let Chinese medicine become a thing of the past!"

After saying this.

The doctor looked at Gu Sang, as if seeing a rising pillar of the Chinese medicine world.

Gu Sang did not explain, only nodding gratefully at the doctor: "Thank you, I believe Chinese medicine will never fade into oblivion!"

The Imperial Physicians watching the livestream had solemn expressions.

One second they learned the power of the epidemic cure, the next they knew the sorrow of Chinese medicine's decline.

"Alas..." A sigh drifted from the 21st century to ancient times, weighing heavily on every doctor's heart devoted to medicine.

"Let's end today's livestream here. I'm sure you're all eager to go test the cure for epidemics."

"I'll continue the livestream tomorrow at this time."

"Thank you for your immense grace, Princess!"

"Long live the Princess! With such a method, no one in this world will ever die from epidemics again!"

"What a glorious era this is, how enviable..."

Under the grateful gazes of the ancients, Gu Sang ended the livestream.

All the ancients had hopeful smiles on their faces.

Only Pei Changying—

Once again, he became profoundly aware that he had underestimated Gu Sang!

Moreover, he had underestimated Gu Sang's world!

This time, the woman who dared not leave despite his insults and curses, perhaps had truly and completely become out of his reach! No! It cannot be!!

When Gu Sang returned to the hospital after buying fruits, Gu's father and Gu's mother had already rushed there anxiously.

Gu's mother looked at her youngest daughter with concern, her eyes reddening: "We're not lacking food at home, why did you have to go act in some short drama?"

"It's not that I won't let you enter the entertainment industry, but that circle is too dark, you're too naive and unsuited for it."

"A distinguished daughter of the Gu family, acting in short dramas, what kind of decorum is that?!" Gu's father spoke sternly, yet with a tinge of concern.

This family scene of warmth.

Made Gu Sang's gaze dim slightly, in the past she might have quietly closed the door and fled this place.

But not anymore.

After going through life and death, even familial love had faded for her.

Seeing Gu Sang enter, Gu's mother fell silent with embarrassment on her face, while Gu's father was the first to come to his senses.

"Little Sang, Qing said you were the one who sent her to the hospital, thanks to you."

Gu's father spoke politely yet distantly, as if to a stranger.

Gu Qing turned her head arrogantly, glancing sideways at the fruits Gu Sang was holding: "Who needs her help, don't think I'll be grateful just because she rescued me."

"You can't even afford tuition and have to fight for it yourself, yet you buy red globe grapes, acting like you're rich!"

"I won't eat them, I absolutely won't eat the fruits you bought, let me tell you Gu Sang, take this fruit bowl back with you! I won't be grateful to you."

Damn it, why is this sister of hers still so insufferable?

Poor yet wanting dignity.

Can't she just swallow her pride and be good to herself for once?

Over two hundred yuan for a bunch of grapes, Gu Sang probably hasn't even tasted them, yet she bought them for her?

So annoying!

"You're used to the expensive stuff, so naturally I had to buy the premium ones. Since you're unappreciative, I'll just take them back."

"Gu's father, Gu's mother, if there's nothing else, I'll head back first."

Gu Qing's face darkened, trembling as she pointed at Gu Sang: "You! You!"

"I knew you never liked me!"

"Wah wah wah Mom, Dad, I don't like her either anymore, you don't know how awful she was today, she obviously knows how to ride a horse but pretended not to."

"And she rode so recklessly, whoosh whoosh whoosh, I almost died at the riding arena."

Only at this moment!

Did Gu's father and Gu's mother realize that the current Gu Sang was completely different from the past.

The former Gu Sang was silent, meek and subservient, appearing to have no will of her own.

But the current Gu Sang exuded an aura of noble elegance, as if raised as a princess of royalty, her every movement graceful and dignified, brimming with confidence!