She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 17

One sentence.

Those ancient people's hearts stopped with a thud!

They seemed to have been paralyzed, their mouths wide open, staring blankly at Gu Sang.

What made them quiver was the smallpox, yet the Lady called it a minor ailment!

Not fatal?!

Although smallpox was not as severe as chickenpox, its contagiousness should not be underestimated, right?

How could it possibly be a very minor and mild illness!

"In our world, every infant receives preventive vaccinations after birth, which can prevent various diseases and allow them to grow up strong and healthy."

"With proper care, almost every infant can survive."

Gu Sang's words struck the crowd like a thunderbolt, leaving them dazed and confused.

The children in her world were so fortunate!

In their beliefs, it was a great blessing if one out of three infants survived.

They had never imagined that someone could improve the survival rate of infants.

An Imperial Physician specializing in smallpox and chickenpox knelt down with a thud: "My Lady, please share the remedy."

In an instant, other Imperial Physicians also knelt down and kowtowed: "My Lady, please tell us how these vaccines are made."

"Please, my Lady, bless the people!"

"Please, my Lady......"

The Princess Consort was right; perhaps they could not produce those instruments, but if someone could guide them in medicine, they might be able to create miracles.

If a broken leg could be healed.

If newborn infants could be vaccinated, if there were remedies for chickenpox...

"I'm not a medical professional, so I don't understand these things. However, if you want to know, I can ask the traditional Chinese medicine practitioners here."

"Through their guidance, I believe you will gain some insights."

"No medical technique appears out of thin air; they are passed down through generations, through countless experiments, before these remedies can be produced."

"Just like the Divine Farmer tasting a hundred herbs, one must taste them personally to compile them into a book."

Gu Sang's speech was eye-opening and enlightening, making them understand profoundly.

The Imperial Physicians kowtowed in a flurry, their eyes filled with admiration.

Even the concubines bent over, with several becoming emotional and their eyes reddening.

All the ancient people, except for Pei Changying, silently praised: "The Princess Consort has a heart for the living, she will surely be blessed with fortune."

"Thank you, my Lady, for introducing us to the ancient medical practitioners!"

Amid the excitement, anticipation, and enthusiasm of the ancient people, the surgery had concluded.

Gu Qing was wheeled out by a nurse and sent to a regular ward.

The crew members who came with her called the Director to report the situation, expressed some well-wishes, and then left the hospital.

Gu Sang looked at her sister, who spoke harshly but was actually timid and cried a lot, and said indifferently: "Gu Qing."

"I never intended to take anything from you."

"You don't need to be so hostile towards me."

Gu Qing was stunned for a moment, her face pale but she was furious: "I'm hostile towards you?!"

"Your leg needs about a month of rest and care, why don't you give them a call to let them know the situation?"

"I'll leave first."

Gu Qing became even angrier: "Hey! You're just going to leave me like that? You're just going to abandon me?"

"Damn it!"

"Wah wah wah....... I knew you wished I would die on the spot, you clearly disliked me first!"

"Wah wah wah......"

Ignoring the cries from inside, Gu Sang walked out of the hospital.

Her phone's navigation directed her to a nearby traditional Chinese medicine clinic, which had good online reviews and was said to have an experienced old practitioner.

The ancient crowd focused intently on Gu Sang as she entered the clinic.

"My Lady, is this also a place for medical treatment? I see herbs!"

"Just now in that hospital, I kept seeing them use strange black things for treatment, I felt like I didn't understand medicine anymore. But it turns out your world still has traditional Chinese medicine!"

"Please, my Lady, take us to meet them!"

"Please, my Lady, introduce us!"

The Imperial Physicians shouted excitedly and improperly.

The ancient people's words were sincere; they truly hoped that Gu Sang could introduce them to a master who could guide them and let them see the differences between modern and ancient medicine!

They dared not imagine!

This world was so powerful and terrifying.

Powerful enough that they had witnessed various precise instruments, yet they did not recognize a single herb.

Gu Sang heard the ancient people's pleas and entered the clinic.

This pharmacy was not very large, combining Western and Chinese medicine.

The glass cabinets displayed various Western medicines, while rows of wooden cabinets behind the doctor contained Chinese herbs.

A doctor in his fifties was organizing the herbs on the shelves.

Imperial Physician: "What kind of cabinet is that, so transparent that I can see what's inside? How bizarre!"

Concubine: "The Imperial Physician is ignorant about this. We've already heard from our Lady that it's called glass, which can see through everything."

Imperial Physician, astonished: "Glass? See through everything? Goodness!"

"Then... what are those colorful things, and why are they stored in such strange containers? Are they also herbs?"

"And why are there portraits hung on the wall? Are they wanted criminals?"

Gu Sang glanced at the counter: "Those are Western medicines, made from combining Chinese herbs with other ingredients into pill form. Their effects are rapid, with a small pill able to alleviate symptoms."

"They were introduced from overseas many years ago."

"Those portraits are not of wanted criminals, but of people endorsing these product brands."

Ancient people: Endorsing?

What are product brands?

They didn't understand!

But this term "Western medicine" sounded very powerful.

A small pill could cure diseases?

"Doctor, may I ask you a few questions?" Gu Sang's sincere tone made the bespectacled doctor stop what he was doing and nod amiably, despite his puzzled expression.

"Doctor, if we don't have Western medicines, what would be the traditional Chinese medicine approach to treating chickenpox and smallpox?"

Upon hearing Gu Sang's question, the watching ancient people were taken aback, a surge of warmth rising in their hearts.

The Princess Consort was truly helping them seek guidance!

After all!

In ancient times, medical knowledge and techniques were closely guarded and not easily passed on, only taught to direct disciples!

Yet the Lady was willing to set aside her dignity and ask these taboo questions for their sake!

Huh... wait a minute?

Why did this doctor not only show no displeasure, but even a gratified smile?

And! And he answered Gu Sang without any reservations: "If there were no Western medicines, chickenpox is actually easy to treat."

"The characteristic of chickenpox is its high contagiousness, but once someone has had it, they will develop antibodies and not be infected again."

"In fact, as early as the reign of Emperor Songzhenzong of the Song Dynasty, the smallpox inoculation method was invented, but this method was unsafe and could sometimes cause smallpox..."

"In 1796, the cowpox vaccination for smallpox was successfully tested..."

"The specific method can be done like this... using... but it's best to experiment first before proceeding."

"Good child, our traditional Chinese medicine is also very powerful! Even without Western medicine, as long as the traditional practitioners focus their efforts on researching diseases like chickenpox and smallpox, they can be cured completely."

These words caused a stir of shock!

It was as if these words were a Level 12 typhoon, whipping up a thousand waves in the ancient people's minds.