She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 16

Pei Changying watched as Gu Sang calmly led Gu Qing straight to the hospital.

The live scenes kept switching, but his gaze remained fixed on Gu Sang's face.

Gu Sang was too confident!

She wasn't an Imperial Physician herself, how could she be so certain that she could save Gu Qing?

In ancient times, if a leg was broken, they could only let it become disabled or amputate it, or risk death from infection.

Did the place where Gu Sang came from have a way to treat it?

At this thought, Pei Changying's breathing suddenly quickened.

If there really was a way to cure a broken leg, how many casualties would be prevented among the border troops!

"Your Highness is too calm, that young lady is probably done for. She has lost so much blood, the best outcome would be to save her life."

"If it's serious, the wound may not be able to stop the infection, leading to death."

"To die from acting in a play, how unfortunate!"

Listening to the ancient people shaking their heads and commenting, Pei Changying narrowed his eyes and immediately ordered, "Quickly bring all the Imperial Physicians to the palace!"

Why call the Imperial Physicians?

Could the Emperor intend for them to treat Gu Qing?

But how could they treat her?

Either she would lose her leg, or her life, and the latter seemed more likely...

An hour later.

At the hospital.

Gu Sang and the staff pushed the wailing Gu Qing into the examination room, and then sat outside the door with a headache, waiting for the results.

This scene startled the ancient people: "This is where they treat illnesses!"

"How come even their place for treating illnesses is so big? There are so many people, can anyone go to this 'hospital' place?"

"Tsk! What a miserable cry! What are they doing in there? Why is she crying so miserably?"

"Aren't those people outside afraid, still queuing there? Ha, Sister Zhao, look quickly, why are those men all wearing skirts?"

Bloodcurdling screams came from the Proctology Department nearby.

Gu Sang looked up at the ancient scene and saw a group of Imperial Physicians hurriedly approaching with bent bodies.

The Imperial Physicians also showed expressions of doubt.

Gu Sang took the time to answer their questions: "This is the Proctology Department. The reason these men are wearing skirts is that it will be more convenient after the treatment."

Imperial Physician: "Please tell us, Your Highness, what exactly does proctology cover?"

Gu Sang opened her phone, searched for a while, and then explained: "Proctological diseases refer to conditions where the internal organs are ulcerated, inflamed, cancerous, and so on. Modern medical records have recorded dozens of such diseases, with hemorrhoids and anal fissures being relatively common minor conditions."

"Your Highness, if the intestines are inside, how do you treat them?"

"Using tools and instruments, they are inserted through the anus into the rectum."

The Imperial Physicians looked horrified: ??

The concubines looked astonished: !!

Pei Changying: ... This is impossible!

Inserting things into the intestines, wouldn't that lead directly to death?

This is absolutely impossible!

But seeing each patient walk out holding their buttocks, no matter how unbelieving the ancient people were, they fell silent...

At this time, after the initial consultation, Gu Qing was also pushed out, and the doctor said she needed to get an X-ray to see if there was any bone displacement or fracture.

The ancient people and Imperial Physicians, who had originally calmed down, accompanied Gu Sang into the X-ray room.

Their serious expressions crumbled once again as they stared blankly: "Your Highness! What is that thing, it moves by itself?"

"And what is that glowing thing?"

"Can these strange objects treat illnesses? Can they cure broken bones?"

The ancient people marveled at the self-moving equipment.

Gu Sang casually answered, "This is a type of medical imaging scanner, also called an X-ray, which can scan the development of the body's bones and skeletal structure."

The Imperial Physicians were stunned: "There really are such miraculous objects in the world?"

"Your Highness, I don't know how to make this device, but if we could have one too, that would be wonderful."

"With your current production levels, you would be unable to manufacture such a precise instrument." Gu Sang told the truth, but it left the ancient people speechless.

Previously, they had been proud of their country's strength.

But now, after seeing a more powerful country, they realized that they were merely frogs in a well.

They understood that their current production capabilities paled in comparison.

The X-ray results were quickly obtained, and they returned to the surgical examination room.

After recovering from their initial surprise, the Imperial Physicians' professional skills began to show.

An Imperial Physician specializing in bones took one look and immediately saw the problem.

At the same time, he looked excitedly at Gu Sang: "That... that's really bones?"

"So that's what the human skeletal bones look like!"

"In my humble opinion, this is a fracture, Your Highness. Can this leg be cured?"

Gu Sang's tone was full of confidence as she pondered, "Definitely."

She didn't say "should be," but "definitely"!

She must have great faith in modern medicine to make such a bold claim!

The Imperial Physician's body trembled slightly, his eyes glistening with tears of excitement.

For thirty whole years!

He had been studying how to cure a pair of broken legs.

Now, someone could really do it? And so easily, too! The place where Your Highness is from must be a truly wondrous realm!

After examining the X-ray, the doctor immediately scheduled surgery.

Gu Sang intended to wait outside the operating room, but couldn't resist the Imperial Physicians' requests, as they wanted to learn more about this "hospital" that Gu Sang had mentioned.

Including the Proctology Department, they were very interested in that as well.

Gu Sang walked to the entrance of the Proctology Department and happened to see a man leaning against the wall, his expression pained as he slowly walked out.

"Inside is the examination room. I can't bring you in to see it, but I can show you around the hospital."

Gu Sang toured from the first floor to the fifth floor.

While others were amazed at the sheer size of the hospital, only the Imperial Physicians stared intently at every corner, afraid to miss anything.

At that moment!

An adult carrying a child walked past Gu Sang.

The concubines turned pale with fright and retreated several steps: "Your Majesty, that child is so terrifying, with things all over his body!"

An Imperial Physician said solemnly, "That's chickenpox, it's contagious!"

Upon hearing it was chickenpox, the ancient people showed fearful expressions.

Chickenpox was highly contagious.

There had been cases where someone contracted chickenpox, and eventually, an entire village became infected, leading to many deaths.

One of the concubines pursed her lips but finally spoke softly to Gu Sang: "Your Highness, you should hurry back and soak in a herbal bath with motherwort."

Imperial Physician: "Yes, Your Highness, don't go near him, you might get infected."

Imperial Physician: "The hospital shouldn't have admitted him, the entire hospital might become infected, this is terrible!"

Pei Changying snorted coldly, grinning arrogantly and smugly: "Don't teach her anything! I want her to kneel and beg me to save her! Vile woman!"

Gu Sang thought this man was both oily and despicable.

She laughed out loud: "Imperial Physicians, don't worry. Chickenpox is just a minor and easily treatable illness for us, not only is it not fatal, but it's also extremely easy to cure!"