She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 37

Gu Sang turned and looked back, then explained, "These are sanitation workers who are responsible for sweeping the streets every day, and the government provides them with wages."

"Those trees are also regularly trimmed with large scissors."

"As for the box you mentioned, that is a trash can, specifically for disposing of garbage."

As they were talking, they saw a sanitation worker in an orange uniform pushing a cart from a distance.

The worker placed the cart on the side of the road and took out a broom to start sweeping.

The common people stared at the worker for a while, but soon the live broadcast camera turned towards the school entrance!

By this time, Gu Sang had already reached the main entrance.

The parents, students, and new freshmen had almost completely blocked the entrance.

A large bus brought in another fifty or sixty students, who got off the bus.

Looking around, there were crowded groups of people everywhere.

The ancient spectators watching the live broadcast all widened their eyes, and even the ministers frowned with confusion as they observed the walking students.

"Where is this? How come there are both men and women? And they are all wearing the same clothes?"

As Gu Sang walked towards the school, she explained to the screen, "Today is the start of the school term, so there are more people. This is the school I attend."


This statement immediately shocked all the ancient people!

"Study?! How is that possible? How can women also study? You see those women's attire is the same as the men's, surely that must be the clothing only scholars can wear!"

"Outrageous, completely unorthodox! How can women be allowed to study?"

"How can women be on par with men in studying?"

Whether they were commoners or ministers, they all reacted as if they had heard the biggest joke.

Sneers and doubts poured out as they vehemently refuted the idea that women could openly pursue education in this world.

As the camera panned around, the ancient people saw that there were not only female students, but quite a number of them.

Further away, they could see groups of male and female students gathered on the lawn, discussing their studies together.

Their angry rebukes were immediately choked in their mouths! Especially the ministers, they simply could not believe their eyes, rubbing them hard.

Looking again, they saw the female students holding books.

Suddenly, the people felt as if they had been struck by lightning, their minds completely unable to comprehend what they were seeing.

Women were actually able to study!

This must be a place where only immortals reside, right?

The minister's voice trembled with anger: "If women study, won't it throw everything into chaos? Your women there are already like tigresses, and now the magistrate even lets women study. After that, who can still control them?"

"Studying and achieving merit is the duty of men, you women should only be obedient wives and good mothers at home."

"If women want to study, they should have a tutor teach them at home, how can they study together with men? It's completely immoral."

"Who established this rule? Aren't they afraid the women will ride on the men's heads?"

Even after witnessing the scene of men and women studying together, they still refused to acknowledge the status of women, continuously spewing disparaging remarks to reaffirm the superiority of men. They were the most selfish.

Afraid that women would surpass men, they clipped the wings of women. Afraid that women would be stronger than men, they indirectly imprisoned women.

In fact, they were terribly cowardly.

Because they knew very well that if women were given absolute freedom, they could also use their own abilities to snatch away their rice bowls and power!

Pei Changying said, "Gu Sang, why did you specifically show me the school? Are you trying to tell me that the women in your place are very capable, and you want me to acknowledge your status!"

Amidst the barrage of insults and doubts, Pei Changying's words always had a unique style, even somewhat disrupting the atmosphere.


As soon as Pei Changying spoke, the ministers in the hall immediately hissed.

Gu Sang didn't even want to bother with this parasite emperor.

He had clearly been stepping on women to climb up, yet he still had to shout about male supremacy.

"Today is the first day of the school term, as I've said, men and women are equal here. Whatever men can do, women can also do."

"Stop your bickering, just keep watching. If you keep making insulting remarks about women not being worthy of studying, you'll just look like idiots!"

Faced with Gu Sang's merciless insults, the ministers could only try to lower their profiles as much as possible, to avoid being implicated by Pei Changying.

Gu Sang first went to the registration counter, and the administrative staff looked at her records with furrowed brows.

Then they sighed and suggested, "You haven't been to school for a whole year."

"Although your student status is still maintained, I still want to advise you to consider transferring."

"I've seen your short drama, and it's very popular online now. Our school also has a film and television major, if you transfer there, the studies will be much easier for you."

After being admitted to university, Gu Sang had not attended a single day of class before the car accident happened.

She didn't want to be demoted to a freshman.

The major she had previously chosen was quite specialized, and she was worried that directly entering the second year would be too challenging if she had missed a whole year.

The administrative staff's suggestion was undoubtedly the best choice for Gu Sang's current situation.

Seeing Gu Sang didn't speak, the staff added:

"The film and television major has always been very popular, and it's quite free. Considering that students often get recruited by directors for acting, the film and television major has more flexibility for taking leaves."

Hearing this, the film and television major did sound quite nice - flexible schedule and opportunities to earn money!

After all, who would want to give up money?

She needed to save a lot of money to take her grandmother on a world tour when she returned!

"Okay, I'll choose to transfer."

After completing the various procedures, the staff gave Gu Sang a student ID card.

After leaving the registration office, Gu Sang did not leave immediately.

She remembered the matter of improving rice cultivation, so she casually approached an upper-class student and asked, "Senior, which way is the Agricultural Science Department?"

The student she asked was momentarily stunned by Gu Sang's face. He immediately blushed and gave her the directions.

As Gu Sang left, the student continued staring at her retreating back, unable to regain his composure.

Gu Sang walked and said to the three split screens in the live broadcast, "Last time you wanted to learn about rice cultivation methods, right?"

"Next, I'll take you to learn about the problem of increasing food production, soil quality identification, and seed preservation. If you have a notebook, you can write it down."

As soon as Gu Sang finished speaking, the ancient spectators watching the live broadcast immediately erupted in excitement.

The ministers widened their eyes and immediately shouted for brushes and ink.

The commoners looked at each other in amazement, almost kneeling down in excitement.

Had they heard correctly?

Increasing food production!!!

"The immortal has shown great mercy, and is actually going to teach us how to grow crops!"

"Quick, go call all the aunts and cousins at home."

"Is this real? Can there really be a way to increase the yield? Doesn't matter, let's just keep watching to find out!"

As the commoners excitedly spread the news, Pei Changying waved his hand and immediately had the servants bring enough brushes, ink, and paper for all the ministers.

The ministers' trembling hands were filled with excitement, as the Imperial Consort had not deceived them!

If the food problem could be solved, these millions and millions of people would no longer have to endure hunger and starvation!