She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 36

After the connection with the Long Princess ended, the System suddenly let out a prompt sound.


"Merit increased by 500."

"The live broadcast room has been upgraded, and the off-palace split-screen mode has been activated."


Guo Momo was a soon-to-be sophomore student.

With more than a week left before the start of the new semester, the bored Guo Momo had started to get addicted to watching short dramas.

A new short drama was just released on the Douyin platform, and after watching the first episode, Guo Momo was captivated by the actress playing the Empress, and she started enthusiastically recommending it to her acquaintances.

'@Piggy Loves Pearls@ @Draws 365 Men to Keep Me Company, quickly watch this short drama, it's a work of conscience!'

'Wah, he's too handsome! Sister, you've killed me!'

'This damned face, how can it be so perfect and hit my aesthetic!'

One wave of sharing after another, and very soon, more and more people had come across this short drama.

The influence of online dissemination is immeasurable.

In just a couple of days, even though the drama had only updated ten episodes, it had already exploded online.

-"Why does the Empress have so little screen time? I'm not satisfied, I want the Empress to rise to fame! Come on, ride a horse and kill me!"

-"I came just for the Empress's resplendent beauty, but they tell me she's just a supporting role?"

-"Dear gods, can someone tell me who's playing the Empress? Do you know her name?"

-"The female lead's acting is so awkward, look at how she's pretending, her square shoulders are even shrugged up to her ears! Nowhere near the naturalness of the Empress, we need more scenes with the Empress."

-"Hehe, I'll tell you a piece of news, reliable sources say the Empress is actually a university student!"

It's on fire! Completely on fire!

The Gu Family.

Gu Qing had already been discharged from the hospital and was just waiting another week to get the cast removed.

As soon as she opened her phone, she saw that many people had tagged her to watch a short drama.

Gu Qing furrowed her brow, indifferently opening it.

However -

She never could have imagined that the drama she opened was the one Gu Sang had auditioned for!

"How come she learned to ride a horse so easily outside when she couldn't learn at home at all? Playing the 'pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger' trick just to make a big splash, huh."

"What's so good about it? I don't think it's impressive at all!"

"Acting my ass!"

Gu Qing cursed as she watched the first twenty episodes, then pressed the update button at the end of the episode.

Consider it a reward for Gu Sang.

However, she would never admit that she might lose to Gu Sang!

She just thought Gu Sang was having too hard a time earning tuition, so, well, she was just giving her a little bit of popularity!


And on the other side, Gu Sang also received the screenshot sent by senior Lu Mufei.

Knowing that the short drama she had filmed had already exploded.

Originally, the drama's explosion had nothing to do with the actors, but because of senior Mufei's reason, a one percent commission was written into the contract when it was signed.

Looks like... she's about to come into some money again?

Gu Sang expressed that she was in a very good mood and planned to take the senior out for a big meal when she had the chance!

Time quickly came to the start of the new semester, and Gu Sang took her registration materials and prepared to go to school.

While waiting for the bus, Gu Sang opened a live broadcast.




Three screens suddenly appeared in the ancient world!

The Xuyang Palace and the main hall faced the suddenly appearing live broadcast, already with expressions as usual.

But outside the palace, at the city gate, a beam of light suddenly shot down from the sky, and the next second, an image appeared on the city wall.

The city guards, frightened, tightened their brows, swiftly drawing their swords and slashing at the wall.

The sword struck the city wall, making a dull sound, but the image did not disappear.


A sharp, piercing sound suddenly rang out from the image.

This sudden sound scared the city guards pale-faced.

"You don't need to be afraid, this is not witchcraft."

"I won't harm you either, just watch and you'll understand. The sound just now was someone honking a horn."

Speaking was the young woman reflected in the screen.

She was dressed in a clean white gown, beautiful and charming, standing in the sunny backdrop of the modern world, a scene like a fairyland that penetrated deep into the hearts of the common people.

This, this, this!!

The commoners crowded around to watch, exclaiming: "Could this be the immortal rumored to have descended to the mortal realm?"

"Immortal, please bless us with good weather and a bountiful harvest this year."

"Immortal sister, my mother is ill, please grant me a chicken that can lay eggs."

"Quickly go report to the Emperor!"

Seeing this miracle, the passing commoners outside the city wall all dropped to their knees in a rush, and the city guards hurriedly went in to report.

Gu Sang helplessly facepalmed, without explanation.

Just at that moment, the bus arrived.

All the commoners and guards stared wide-eyed at the suddenly appearing bus, shocked like idiots: "Ah, what is that thing, how can there be people inside?"

"Are they all immortals? They don't seem much different from us mortals."

"Immortals eat so well, all so white and plump, is it that immortals can eat white steamed buns every meal?"

"Nonsense, immortals don't need to eat."

With the start of the new semester, there were more and more people on the bus.

Gu Sang came on and there were no more seats, so she found a hanging loop to hold onto.

Because the start of the semester was approaching, the temperatures had been gradually dropping, and people were wearing more clothes, so the commoners' attention hadn't yet focused on the clothing.

Gu Sang answered the simple-minded commoners, "This is the future world, and I'm not an immortal either, they're just ordinary people."

"The future world? Is it a world from a very, very long time in the future? What do you eat, to be so white and plump?"

The ancients noticed that there were a lot of fat people on the bus.

Fat people ah!

This was almost nonexistent in ancient times! It made the ancients enviously unable to take their eyes off.

Every person on the bus was so stout, they just looked like they had too much oil.

But the common people of the ancient era were often hungry, sallow and thin, not to mention being able to eat their fill, the number who starved to death each year was uncountable.

"We also mainly eat rice and wheat flour."

"Today I will live stream the life of modern people to you..." As Gu Sang was speaking, someone next to her was taking a bite of a steamed bun.

The bun was full of meat, so much meat!

This made the commoners drool uncontrollably.


the bus stopped at the intersection in front of the school, and after getting off the bus, Gu Sang walked forward about twenty meters and arrived.

The environment around the school was lush with green trees, and the flowerbeds and trees in the middle of the road had been trimmed by the landscaping workers into lifelike animal shapes.

Outside the city wall screen,

more and more commoners lingered, staring at the modern world in shock and awe: "How come those trees are so short and so nice-looking, so they can be shaped like that?"

"Look, the road is so smooth, not a single pebble."

"Wow! Such a huge palace! So beautiful! So tall, it's taller than stacking up many, many estates!"

"There's a really big box by the side of the road, it would be great if I could take it home."

"What are those people throwing things into the box?"