She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 35

Gu Sang knew that the Elder Princess was more concerned about the status and identity of women two thousand years later.

So she began to tell stories about some legendary women.

From women's struggles to achieve equal footing with men, to going into the battlefield filled with fire and smoke to rescue people, to scaling snowy mountains and traversing grasslands with the army... There were so many women worthy of being celebrated.

The more the Elder Princess listened, the more solemn her expression became.

The ambition lurking deep in her eyes also gradually awakened!

"I understand now, the freedom you women enjoy today is because some people had paved the way for you beforehand."

"Breaking down feudalism is not something that can be accomplished in a day."

"All of this will eventually be broken down one by one by women, and that person might be someone else, or it might be oneself!"

"Gu Sang, I now know what I must do."

She had always been trapped in the identity of being a woman, resentful of why women could not accomplish anything and had to rely on a man.

After hearing Gu Sang's stories about so many legendary women, she had a sudden moment of enlightenment.

The reason why women could not stand in front of men was that no woman had ever stepped up before, so whenever a woman showed the slightest sign of breaking free from her cage, she would be ruthlessly pushed down by men!

Even those women who had been slaves for a long time would think that being a slave was a woman's natural state...


Who set these rules?

Weren't they made by people?

Weren't they made by men?

And she, she would be the first to stand in front of men!

To pave the way for those who come after!

The Elder Princess seemed to have a sudden moment of clarity today, her aura becoming more introspective: "Gu Sang, in your place, women no longer need to rely on men to live, do you have female officials?"

Gu Sang smiled and replied, "In every city, there are women serving as officials."

"Then, are there any women who can become emperors?"

Gu Sang's heart raced as she uttered a statement that would shock the world: "Yes! In our great Huaxia, we had the first female emperor, Wu Zetian."

"Abroad, there was Yekaterina, and in Egypt..."

"Once, there was an Empress who made a grand declaration to all the countries, 'If I live a little longer, the entire Europe will kneel at my feet!'"

What a passionate statement! It broke through the rules of this world.

And it also shattered the shackles that had been imprisoned in the depths of the Elder Princess's heart.

'If I live a little longer, the entire Europe will kneel at my feet!' This sentence made the Elder Princess's heart race and tremble.

It's as if... something was about to burst out! But what?

It was ambition!

In terms of political maneuvering and strategies, she was no less capable than any of her father the Emperor's princes.

In terms of literary and military prowess, she was equally skilled in everything men could do.

Since there were so many women who could become Emperors and female officials, why couldn't she?

She was no less capable than Pei Changying, so why couldn't the throne be given to her?

Just because... Pei Changying had two more "pieces of meat" under him?

Well, then cut them off!

Wouldn't that solve the problem?

The Elder Princess smiled gently, "After hearing you say all this, I have gained a newfound respect for you! Women should firmly pursue their own goals, without being hindered by any man."

"In that case!"

"I shall personally go to the plague-stricken land and save the suffering people."

"As for that waste who rises to power by trampling on women, how do you think I should deal with him?"

Gu Sang and the Elder Princess exchanged a glance, seeing the murderous intent in each other's eyes.

Then, Gu Sang's indifferent laughter rang out: "The thing he's most proud of is that he has two more 'pieces of meat' than us, isn't it? Let's just chop them off, and make him wish for death!"

The Elder Princess was taken aback.

But then she laughed even more heartily.


This person has truly won her over!

The Elder Princess nodded in satisfaction, lifting the hem of her precious garment as she stood up: "I have already sent people to deal with the plague, following your suggested method of isolating the infected and suspected cases for observation."

"Tomorrow, I shall go there personally with the imperial physicians!"

This plague incident would be the best opportunity for her to build her reputation.

So she must personally oversee it, for only by having the people's welfare in her heart can she gain their support!

Pei Changying, you see the people as mere insects, but do you know that one day, the insects will bite back?

By then, it will be too late.

Wait and see.

The man that Gu Sang helps place on the throne will ultimately be destroyed by Gu Sang's own hands!

Haha haha haha—