She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 23

In an instant, a tremendous sense of regret overwhelmed them like a tidal wave.

The greatest regret in life was to have no chance of meeting the esteemed Mr. Yuan.

The dream of Gu Sang... a world where no one goes hungry, which was not only the aspiration of that great man, but the dream of every person in ancient times!

"Your Highness, are there still people going hungry in your realm?"

"Do they all have rice to eat?"

"Have the commoners never suffered from famine? Have entire cities of people died due to lack of grain?"

At that moment.

It seemed as though the entire world fell silent.

Only Gu Sang's voice remained in answering:

A statement.

That shook one's heart and stirred the blood: "In our realm, out of every thousand people, nine hundred and ninety-nine never go hungry!"

"Every household has surplus grain, every family has stored provisions."

"Moreover, in some places, rice can even be planted three times a year - early rice, mid-season rice, and late rice, allowing for three harvests annually."

"It was thanks to Mr. Yuan that everyone could afford to eat, everyone could eat their fill!"

Upon hearing this, the over-fifty-year-old Minister of Revenue broke down in tears.

Many officials felt a profound regret, as if they were born too late to meet the great man.

Countless dreams were realized today, yet they felt a melancholic pang at realizing the sage had long passed, robbing them of any chance to seek his guidance or pay their respects.

All that remained was a lifelong regret.

"Your Highness, do you know the secret to cultivating this rice? Is there a special method?" an official asked the crucial question.

Gu Sang fell silent for a few seconds, then shook her head: "I'm sorry, I did not study agricultural knowledge, so I am not clear on this matter."

"However, I will be starting university next month, and once there, I can consult the professors of agriculture. You can take note, and conduct experiments at that time!"

The officials' eyes flickered with initial excitement and enthusiasm, but soon cooled.

In their hearts, they harbored doubts about Gu Sang's words.

Having experienced the officialdom for many years, they understood one thing very clearly - no one offers help for no reason.

All assistance comes with conditions.

Seeing the scrutinizing gazes of the officials in the hall, Gu Sang understood their suspicion. Turning her gaze to another screen showing the palace maids in Xuyang Palace, their innocent faces shone with joy and excitement.

They never doubted her motives.

Gu Sang did not dwell on these thoughts. Whether she had ulterior motives or simply wished to help, time would tell.

She strolled along the ridges as the sun gradually set.

Mosquitoes now swarmed in the air.

The hostel owner was washing potatoes and sweet potatoes in the courtyard. Seeing Gu Sang return, he greeted her warmly.

The officials widened their eyes in astonishment, staring at the objects in the courtyard and asking in shock: "What are those things the innkeeper is holding? Can they be eaten?"

"This old man has read the Four Books and Five Classics since the age of three, yet I do not recognize those objects in the courtyard - how strange and bizarre."

"What are those heaps under the wall? So many of them."

Gu Sang politely returned the greeting, then walked over to the corner of the courtyard wall, picked up a sweet potato, and explained: "This is a sweet potato, very sweet and delicious."

"Decades ago, people survived by eating sweet potatoes. This crop has an astounding yield, and can withstand barren soil, drought, waterlogging, salt, and alkali."

"If properly stored, it won't spoil for a year. In times of natural disasters, it can save lives."

The officials gaped in astonishment, as if they had never seen such things before.

This thing was actually meant to save lives during natural disasters.

Natural disasters, meaning locust plagues, droughts, or floods!

Once a natural disaster struck, all crops would yield nothing.

And now, someone was telling them there was something that could save lives during such times.

"What the innkeeper is holding are potatoes, similar to sweet potatoes, with an equally astounding yield."

"Potatoes can be cut into shreds or slices and stir-fried with vegetables. Dishes like sour and spicy shredded potatoes, or wolfteeth-shaped baby potatoes are quite delicious."

The officials seemed to notice a nostalgic expression on Gu Sang's face.

From her description, these foods called potatoes and sweet potatoes must be quite delicious.

The scene shifted again.

Gu Sang stood by the wall, pointing to the objects in front: "These hung on the wall are chili peppers, and the sweet potato chips drying on the winnowing basket are made from sweet potatoes."

"Sweet potatoes can not only be eaten as a staple, steamed or roasted, but can also be dried into sweet potato chips. Additionally, many pastries use sweet potatoes as an ingredient."

Hearing the imperial consort describe all these ways to eat them, the officials suddenly felt hungry themselves.

To avoid disrespect and incurring the emperor's wrath during the morning court session, they had all come on an empty stomach.

They were waiting to break their fast after the session.

"Your Highness! Where do these sweet potatoes and potatoes come from?" an official bellowed, unable to bear the hunger any longer.

Their eyes were filled with yearning and curiosity.

Even Pei Changying's eyes betrayed his desire for possession and resentment!

This selfish and despicable woman had been by his side for seven whole years! Seven years, and she had never revealed these secrets to him, nor mentioned these foods like sweet potatoes and potatoes!

At that moment.

Pei Changying's heart was filled with even greater loathing for Gu Sang. He wished he could charge into the screen right then, pin her down, and ruthlessly torment and humiliate her!

To make her understand.

The consequences of concealing things from him.

Gu Sang was unaware of Pei Changying's vile thoughts. She only wanted to bring this dynasty to its peak: "These were brought from overseas, around the Ming Dynasty period..."

"However, according to historical records, regions like Lingnan and Fujian may have had these two crops even earlier, but it wasn't until the Ming Dynasty that people discovered they were edible."

The ancient people immediately became excited upon hearing this.

Sweet potatoes may have existed in Lingnan and Fujian regions?

If these crops were introduced to the capital, and as the imperial consort said, sweet potatoes could withstand drought, waterlogging, salt, and alkali, they would never have to fear natural disasters again!

Just as the ancient people were rejoicing at the prospect of Lingnan having sweet potatoes and potatoes,

The hostel owner carried a bucket of sweet potatoes towards the pigsty.

And then—


He poured them into the pigsty.

This shocking scene completely shattered the ancient people's composure.

The officials' eyes bulged, and they pointed at the pigsty in utter dismay: "This... this... this is an utter waste of resources! How could such precious sweet potatoes be fed to pigs?"

"Such wastefulness, how can this be justified before Mr. Yuan!"

"Your Highness, how can the pigs in your realm eat better than humans? Is this allowed?!"

All the officials were in an uproar!

They glared at the few pigs, faces flushed and fuming, lamenting the waste of grain that deserved corporal punishment.

And yet—

Gu Sang merely glanced at the pigs' feed, utterly nonchalant: "In our realm, the yield of sweet potatoes and potatoes is too high for humans to consume entirely."

"Even rice is left over in such abundance that it can only be used to feed pigs."

"You need not be so surprised, this is normal practice in my world!"