Transmigrated as the Mother of the Abused Male Lead in a Tragic Novel

[Short Story] [Food Writing] [Sweet Little Cake]

One day Ding Sha got transmigrated into a book, with a baby of unknown parentage in her belly.

Upon closer look, the baby turned out to be the male lead from a previous angsty novel she read.

A poor little thing unloved by his parents.

So impoverished that her stomach rumbled, but armed with superb cooking skills, she transformed himself from Ding Sha into the boxed lunch beauty at the construction site.

Kung pao chicken, garlic baby bok choy, spicy pork belly, tossed noodles - she cooked up a storm.

Before the construction workers could feel the stirrings of spring in their hearts, the baby's father suddenly appeared.

Jun, carrying a travel bag stuffed full of cash, squatted outside the door gazing longingly at Ding Sha's slightly bulging belly.

"Wife...I'm back..."

A 1v1 sweet doting story without abuse, a light and fluffy little sweet cake, safe for consumption.