She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 39

The Elite: "Actually, we rarely eat white rice either. We mostly eat coarse grains."

"Who can afford to eat white rice every meal!"

Before the commoners, ministers, and Imperial Concubines could digest these words, Gu Sang's next few sentences left the ancients breathless once more!

She said, "In our world, getting an education is not difficult. From the moment every child is born, they receive free vaccinations from the government, allowing them to grow up healthy and strong."

"Then there is nine years of compulsory education. Going to school does not require tuition fees, whether you are rich or poor. As long as you are a Chinese citizen, you can attend public schools."

"Oh, and there is no discrimination between boys and girls! Girls receive the same treatment!"

"After the nine years of compulsory education, if you pass the exam for high school, the government will provide financial aid to those living in poverty. Furthermore, students who perform well can receive scholarships to cover their tuition fees, including the government's Rain and Dew Assistance Program."

"In short, as long as a child wants to study, there is no need to worry about tuition fees!"


Gu Sang's words were like a stone dropped into water, creating waves as tall as a person, with a resounding splash.

The commoners were already speechless with envy!

How could there be such a wonderful country?

All children, regardless of their birth circumstances, whether poor or wealthy, could receive an education.

"Oh heavens! How can such a great place exist in this world?"

"How can we make our way to your world? My son has always wanted to study. He is very intelligent, and if he could receive an education, he would surely become the Number One successful candidate."

"Yes, yes, my son is also very smart, praised for his intelligence by everyone within ten miles. But unfortunately, our family is too poor to afford his education."

The commoners cried out and shouted, hoping that Gu Sang would reveal the path to her world.

A place where they could eat well and receive an education - even if it meant crossing thousands of mountains and rivers, they would embrace the hope and make the journey.


Gu Sang slowly shook her head in the face of their envious gazes.

"We belong to different worlds. You cannot come here."

"But if you can remember everything the teacher just said, it will be enough for you to have ample food and clothing. If the court makes more efforts, in your world too, all children will be able to receive an education!"

The commoners lowered their heads in disappointment.

Only after hearing her final words did hope reignite in their hearts.

That's right, they could not go to that powerful country, but they could use their own hardworking hands to make this country better.

Perhaps one day, they too could eat white rice and meat every meal!

The commoners knelt on the ground, sincerely shouting, "Thank you, immortal, for your guidance. We will not let you down."

"Yes, we will immediately return and make fertilizer."

Seeing the commoners' willingness to try new things, Gu Sang smiled with satisfaction, then ended the live broadcast.

Today's live broadcast ends here!

As the screen disappeared, Pei Changying's eyes were filled with sinister shadows.

Damn it!

It seems the commoners outside the city also saw Gu Sang's broadcast. Now that everyone knows the sowing methods, how can he suppress it?

If he continues to oppose sowing, the commoners will surely object!

Pei Changying asked with a solemn expression, "How is your transcription going? Are those methods truly feasible?"

After the ministers conferred for a moment, the Minister of Works stepped forward and said, "Your Majesty, according to our discussion, the methods taught by the Noble Consort Gu are highly feasible."

"Perhaps we could try them on some fertile land, and also experiment with the mentioned tea oil."

Pei Changying's face was expressionless, his teeth almost grinding with rage.

He could only reluctantly say, "Approved."

The Minister of Works looked pleased and continued, "Your Majesty, should we send people to Fujian and other regions to search for sweet potatoes?"

The ministers who had previously maintained a skeptical attitude showed a slight change in expression.

But thinking of the diverse foods and rosy, well-fed faces of the people two thousand years later, the ministers were moved.

Perhaps it was time to abandon some conservative mindsets!

An unusual silence fell upon the court, with no one stepping forward to object.

A displeased expression flashed across Pei Changying's face. He was already upset at being forced to allow the rice cultivation methods today!

Now these ministers dared to bring up sweet potatoes?

Pei Changying immediately let out a cold snort, his words icy and harsh, "You trust Gu Sang so much?"

"The plague in the southeast has not been resolved, and the national treasury has been depleted for years. You have not even begun to experiment with the crop improvement methods, yet you want to start searching for sweet potatoes!"

"Do you think the national treasury is so abundant that it can afford such extravagance?"

"Or are you too hasty and impatient, blindly following the words of a mere woman? What if it fails? Will you take responsibility?"

The ministers fell silent, not daring to mention anything about sweet potatoes again.

But Pei Changying would never have imagined!

It was precisely because of his selfishness and greed;

It was precisely because he refused to listen to Gu Sang's methods;

That he would never have the opportunity to encounter sweet potatoes in his lifetime!

And it was also because of his arrogance and conceit that the Elder Princess would rise to prominence in the following events!

A few days later.

In the plague-stricken city.

The Elder Princess, accompanied by several Imperial Physicians from the court, traveled a long distance to reach some of the villages most severely affected by the plague.

After drinking some water at the post station, the Elder Princess did not even rest, immediately leading the Imperial Physicians into the quarantine zone.

The city gates opened, revealing emaciated villagers sitting in various corners of the city, an air of death and despair emanating from their bodies.

The entire city was filled with the stench of rotting flesh mixed with a sour, metallic odor.

Vomit could be seen everywhere on the streets, and motionless corpses lay scattered about.

Soldiers wearing makeshift cotton masks carried away the unmoving bodies to prevent further spread of the plague.

As the Elder Princess and her entourage passed by the commoners, their eyes, filled with a desperate desire for survival, stared fixedly at the newcomers, like wolves trapped in a corner, ready to pounce and snatch food.

Just as the commoners were eyeing the Elder Princess and her group with ravenous looks, a loud voice echoed from the end of the street, carrying all the way to the front.

"Your Highness the Elder Princess, how could you humble yourself to come to this plague zone? It's too dangerous!"

Along with the voice, a pair of soldiers came running over.

The commoners in the quarantine zone were shocked.

They opened their mouths in a whisper, "The, the Elder Princess... such a revered figure, how could she come to our humble place?"

"Has the Emperor sent the Elder Princess to save us?"

"Are we saved? Woo hoo... Long live the Emperor, the Emperor has not abandoned us commoners!"

Witnessing the displaced commoners in the plague-stricken area, the Elder Princess's expression grew solemn.

She was escorted to a relatively clean mansion.

The Imperial Physicians she brought immediately coordinated with the local physicians, distributing the medicines brought from the palace.

Just as the Elder Princess finished helping to distribute the medicines, she suddenly heard a sound in her mind.

"Ding! Please prepare! Connection will open in ten minutes."