She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 40

The Elder Princess immediately ordered everyone to withdraw.

Afterwards, she returned to the main hall and sat down, instructing servants to bring paper, brushes, and ink.

After making all the preparations, the connection was opened.

Gu Sang's serene countenance reflected in the Elder Princess's pupils!

"How is the situation?"

Hearing Gu Sang's inquiry, the Elder Princess's mind was filled with the desperate gazes of the people: "I have arrived at the plague area. The plague has been temporarily contained, but the condition of the disaster victims is not good."

"The flood combined with the plague has left corpses scattered everywhere."

"That useless Pei Changying neither procures food supplies nor controls the disaster situation! When I passed the city gates with the imperial physicians just now, the way those people looked at me..."

At this point.

A glimmer of pity flashed in the Elder Princess's eyes as she said in a solemn voice: "Food is scarce, some people might become so desperate as to resort to cannibalism."

"I have already sent people with my token to nearby towns to gather food supplies. No matter what, ensuring the safety of the people must come first."

"I only hope we can make it in time. If this drags on further, the people may lose their sanity."

Gu Sang listened quietly as the Elder Princess outlined her clear and precise plans for the current situation.

Lacking food? Then procure food!

Lacking medicinal herbs? Then gather medicinal herbs!

As long as everyone works together wholeheartedly, they will surely overcome this plague.

Moreover, with the Elder Princess taking charge here, those officials will also be more committed and not recklessly massacre the city for their own advancement.

And the people will temporarily stabilize their emotions!

"I have come today to deliver food supplies to you."

"Pei Changying thought he could control me by refusing to order the search for sweet potatoes, but this has only worked in our favor."

"Elder Princess, after the plague ends, you can dispatch people to Fujian and other regions to find sweet potatoes and other crops...At that time, I will tell you the method to find sweet potatoes."

When the Elder Princess heard Gu Sang extolling the various advantages of sweet potatoes, her eyes brightened slightly.

But upon hearing that Pei Changying knew sweet potatoes might exist in Fujian but still did not send anyone to search, instead using it as a threat to force Gu Sang to return and admit her mistakes before allowing the search!

This part made the Elder Princess sneer repeatedly in disdain.

She thought he was foolish, but she never expected him to be so absurdly foolish!


The Elder Princess sneered and sighed: "Things not obtained through one's own efforts are ultimately impossible to hold onto."

"That useless Pei Changying is not only stupid but also treats life as worthless grass. If I were a man, I would have destroyed his dynasty."

As these words fell.

On the other side, Gu Sang raised her eyes.

She knew that this was the Elder Princess hinting at her!

So, she might as well add fuel to the fire!

Gu Sang immediately smiled: "Why must it be a man? In my view, women are no less capable than any man, especially you!"

The Elder Princess raised her eyebrows slightly: "So you say, you would support me?"

"I know what you are thinking."

"You are the Former Emperor's eldest legitimate daughter. Since childhood, you have been by the Former Emperor's side. You clearly have ambition and desire, yet because you are a woman, you have never dared to take a step forward!"

"Do you know why Pei Changying was able to ascend the throne while you could not?"

Gu Sang surveyed the Elder Princess's expressionless eyes and continued: "It's not simply because you are a woman and he is a man!"

"It's because he is greedier than you, crueler than you, and more ruthless than you!"

"If you had greedily sought the throne from the Former Emperor, if the Former Emperor did not give it to you and you could be as ruthless as Pei Changying in killing your father, if you could mercilessly sever all bonds! Then how could the throne not be yours?"

Upon hearing this.

The Elder Princess suddenly laughed out loud.

Her eyes seemed to mist over, as if she finally understood where she had lost!

That's right!

She was not cruel enough!

Not greedy enough!

And not ruthless enough!

Women are inherently kind and virtuous. Even a shred of greed for power would induce a sense of guilt. When faced with familial bonds, they would become soft-hearted and bind themselves.

"You are right. Before today, I also wanted that position, but I felt a sense of guilt. I bound and blamed myself, believing that seizing what did not belong to me was a sin."

"But thinking about it now, not being greedy is the real sin!"

"Not being cruel is the sin!"

"Being soft-hearted is the sin!"

"If women are not cruel, not greedy, not ruthless, in the end, don't all rights go to men? Because they are crueler, greedier, and more ruthless!"


"Gu Sang."

"Help me. I want that position!"

"Let me overturn this dynasty! I want the Former Emperor to witness it, for everyone to see that I was born noble! The noblest of nobility, the revered one before whom all officials kneel!!"