She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 12

She no longer had to waste away in this confined corner of the Imperial Palace, waiting for that supreme man to bestow his favor upon her so she could live more comfortably.

"Consort Zhao had heard from her elder brother since childhood..."

"That the seas beyond are blue, the deserts are endless, and in Suhang, even women can run businesses..."

"Consort Zhao had also heard from her father that the flying snow in the northern regions is as beautiful as a fairyland, but alas, it is not a sight women like us have the chance to witness."

"Oh, we digress. In this lifetime, we sisters cannot even leave the Imperial Palace, how could we dream of seeing what the sea looks like?"

"Hahaha, indeed, it must all be made up."

"Hahaha, yes, all made up..."

They laughed, but their hearts rippled with a pebble of unrest. Each lowered their gaze absentmindedly and left the palace.

The women selected to become consorts in the palace, in what way were they inferior to men?

Skilled in zithers, chess, calligraphy, and painting,

Proficient in poetry, songs, and lyrics!

Even daughters from general families could ride horses, shoot arrows, make fragrances, and embroider in the Suzhou style!

They were in no way lacking!

It was just that this era had clipped their wings, depriving them of the chance to soar.

If you looked closely, you could see in their eyes a longing for the modern world, an unwillingness to accept this male-dominant society.

Consort Zhao sat silently, staring blankly.

Suddenly, her vision blurred. She touched her face—she had been crying.

Perhaps she had thought of modern scenes of men and women embracing and kissing, or of her own fate, or of a feeling buried deep within her heart...

"Sister Sang, is your world real?"

"Can women truly pursue their own happiness...wah wah wah..."

"Gu Sang! How dare you betray me, I shall have you torn limb from limb!" Ever since the livestream ended, Pei Changying had been raging furiously in the palace.

All the palace servants on duty outside trembled in fear for their heads.

Gu Qingrou approached with sorrowful eyes: "Allow me to persuade His Majesty."

Gu Qingrou pushed open the door to the bedchamber, receiving a freshly stewed soup from behind.

"Your Majesty, you are the ruler of this country. The people need you, please take care of your health."

Gu Qingrou carefully avoided the tables and chairs strewn about the messy chamber, evidence of Pei Changying's immense fury.

Pei Changying glanced at Gu Qingrou, his hatred for that woman growing: "If Gu Sang were half as considerate as you, I would not be angry with her."

Gu Sang was so ungrateful!

She had never truly relied on him!

"Your Majesty is my husband and my sovereign. I can only rely on my husband."

Gu Qingrou changed the subject: "Your Majesty, do not be angry with my sister. She was likely misguided by others to speak disrespectfully to you. In truth, she cares deeply about Your Majesty."

"I too have never heard of this so-called 'Glorious Era of China.'"

"And this unthinkable idea of women being equal to men—it only fills me with dread when I hear it."

"Tonight's events in Xuyang Palace have likely left the palace in great anxiety. If left unchecked and allowed to spread through rumors, I fear it may cause unrest among the commoners outside."

Pei Changying let out a cold snort, his imperial aura erupting.

This entire realm belonged to him!

Who dared to defy him?

Pei Changying's masculine vigor flared as he declared sternly: "Heretical words cannot harm me. I am the emperor by the Mandate of Heaven—no demon or monster could ever threaten my reign."

"Your Majesty, you are the Son of Heaven and have nothing to fear. I worry for the ignorant servants."

Gu Qingrou observed his expression carefully. Seeing Pei Changying ponder, she continued:

"In my opinion, we should invite a master to conduct a ritual. Then, whether my sister is truly dead or falsely dead, we shall know."

A ritual...

Pei Changying hesitated, but remembering the scene of her dining with two men, he hardened his heart and made a ruthless decision!

Although the bizarre events of Xuyang Palace were stopped by the Emperor,

rumors still spread outside the palace.

Even General Zhou Qichen heard talk of women being able to show their faces in public, so after the morning court session, he went to see Pei Changying directly.

"Your Majesty, this humble subject has heard that you have invited a master to conduct a ritual in the palace?"

Pei Changying's gaze flickered with displeasure as he stared at this man who had once vied for Gu Sang's affections: "This is a private household matter. General Zhou, you overstep!"

Zhou Qichen frowned and advised: "Your Majesty, you know best how Noble Consort treats you."

"Even if she used some means to gain your favor, there is no need to be so cruel as to invite a master."

Seeing Zhou Qichen's undisguised concern for Gu Sang, Pei Changying's expression darkened to the densest ink.

Gu Sang was his woman—others should not covet her in the slightest.

Were it not for the Zhou family's generations of loyal service, Zhou Qichen would not dare show such concern for Pei Changying's woman before him, or Pei Changying would have him executed outside the Palace gates.

The Zhou family's power in court was intricate and far-reaching—a single tug could move the entire body.

Pei Changying lowered his gaze, hiding the murderous glint in his eyes. His tone was icy:

"This is Gu Sang forcing my hand. I gave her a chance yesterday! Moreover, this is a private household matter—General Zhou, do not overstep!"

"Guards, see General Zhou out!"

"But Your Majesty..."

"This way, General Zhou."

Not even half an hour after Zhou Qichen left the palace,

an eunuch came to report that the master had arrived. Pei Changying immediately went to set up the ritual in Xuyang Palace.

Xuyang Palace was now covered in talismans above and below, with an incense table set up in the main hall.

The noble consorts who had heard that a master would break Gu Sang's spell had long gathered to watch. But this time, their feelings were complex.

They seemed to both hope that Gu Sang would be dealt with,

and yet hope... that the master truly could not overcome Gu Sang...

When Pei Changying arrived at Xuyang Palace and saw the people kneeling all over the floor, he asked: "Are you the renowned master who was summoned? Can you subdue that wretched woman's spirit?"

"Not to scatter it, but to make her return to me!"

The master circled the coffin, stroked his beard calmly, and smiled: "Rest assured, Your Majesty, this is a simple matter!"

"I have heard of that spell. I see through it now—the Noble Consort feigned death, then used an illusion to deceive Your Majesty."

"Once I break this spell, the Noble Consort's spirit will return."

With Pei Changying's satisfied nod,

the master immediately took out a Peach Wood Sword, grabbed a handful of glutinous rice from the incense table, and circled Gu Sang's coffin three times left, three times right.

Chanting incantations under his breath.

The onlookers tensed as they watched.

Seeing the talisman in the master's hand ignite without wind, a chorus of gasps erupted.

Among the crowd at the very back stood a little palace maid, hands clasped in prayer: "Noble Consort, you must be safe."

This maid was the one who had livestreamed with Gu Sang yesterday, Gu Sang's first loyal fan.

Amidst the curious or fearful expressions,

she was the sole outlier, the only one praying for Gu Sang's safe escape from this ordeal.


The master gripped the Peach Wood Sword and plunged it directly into the coffin, then declared confidently: "Your Majesty, the Noble Consort's resentful spirit has been subdued!"

"In but a moment, she shall awaken."

But the instant those words left his lips,

an anomaly occurred—