She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 14

They hurriedly suppressed their indignation and said sarcastically, "Your family background must not be very impressive."

"A true imperial consort should be played by a wealthy lady. You should just give up."

The ancients watching the livestream were taken aback.

Even Consort Zhao, who usually disagreed with Gu Sang, frowned.

Although Gu Sang was not the legitimate eldest daughter like Gu Qingrou, she was also a noble lady carefully nurtured by an aristocratic family, and her etiquette and upbringing were impeccable.

Not to mention that she later accompanied the Emperor through life and death, battling and conquering.

She exuded not only the elegance of a noble lady but also the indomitable pride of a commander leading countless generals!

Several consorts muttered discontentedly, "Why does Sister Sang lack decorum and grace?"

"Back in the noble circles, she was even more like a true lady than the legitimate daughters."

"Who are these little wretches insulting! But the item in her hand is truly exquisite, how can it capture her face so vividly, with every strand of her eyebrows clearly visible."

"The black stick in her hand is also peculiar. I just saw her lightly dab it on her lips, and they turned rosy and luscious."


The competitors' attacks on Gu Sang were futile.

They sensed a threat from her, so they wanted to undermine her confidence through disparagement!

After all, children from poor families tend to be insecure.


Gu Sang remained completely unperturbed?

"Be quiet, what's all the fuss about?" Gu Qing, who was raised with indulgence, interrupted their denigration and scolded, "Who says she lacks grace, are you all blind or what!"

"The director hasn't even interviewed her, why are you all hissing at her like snakes! So annoying!"

As she spoke, Gu Qing turned and frowned at Gu Sang, who was looking at her.

"Long time no see," Gu Sang said rather coldly.

"Who wants to see you! Just pretend you don't know me. After all this time, you haven't even sent me a single message, and you told us not to disturb you."

Gu Qing rolled her eyes and kicked the chair in front of her, her expression a mix of complexity and arrogance:

"You're still as timid as before, why didn't you say something back when they said you lack grace?"

"I'm so fed up with you, this eldest sister of mine, who can't do anything right but still comes to audition for a Short Drama. You just get mocked every day, why don't you just hide for a bit?"

"This is an audition for horse-riding scenes, and you couldn't even get close to a horse back then, what are you doing here!"

This girl who spoke without any restraint was none other than Gu Sang's younger sister: Gu Qing.

A couple of years after Gu Sang went missing, her birth parents had Gu Qing.

Over the years, Gu Qing had been the Gu family's cherished pearl, raised as their only daughter, until the Gu family took back the daughter they had abandoned for over a decade.

So at first, Gu Qing, who had been doted on as the only child, couldn't accept having an elder sister.

She would often defy her, compare herself to her, and compete for affection.


She would also protect her in front of outsiders.

It was just that Gu Sang was too insecure and sensitive back then, unable to learn the etiquette and social graces of the upper class.

All she knew was to bury herself in books and remain silent and taciturn. She was ignorant of the ways of the nobility, so she would embarrass herself at every gathering, creating a vicious cycle.

She grew worse and worse, sinking deeper and deeper...

Gu Sang just wanted to reunite with her grandmother as soon as possible, unable to fit into that family!

"Gu Qing, your mouth is as venomous as ever. But you were right about one thing - they are either blind or pretending to be blind."

"However, times have changed."

"Horseback riding is now a trivial matter for me." Gu Qing had no idea that the woman before her was no longer the timid and silent Gu Sang of the past.

She was the Gu Sang who had spent seven whole years in ancient times!

The Gu Sang who emerged from the bloodshed of battlefields!

The ancients watching the livestream had also grown accustomed to the modern environment.

They were no longer astonished by the sight of women in short skirts, for that was how modern women dressed!

Not to mention exposing their necks, some even exposed their chests!

"Is our Lady going to compete with them in horseback riding?"

"Our Lady has been to the battlefield before, even infiltrating enemy camps. Back then, His Majesty was rescued by our Lady. Horseback riding is a trifle for her!"

"Oh, what is that?"

"Why is there such a large screen, displaying several women dressed just like us! Heavens, they're moving!"

"How can the people in the painting move?"

"And what is that black thing, constantly pointing at our Lady?"

By then, Gu Sang had entered the audition area.

Hearing the ancients' successive exclamations of astonishment, she took a minute to respond, "That is a television screen, showing the recent hit Short Drama."

The ancients exclaimed, "What is a television drama?"

Consort Zhao also asked in shock, "What is a television?"

"Television uses electronic technology to transmit moving images, pictures, and audio for people to watch for entertainment and leisure."

"A television drama is somewhat like your theatrical performances, except with this device, you can watch any opera or play anytime, anywhere."

"What you just saw was a costume drama, a story based on ancient times."


Gu Sang's explanation left Consort Zhao's mouth agape.

There was a treasure in this world that could preserve images?

And preserve pictures and sound for people's entertainment and leisure?

If only!

If she could have a television too, then perhaps staying in the depths of the palace for decades wouldn't be so boring?

Perhaps the consorts wouldn't bother competing for favor anymore?

At that moment, everyone's eyes brimmed with a newfound emotion - a mix of wonder and longing!

Then, the assistant director of the film company came out, looked at the remaining candidates, and his gaze fell on Gu Sang.

"You all come in and audition together. There's a scene involving horseback riding and polo. The director wants you to try your riding skills first, and then he'll choose the one he prefers."

"The imperial consort was trained from a young age to not only possess the grace of a refined lady but also stand out in a striking way."

The few candidates followed the assistant director into the indoor riding arena.

Gu Qing, carrying her designer bag, strode at the front with an arrogant and haughty air, having been spoiled and pampered as the only daughter growing up.

Meanwhile, the ancients who came in with the livestream gazed at the audition arena in astonishment, their jaws nearly dropping.

"Hiss! Look, immortals!

"Who are they, able to fly up in the air like that? Could they be the legendary immortals?"

Gu Sang glanced at the livestream video only she could see.

The ancients were all wide-eyed in amazement, even the composed Pei Changying wore a look of surprise.

Gu Sang let out a sigh, "Those are airplanes."

"What are airplanes?"

"Didn't you say earlier that our Lady doesn't scold or beat servants?"

"Look, there are people being beaten over there, and they're even coughing up blood. How tragic, even after that they're still not letting the servant go. It looks like they might even kill the servant!"

Gu Sang glanced over, "They're filming a Short Drama, the blood is fake, they're acting."