You Make Money, I’ll Spend It: Stepmother’s Ultimate Pleasure in the Aristocratic Family

Shen Mu Mu was transmigrated into a novel.

While others transmigrate to become celebrities, she ends up becoming a stepmother to a 17-year-old young master of a prestigious family?!

She wants to escape! But wait, what's this? Pretending to be his wife for a monthly allowance of 50,000 in pocket money that can be freely spent on her card? Suddenly she doesn't mind so much!

Everyone guesses: "She's just a stepmother, how much could he really care for her? President Qi just brought a woman home to take care of his son."

On the day of the banquet, surrounded by the media, Shen Mu Mu hooks her arm around the man's neck and sweetly calls him: "Dear~"

The man's eyes darken as he pulls her slender waist closer, naturally dispelling the rumors.

Then people say: "She's just a brainless trophy wife, just a pretty face."

Shen Mu Mu: "You dare call this 700-scoring top-scoring beauty from the city just a trophy wife?"

She opens a flower shop, becoming an internet sensation with people lining up to take photos, earning pots full of money; she starts a brand, appearing on the cover of financial magazines' annual rankings.

And after that...

Tsundere stepson: "Better than a real mother."

Vicious mother-in-law: "Daughter-in-law, when are you taking me square dancing?"

Until one night, Shen Mu Mu's earlobes blushing as she pushes away the man pinning her against the wall.

"President Qi, our agreement is just a contract marriage. "

The man's eyes narrow as he loosens his tie and leans down:

"The agreement? I tore that up long ago."

Shen Mu Mu: "You...mmmph"