You Make Money, I’ll Spend It: Stepmother’s Ultimate Pleasure in the Aristocratic Family

Chapter 71

It was around 9 pm.

Qin Jiamu received a call from her husband, saying that he was coming to pick her up.

Ten minutes later, Sheng Mumu and Su Tingran saw Qin Jiamu's husband.

He had thick eyebrows, somewhat dark complexion, wearing a well-tailored suit, and looked like a refined gentleman.

Seeing Qin Jiamu, he immediately smiled and naturally held her hand.

Qin Jiamu rarely showed a shy expression, smiling at her husband.

Her husband knew she was shy in front of her friends, but still did not let go of her hand, smiling and greeting Sheng Mumu and Su Tingran.

Seeing that Sheng Mumu and Su Tingran were two girls, he politely asked if they needed a ride home.

Qin Jiamu also asked, "Shall we go together?"

At this moment, Qin Jiamu's phone rang.

After speaking for a few sentences, she hung up and turned to her husband,

"Our little ancestor is at the bookstore, let's pick her up on the way home."

Her husband gently smiled, "Okay."

The two women who had inadvertently become light bulbs smiled at each other and declined their kindness, "You two go ahead, it's still early and there's nothing unsafe."

Qin Jiamu: "Alright, be careful on the road."

Sheng Mumu gave an "ok" gesture and walked to the parking lot hand in hand with Su Tingran.

On the other side.

Assistant Dong was tidying up the project files he had just shown Qi Mo.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his boss pick up his phone again.

From his observation, this was already the seventh time the boss had picked up and put down his phone today.

Assistant Dong scratched his head in puzzlement.

Qi Mo sat lazily in his chair.

The screen's faint light was reflected on his sculpted face.

His long, slender fingers were slightly bent, tapping lightly.

The last message in the WeChat dialog box showed the time as this morning.

Now, it was 9:17 pm.

During this business trip, he had received several messages from her almost every day.

But today was very unusual.

The man's brow furrowed slightly.

Not far away, Assistant Dong secretly glanced up to observe his boss.

He was confused again.

Even when facing projects worth billions, he had never seen such a complex expression on Chairman Qi's face.

Could there be a mistake in the documents he had prepared?

Assistant Dong stiffened.

He took out the files he had just sorted and archived.

Planning to check them word for word from beginning to end again.

Five minutes later.

Qi Mo lit up his phone again.

He switched the mode from 5G to WiFi, then back to 5G.

The WeChat page was still empty.

There was a desk lamp on the desk.

The warm light outlined the man's cold, hard contours.

His jawline gradually tensed.

Finally, he typed a few words into the chat box and pressed send.


His finger hovered over the screen and stopped.

When he put it down, the words he had just typed were deleted together.

Forget it.

This was not like him at all.

On the way back, Sheng Mumu drove very slowly.

The air conditioning was off, letting the night breeze blow in.

The air had a warm woody scent.

Upbeat rock music was playing in the car.

Following the rhythm, Sheng Mumu's slender fingers tapped on the steering wheel.

It was so pleasant.

Just as they were about to reach the chorus, the music suddenly stopped.

Puzzled, she looked over.

She saw the words "Husband" suddenly pop up on the central control screen.

Her phone was connected to the car's Bluetooth, and Qi Mo's low, magnetic voice came directly through the speakers.

Carried by the summer breeze, it echoed in the car.

"Hi, Mumu."

Sheng Mumu was in a good mood. Her tone was upbeat as she responded with a smile, "Hi~"

On the other end of the phone, Qi Mo's clenched fist slowly relaxed inch by inch.

"Are you home?"

Sheng Mumu: "I'm on my way back. I just went out with Tingran. We're driving with the windows down listening to music. Your call came in while I was jamming out, hubby~. What's up, is something wrong?"

In her heart, Sheng Mumu was actually a little worried.

After all, there was someone else in the car with her.

What if... Qi Mo brought up their arranged marriage? How awkward would that be?

But she had already said half of what she wanted to say. Hanging up now would seem too deliberate.

She could only subtly remind him by deliberately emphasizing "hubby" at the end.

She hoped the clever man on the other end would understand.

Qi Mo paused before relaxing his fingers silently and tightening them again unseen.

Although he understood why she said those two words, he still couldn't help curving his lips.

His voice was even lower and gentler than before: "Nothing's wrong."

Sheng Mumu frowned in confusion and blurted out, "Then why did you call for no reason?"

Such a blunt question not only made the person on the other end fall silent for a few seconds.

Even Su Tingran next to her stiffened and glanced over.

The next second.

Qi Mo's voice came through again.

"I left a file at home. Can you check my study when you get back?"

"Okay, I'll call you when I get home." Without thinking too much, Sheng Mumu readily agreed.

After hanging up, the music resumed playing.

But Sheng Mumu could no longer continue the upbeat mood from earlier. She turned to Su Tingran and grumbled:

"Men are just forgetful."

Su Tingran: "..."

Su Tingran: "Mumu, can't you tell Chairman Qi just missed you while he's away on his business trip, so he called to chat with you?"

"Huh?" Sheng Mumu's eyes widened as she blinked.

How could that be? He was clearly the type who never had enough hours in a day.

Would he really be bored enough to call her just to chat?


But she couldn't say that out loud.

The loving couple act must go on.

"How could that be..." Sheng Mumu drew out her words, putting on an experienced expression, "How could I not realize that?"

At that time.

Having heard his boss's entire conversation, Assistant Dong had fallen into deep self-doubt.

He clearly remembered double and triple checking everything.

The documents needed for this cooperation project should have all been prepared, right?

Which file could he have missed?

When Sheng Mumu got back to the villa, she took the slippers handed to her by a servant.

Hearing leisurely footsteps outside, she turned her head to see Qi Shaobai walking in, holding a bag.

Sheng Mumu casually asked while changing into her slippers,

"Did your evening self-study session end late today?"

She assumed Qi Shaobai had come home much earlier.

Qi Shaobai put his bag on a nearby chair and took the slippers handed to him by the servant, answering:

"Yeah, I stopped by the bookstore after school and bought some books."

Sheng Mumu: "Oh."

After the brief exchange, they each went about their business.

Qi Shaobai took his newly purchased books and buried himself in his room, reading late into the night.

Sheng Mumu went to the door of Qi Mo's study.

After calling Qi Mo, she held the phone to her ear.

Soon, the ringing stopped and Qi Mo's low, intoxicating voice came through:

"Hi, are you home?"

Sheng Mumu was stunned and took a light breath.

His voice made her melt.

Even though she had heard it so many times already.

It could still catch her off guard.

Sheng Mumu wrinkled her brows and thought resentfully: What a demon.

No wonder so many famous ladies and daughters of rich families secretly admired him.

If you're going to blame someone, blame him for unconsciously being so charming.

Sheng Mumu leaned against the study door and got back to the point:

"Yeah, I'm at the door of your study. Where did you say you left that file?"

As she spoke, she pressed down the door handle and the door opened.

Sensing someone had entered, the lights came on automatically.

Sheng Mumu froze.