You Make Money, I’ll Spend It: Stepmother’s Ultimate Pleasure in the Aristocratic Family

Chapter 92

Sheng Mumu's mind buzzed, and she focused her gaze.

Surprise and delight simultaneously appeared on her fair and radiant face.

Oh my goodness.

It's really Qiao Li!

So handsome!

One hour later, backstage of the bar.

Feng Yaoqin caught Qiao Li, who had just finished her performance.

Qiao Li was frightened to see her cousin appear here, and her soul almost scattered.

The arrogant expression she had on stage disappeared in an instant, replaced by a different demeanor (obedient and sensible version).

"Cousin, sister-in-law, what are you doing here?" Qiao Li asked.

"How did you end up here?" Feng Yaoqin frowned. "If I hadn't found out, how long were you planning to keep it a secret from home?"

Feng Yaoqin had practically seen Qiao Li grow up.

She couldn't imagine that the quiet and obedient niece would have such a rebellious side.

Seeing her cousin getting increasingly angry, Qiao Li lowered her gaze and pursed her lips, unsure of how to respond.

Feng Yaoqin glanced suspiciously at the people coming and going backstage and asked, "Tell me honestly, did you start dating a hoodlum and let him corrupt you?"

"No, cousin, I just like singing," Qiao Li raised her eyes and said helplessly, "I haven't made any bad friends, let alone dated a hoodlum."

Feng Yaoqin fell silent for a while before speaking slowly, "Then I'll arrange a proper blind date for you, and you must not refuse. Only then will I believe what you're saying."

Qiao Li was stunned, "? ? ?"

It was only now that she realized.

Her cousin was not so much surprised about her band performing at the bar, but more concerned about her meeting the wrong people in such an environment.

"If you don't agree, I'll tell your parents about this and see if they can bring you back," Feng Yaoqin threatened.

Hearing the words "parents," Qiao Li's face instantly changed color.

From childhood to adulthood, her parents had been very strict with her upbringing, so she had to suppress her true personality in front of them.

She became closer to her cousin because they both lived in the city, and another important reason was that her cousin was much more open-minded than her parents.

Seemingly strict, she was actually more accepting of new things.

In order to appease her cousin, Qiao Li smiled and looped her arm around her, compromising, "Alright, I'll go on the blind date. I'll show you with my actions that I won't go astray."

Upon hearing these words, Feng Yaoqin's brow finally relaxed slightly...

Because Sheng Mumu had been drinking, a driver was taking them home.

Inside the luxurious car.

Feng Yaoqin sat with her arms folded in the passenger seat.

Sheng Mumu sat in the backseat with Qiao Li.

Seeing that the atmosphere had eased up, Sheng Mumu quietly took out her phone.

During her college years, she was an avid fan of various music festivals and a rock enthusiast.

When she learned that her cousin was such an amazing lead singer, she couldn't contain her excitement. However, she didn't dare show it too obviously in front of her angry mother-in-law, so she secretly messaged Qiao Li.

Expressing her love and admiration for her cousin from three different dimensions: Chinese, mathematics, and English.

Sheng Mumu: "Li Li, you're amazing! So cool! You sing so well, your stage presence is steady, you're like a professional singer!"

Sheng Mumu: "We are sworn brothers, you are He Ruxiu, and I am not as good as you."

Sheng Mumu: "66666666666"

Sheng Mumu: "Niubility!" [Note: This phrase is a slang term used to express admiration or awe.]

Upon receiving the message, Qiao Li couldn't help but chuckle, quickly covering her mouth to avoid being noticed by Aunt Feng.

She discreetly glanced at Sheng Mumu.

Sheng Mumu's eyes sparkled as he made a heart shape with his hands, continuously sending little hearts to her.

Using lip movements, he said, "Wow, wow."


Feng Yaoqin saw the interaction between the two through the rearview mirror and cleared her throat.

Instantly, both of them sat up straight obediently.

Feng Yaoqin let out a sigh and assumed the authoritative demeanor she hadn't used in a long time. She sternly said to the troublesome younger generation in the back, "Li Li, tomorrow, I will arrange a blind date for you. Get yourself ready."

"And you, Mumu—"

Sheng Mumu blinked in confusion.


What about her???

Feng Yaoqin paused, wearing an expression of "Don't think I forgot about you," and said sternly, "Last time, I asked you and Qimo why you still don't want children, and you didn't answer. Today, I won't press you further. Think about it in a few days and come find me when you've made up your mind."

Sheng Mumu's pupils suddenly contracted: "..."

So, it's about this.

I almost forgot about it!

Suddenly, she felt like she was being called to the principal's office back when she was in school.

Quite intimidating.

On the way back to Xiyu Yuting.

The two people in the backseat no longer whispered to each other, each pondering how to deal with the situation.

Sheng Mumu was the first to think of a solution.

The next afternoon.

As soon as Qi Mo returned home and entered the bedroom, she cornered him by the window.

"Mom asked me when we plan to have a baby," Sheng Mumu furrowed her brows, anxiously discussing with him, "I thought about it, and it's hard to explain. How about we say it's your issue? What do you think?"

Upon hearing this, Qi Mo's nerves snapped, and he immediately furrowed his brows, looking straight at her with a slightly faster tone:

"What issue do I have?"

Sheng Mumu didn't expect him to react so strongly. She smiled, bending her lips, and patiently explained, "If I say it's my issue, she will definitely drag me for a check-up."

She paused.

"But if I say it's yours, it's more reasonable. There's no way to verify it."

Qi Mo's handsome eyebrows furrowed, and a barely noticeable glint of darkness flashed in his eyes.

"It's not easy to prove, but it's good enough to deceive her and buy us some time," Sheng Mumu spoke candidly, continuing as she saw Qi Mo's cold and serious face approaching her slowly.

She stood with her back to the floor-to-ceiling window, unintentionally taking a step back due to his approach.

However, he didn't stop, and instead, he continued to advance, completely cornering her, with her back pressed against the glass.

The atmosphere suddenly became delicate.

Facing that face so close, Sheng Mumu felt her breath slow down.

Qi Mo stared at her, slightly leaning forward.

A cold breath instantly enveloped her, gently and slowly.

Like the fragrance of pine after a winter snow, low, mellow, and intoxicating.

She raised her gaze, helplessly blinked her eyes, captured by his compelling and scorching gaze.

Those beautiful eyes, at this moment, were as dark as ink, deep and unfathomable.

The scent of pine wrapped around him, together with his low and hoarse voice, drifted to her ear:

"I can prove whether I have any issues or not."