Hot Search Alert! The Princess Goes Viral Worldwide

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The Princess of the Great Qi Dynasty is reborn as a third-rate modern small-time celebrity, going from being hated by the whole internet to being chased by everyone.

Everyone loves the Princess!

Gu Nanyan was the Princess of the Great Qi Dynasty, holding the imperial jade seal and commanding the vast empire.

After reincarnating, she unexpectedly became the abandoned wife of a wealthy family, a third-rate small-time celebrity hated by the entire internet.

Her husband doesn't love her, her mother-in-law loathes her, her sister-in-law causes trouble, and netizens viciously insult her...

Gu Nanyan's beautiful brow furrows as her aura becomes imposing:

"How could this be? You are all my subjects, yet you dare to bully the Princess!"

Gu Nanyan had replaced her sister in marrying into the wealthy family, and everyone expected her to be a laughingstock.

But the result was:

The CEO doted on Gu Nanyan;

The mother-in-law cooked nutritious meals for Gu Nanyan;

The sister-in-law followed Gu Nanyan around, full of admiration;

Her love rivals showered Gu Nanyan with gifts;


Even the netizens who used to hate Gu Nanyan now kneel before her, calling out: "Long live the Princess!"

The CEO is so troubled, why does everyone love his wife?