You Make Money, I’ll Spend It: Stepmother’s Ultimate Pleasure in the Aristocratic Family

Chapter 5

Sheng Mumu stood outside the door, looking calmly at Qi Shaobai.

"I know you don't have a good impression of me, but I need to communicate this matter with you to avoid misunderstandings caused by information asymmetry."

She was mainly worried that she would be unjustly blamed in the future.

Qi Shaobai was puzzled by Sheng Mumu's words, which were unlike her previous stepmotherly attitude. He slowly opened his mouth:

"What's the matter?"

Sheng Mumu: "Someone put something in your drink just now, it was that girl with black hair."

Qi Shaobai's expression gradually changed from indifference to surprise.

"Something was added?"

Sheng Mumu nodded, "Yes, I saw it with my own eyes."

"I don't know exactly what it was, but whatever it is, doing something sneaky like that is not right."

She paused and thought for a while before deciding to add another sentence:

"Handsome boys need to learn to protect themselves. You...need to be more careful when you're outside in the future."

She spoke very tactfully, afraid of provoking the rebelliousness of the adolescent boy.

The more he is told not to do something, the more he wants to do it.

Finally, she didn't forget to praise him positively:

"Okay, I won't nag too much. I believe you can handle it well."

After all, he is the future male lead, with intelligence and observational skills that are unmatched. There is no need to worry that he will go astray, just steer him back on the right path a little earlier.

Qi Shaobai gazed silently at Sheng Mumu.

He couldn't remember how many times today he had been shocked by Sheng Mumu's bewildering words.

Qi Shaobai slowly nodded, and emitted a muffled "Mm" from his chest.

Sheng Mumu: "???"

She stood there in a daze for a few seconds.

Tilting her head, she chuckled lightly.


Awkward and aloof little brat.

He probably wanted to say thank you?

This little interlude did not substantially promote the stepmother-stepson relationship between the two.

But at least Sheng Mumu confirmed one thing -

So far, her impression on Qi Shaobai was not too bad. As long as she didn't make trouble, there shouldn't be serious conflicts leading her to be kicked out of the Qi family.

After settling the most critical issue, she finally had the mind to tidy up the issue she cared most about: her financial situation.

After some investigation, she found that the original owner had two bank cards.

One was a supplementary card given to her by Qi Mo, with no deposits but unlimited spending.

The other was her personal bank card.

"This should be the card used to deposit the monthly 50,000 living expenses, right?"

She thought to herself while logging into the banking app with the card number.

When she saw the number displayed on the phone screen, her expression instantly froze.

[Current Balance: $0.50]


She seemed to hear the sound of her rich woman dreams shattering.

The balance of fifty cents glared at her.

How could she be so poor?

Could it be that the original owner had some hidden illness and used the money for medical treatment?

That's how those abusive novels usually write it.

Soon, she dismissed this idea.

The original, as a vicious female supporting character described in less than 500 words in the book, was not worth the author spending too much effort on her backstory. Her life would not be so dog-blooded.

Soon, she finally found out where the original owner's deposits had gone.

The bank statement showed that there had been two transfers of 50,000 from Qi Mo into the card.

But shortly after receiving the money, she immediately transferred it out again.

After searching for "transfer" in WeChat, a contact named "Brother" appeared on the screen.

Sheng Mumu clicked open the chat and scrolled through the phone, her face gradually sinking.

Her expression changed from curiosity to anger to rage.

The "Brother" was the original owner's own brother, Sheng Lei.

From the conversation between the two, it could be seen that the original owner was a "brother-doting" type.

Before marrying into the Qi family, Sheng Lei would only occasionally ask the original owner for "loans" of 5,000 or 10,000.

After the original owner married into the Qi family, he directly made huge demands, not only asking for money more frequently, but also increasingly large sums.

In WeChat, the original owner had repeatedly expressed that she would not give him another penny.

In return, there were repeated threats.

Sheng Lei: "If you don't give it to me, I'll go ask brother-in-law to borrow."

Sheng Lei: "You married into a wealthy family and don't recognize your own relatives? Heartless profiteer, if mom and dad were still alive, seeing you like this would kill them too."


Sheng Mumu swore out loud.

What kind of garbage man is this?

She tapped the screen with her fingers, making a lot of noise, and blocked Sheng Lei in just a few clicks.

Since this body had changed to her, she would naturally act according to her own thinking.

She certainly wouldn't let trash relatives like Sheng Lei endlessly exploit and bleed her dry.


In the following week, Sheng Mumu gradually got used to this world.

Including but not limited to realizing just how wealthy the Qi family was.

She felt like she hadn't crossed into a book, but into a sea of money.

From the butler she learned that the villa in Xiyu Yue Ting was just one of Qi Mo's many properties.

In winter and summer, the butler would arrange for the out-of-town villas to be tidied up, for the convenience of the owners to enjoy the snow or escape the heat.

Wave after wave of shocks came one after another.

To the point that when she saw the countless luxurious jewelry and expensive watches in the drawer, she was already numb.

What made her happiest wasn't these things.

But the other two people who lived in this world with her.

Qi Mo and Qi Shaobai.

They perfectly matched her ideal of a good husband and good stepson - invisible.

After that first meeting when she had just arrived, Qi Mo flew to the UK for business the next day and never saw each other again.

Qi Mo lay quietly in her phone contacts like a "dead man".

On the other hand, Qi Shaobai was at the end of the second term of his sophomore year of high school.

The school had set up a one-month cram session for them to get an early experience of the intense study pace of senior year.

Sheng Mumu slept late and got up early, barely running into Qi Shaobai at all.

She was living the life she had most wanted to become before.

Rich, beautiful, and ample free time.

Plus a husband who was like "dead"!

Who was so damn happy?

She was so damn happy!

However, she was happy too soon.

That day, she was just lying in bed, applying a face mask worth 1,000 yuan per piece, when her phone suddenly rang.

On the screen, the words "Husband" stared back at her.

It gave her a shock.

It felt like being suddenly spotted slacking off at work by the boss.

The call connected.

Qi Mo's low voice:


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