She Live Streams Modern Life to Ancient People After Failing to Conquer the Emperor

Chapter 20

The live stream closed, and the system popped up a window: "Congratulations, Virtue +100!"

Gu Sang had only provided some medical guidance, yet she was able to change the fates of so many unfortunate ancients.

If the Imperial Physicians truly researched and elucidated the smallpox cure, then wouldn't this... lead to the salvation of countless citizens, city by city?!

Gu Sang's heart grew heavy with the thought.

She wondered—

Could this be the true meaning of live streaming the prosperous modern era?


"Ring ring......"

The next morning, the phone rang in the quiet room.

Gu Sang picked up her phone and saw that it displayed Mu Fei's contact.

On the other end of the line, Mu Fei spoke with a warm and friendly tone: "Little Sang, I heard from Director Zhang that you did exceptionally well at the audition today, with all eyes on you."

"Especially when you rescued someone from horseback, you had the aura of an aristocratic general from ancient times."

"Director Zhang asked me to tell you that you passed the audition. Get ready and we'll head out to the countryside for filming tomorrow afternoon."

Gu Sang's lips curved into a faint smile, unsurprised by this news, as it was only natural.

The moment the director saw her yesterday, his gaze lingered.

It seems her appearance and demeanor fit the role of the imperial concubine perfectly! And horseback riding was her forte, making her the most suitable candidate.

"Alright, did the director mention where we'll be filming?"

"The director estimates he'll go with the crew first. How about I pick you up tomorrow afternoon? But... there's something I need to ask for your opinion on. The director says there's a scene."

Before he could finish, Gu Sang laughed and replied: "A kissing scene, right? You don't need to ask me about that. A girl shouldn't feel ashamed or restrained because of a kissing scene. Moreover, I'm doing this to earn money, so I can accept any role that doesn't violate my boundaries or morals."

"I just want to make money."

As long as she upholds her principles, why should a girl feel ashamed about a simple kissing scene?


Why should girls have so many restraints and restrictions, when modern workplace competition is already intense enough?

This is just acting to earn money! What's wrong with kissing a handsome guy? If someone offered her ten billion, she'd kiss a hundred handsome guys! That would grant her financial freedom instantly!

"Okay, see you tomorrow."


After receiving guidance from modern doctors, the Imperial Physicians at the Imperial Medical Academy studied day and night without rest.


They reached the last step!

Although the Consort said that after human intervention, the threat of smallpox had been reduced to the lowest level, and even if it was transplanted into humans, it was highly unlikely to pose any danger.

But this was the dreaded smallpox, something that struck fear into people's hearts, avoided at all costs. Who would be insane enough to willingly invite smallpox upon themselves?

"This servant is willing to be inoculated!"

"Smallpox is no big deal, at worst it will lead to death!"

"When the Empress was still with us, she said one thing: 'If it's for the lives of the common people, who will go to hell if I don't?' Let me do it!"


After a dispute among the Imperial Physicians, they decided to have an Imperial Physician under fifty years old experiment with this antibody transplant.

The modern doctor said that after the age of fifty, the body's immune system declines, leading to a significant reduction in antibodies, thus posing an extreme risk for smallpox inoculation.

However, to become an Imperial Physician, one had to have at least thirty years of medical experience.

At their age, inoculation would be too risky!

A palace maid eavesdropping outside gathered her courage and rushed in: "This servant is willing to be inoculated as a trial."

The palace maid's expression was mournful, and she too was afraid!

How could she not be scared?

It was only that her parents had both died from the epidemic, and if they were still alive, perhaps she wouldn't have been sold into servitude... She hated the epidemic!

"If inoculation truly succeeds, there will be no more village massacres, no more helpless and homeless people."

"In the wake of the epidemic, women suffer the most."

"Medication is prioritized for men, and the remaining food is also taken by men. Even if a woman miraculously survives, without family or connections, she is either sold into servitude or violated."

"This servant envies the Empress's world and also wants to change the future a little!"

And so, inoculation was first trialed in ancient times.

They took scabs from cows infected with smallpox, ground them into powder, mixed them with ice chips, and blew the mixture into the nostrils of those being inoculated.

Two hours later, the palace maid began to develop a low-grade fever.

The next day, rashes started appearing on her face and body.

Under the Imperial Physicians' observation and research, they found that these rashes were not as severe as those of smallpox or the plague.

Witnessing this, the Imperial Physicians were filled with passion and confidence!

Perhaps the inoculation method could truly work!

Perhaps this method would soon be implemented nationwide, saving countless families!

News from the palace spreads rapidly, and by the time the initial success of inoculation became known, the entire Forbidden City was aware of it! The common people cheered and praised!

"Thank you, Sister Sang......"

"A concubine can never compare to you. You are more righteous than a concubine, no wonder the Emperor can't forget you."

A certain consort wept, feeling both sorrow and relief: "My poor child, it's a pity you were born in the wrong era. If only you had been born two years later."

"Two years later, and you wouldn't have died from smallpox......"

An off-duty eunuch, hearing the consort's cries, couldn't help but think of those eunuchs who had contracted diseases from serving their masters and were executed...

But clearly, they had only fallen ill from serving their masters.

That's right, servants are regarded as less than dogs.

One shadowy figure after another came to the Xuyang Palace to burn incense.

"Your Majesty, this servant is grateful for the epidemic cure you provided and for your teachings, which showed us a world of equality."

"It made us realize that we too can have dignity."

"Under imperial rule, we are all mere ants...This servant no longer desires male superiority, but rather prefers equality. How I wish to go to your world......"

Tonight, thousands looked up at the sky, tears streaming uncontrollably.

Father, Mother, children.

Those innocent servants.

The abandoned citizens of massacred villages.

Did you see?

The Imperial Medical Academy has now developed a cure for smallpox and the plague. You can rest in peace!

From now on, no one will die from smallpox or the plague, and no one will become displaced because of the epidemic.


The Empress has returned home, and she will bring a prosperous era to this place!


Within the palace, upon hearing that a cure for the epidemic had been developed, Pei Changying sat alone on the dragon throne, looking down with disdain at the kneeling Imperial Physicians.

A mocking sneer crept across his lips, his eyes revealing a dark and sinister malice.

Damn you, Gu Sang!

Who would have thought that this difficult disease could be solved by your world!

"Hmph! Who knows if the cure that wench spoke of has any side effects! I've said it before, we must observe the epidemic cure further, it is not to be disseminated!"

"But... Your Majesty, this servant has heard that there are signs of the epidemic in a small village in the south. Please allow this servant to ride there swiftly and save the people!"

"It will take this servant three to five days at the least, and seven at the most to reach that place. The epidemic does not wait for anyone!"

Pei Changying, arrogant and cruel, commanded from on high: "I have spoken, you are not permitted to go!"

"As long as that wench does not return to vent my anger, I will not allow the epidemic cure to be disseminated for even a day! Moreover, it is only the beginning there, we shall wait."

"If it does break out, I will make a decision then, but it is not too late."