After Picking Up Five Brothers, No One Dares to Offend the Capital City

Wandering for fifteen years, Jiang Sheng picked up five elder brothers for herself.

For their sake, little Jiang Sheng went through fire and water, desperately making money.

The elder brothers didn't disappoint her, giving everything for their little sister.

Until the General's mansion discovered the switch of the legitimate daughter, and hastily brought her back.

But they didn't treat her well either.

Some ridiculed her vulgarity, some laughed at her ignorance, some scorned her coarseness.

Yet no one knew, the new top scholar was her brother, the newly rich royal merchant was her brother, the returning victorious little general was her brother, the saintly healer was her brother, and that one... was also her brother.

However capable the fake young miss is, does she have five elder brothers to support her?

Note: The main characters have no romantic relationships, the female lead has a childish personality and focuses on familial love!!!