A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 48

Yang Wei felt a sharp pang in his heart.

He only wanted to use Xie Xun's past to impress the head of the Gu's estate, but he didn't expect the head to retort with just one sentence.

The head of the Gu's estate looked meaningfully at Yang Wei, "Young man, poor academic performance is not a big deal, but character cannot be lacking. If your character is lacking, then your life will be lacking as well."

Yang Wei pursed his lips.

The head of the Gu's estate patted his shoulder, "Go back, cultivate yourself, improve yourself."

Yang Wei was a bit indignant, "When it comes to character, I am much better than Xie Xun!"

Before he could finish his sentence, a stone flew out from the courtyard and hit Yang Wei squarely on the head.

Yang Wei immediately felt the pain and exclaimed, "Xie Xun, are you crazy?"

Even though the head of the Gu's estate was nearby, Yang Wei didn't hold back, cursing loudly.

No one paid him any attention in the courtyard.

The head of the Gu's estate sighed, shook his head, and walked into the courtyard, closing the door behind him.

Lin Guifang took Yang Ershun back home, while Jiang Xiaoxiao and Xie Xun were tidying up the house.

Jiang Xiaoxiao didn't have much luggage, except for clothes, there was only a kitchen knife wrapped in thick cloth.

The room used to be where Xie Xun's nanny lived, and Jiang Xiaoxiao noticed a wooden box under the bed. She was afraid Xie Xun had forgotten about it, so she bent down to open it and took a look.

And then, she froze.

In the wooden box was a fluffy toy rabbit.

It was very lifelike, but it seemed to have gathered some dust from being left in the box for too long.

Jiang Xiaoxiao remembered that Xie Xun had rabbits embroidered on his sleeves, as if he had done it himself.

Did he really like rabbits so much?

Jiang Xiaoxiao was lost in thought when Xie Xun's voice suddenly came from outside the door, "What are you doing?"

Jiang Xiaoxiao had no intention of hiding, so she honestly replied, "Looking at the rabbit."

Xie Xun's eyebrows twitched, and as he approached, he indeed saw the rabbit in the box.

"Do you like this?" Jiang Xiaoxiao pointed to the box.

If he didn't like it, why would someone make a rabbit toy and embroider it on their clothes?

"I don't like it!" Xie Xun turned his head away, his voice becoming somewhat cold.

The year his nanny died, he was still young, and suddenly losing his support was like the sky falling. The rabbit he picked up became his only psychological comfort.

But in the end, even the rabbit left him.

That was when Xie Xun knew that the villagers weren't making things up; he truly was a doomed solitary star, unable to keep any living things around him.

So he made a rabbit toy and would hug it when he was scared at night.

But gradually, he found himself becoming dependent.

It was as if only seeing that rabbit every day made him feel secure.

To prevent himself from relying too much on the sense of security brought by the rabbit, Xie Xun reluctantly locked it in the wooden box.

Later, when he couldn't resist taking it out, he found a needle and thread to embroider it on his clothes.

Years later, he had almost forgotten about this rabbit, but Jiang Xiaoxiao unexpectedly unearthed it.

Jiang Xiaoxiao looked at Xie Xun's reaction, "If you don't like it, do you want to throw it away?"

Xie Xun swallowed hard.

Without waiting for him to speak, Jiang Xiaoxiao bent down again and closed the wooden box, "Let's keep it, what if you end up liking it one day?"

The two carriages brought by the head of the Gu's Manor, one for cargo and the other for passengers.

The carriage was spacious, Xie Xun, Jiang Xiaoxiao, the head of the Gu's Manor, and Yang Ershun did not feel crowded.

It was the first time going far away, not having to be chased around the village by his father with a rolling pin every day, Yang Ershun was very excited, looking at Jiang Xiaoxiao.

"Sister Jiang, we will be away for a long time before we come back, right?"

Jiang Xiaoxiao didn't say anything, looking at Xie Xun.

Yang Ershun looked at Xie Xun again, "Xie Xun, stand your ground, don't end up expelled from the academy like Yang Wei, then we can stay in the county for a long time!"

Xie Xun glanced at him, "Do you like the county so much?"

Yang Ershun said confidently, "No, I just like a place without my father."

The head of the Gu's Manor laughed heartily, "Little Yang, when we go further in the future and you can't see your father, don't cry."

"I won't!" Yang Ershun snorted, "I haven't cried in a long time."

After hearing this, Yang Ershun felt relieved.

The small courtyard rented by the head of the Gu's Manor was very close to Luming Academy.

The courtyard had been cleaned in advance, with new tables, chairs, benches, and bedding arranged.

Although it was just one courtyard, the main house plus the east and west wing rooms totaled seven or eight rooms, more than enough for three people.

Xie Xun's status naturally meant he would stay in the main house.

Jiang Xiaoxiao chose the first room in the west wing.

Yang Ershun wanted to choose a room in the west wing too and even wanted to stay next to Jiang Xiaoxiao, but Xie Xun took him to the east wing with a stern face.

The head of the Gu's Manor helped them settle in with the belongings they brought and soon it was time for dinner.

Just moved in today, although they had rice, noodles, salt, and oil, they couldn't cook for some reason.

So the head of the Gu's Manor treated them to a meal at the same restaurant as last time.

Knowing Jiang Xiaoxiao's extraordinary appetite, the head of the Gu's Manor specially ordered a large table of dishes.

At the dinner table, he explained the process of being recommended to the Imperial Academy to Xie Xun.

In order to take care of local academies, the court would give each local academy a spot to recommend a student to the Imperial Academy every year.

The Imperial Academy was the highest institution of learning in the entire Yan Kingdom, and going there to study was the dream of many scholars.

According to the usual practice, the students recommended were usually the top performers.

The head of the Gu's Manor's meaning was simple, he hoped Xie Xun would participate in a few exams, as long as he ranked in the top three, he could easily get Xie Xun the spot.

Xie Xun smiled faintly, "Do you think I can rank in the top three?"

Head of the Gu's Mansion stroked his beard: "Others may question how someone who hasn't studied could possibly take the exam, but I trust you."

How could a prince who dazzled the court at the age of three truly be seen as a useless fool in the eyes of outsiders?

All these years in the Shimu Village were just a facade.

"Besides, with me around, even if you don't perform well in the exam, you will definitely be in the top three in the end."


The matter of Xie Xun going to the academy was settled.

On the way home, Xie Xun bought some groceries.

Knowing that Xie Xun had to study for several hours every day, which was very tiring, Jiang Xiaoxiao volunteered, "I can cook and wait for you to come back to eat."

Thinking back to the time when she burned the braised pork to a charred black after burning through the bottom of the pot, Xie Xun's mouth twitched slightly, "The academy is close to home, I'll cook when I get back."

Jiang Xiaoxiao felt a bit frustrated.

She was clearly so skilled in cultivation, but she just couldn't learn how to cook.

Those dishes, they were fine when she was washing them, but once they hit the pot, they wouldn't listen to her.


On the first day of school, Xie Xun woke up early and simmered the porridge on the stove before heading to the academy.

It's not advisable to eat half an hour before practicing cultivation, so Jiang Xiaoxiao and Yang Ershun practiced breathing exercises before starting to eat breakfast.

Yang Ershun rarely came to the county, and he was full of curiosity about the place, suggesting going out to play with Jiang Xiaoxiao.

Jiang Xiaoxiao shook her head, "No, we can't. We have guests coming today."

Yang Ershun was shocked, "Really? We just moved to the county, and we already have guests coming? Is it Chen Sixi?"

"It shouldn't be."