A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 47

Just a couple of days later, Yang Wei came back from Luming Academy crying, carrying several bundles in his hands.

Village Head Yang ran into him on the village road, and was taken aback for a moment. "Why did you suddenly come back?"

Yang Wei choked back a sob and said the academy had dismissed him without any reason.

In the past, the village head might have believed him to some extent.

But now, the village head had lost all favor for Yang Wei's family.

With a mother like Mrs. Wang, how could her son ever amount to anything?

Looking at Yang Wei, the village head snorted coldly, "If you hadn't done something wrong, why would the academy dismiss you for no reason?"

Actually, the academy did have a reason for dismissing Yang Wei.

The academy held exams every month, and the Dean had warned Yang Wei many times before that if he failed another exam, it would mean he couldn't keep up with the academy's pace, and he would be advised to transfer.

But Yang Wei had always thought that since he had "saved" the Dean's life, even out of this face alone, the Dean wouldn't really dismiss him.

Otherwise, on the day he accidentally insulted the Dean, the Dean would have kicked him out much earlier.

So, he failed the exam again this time.

But things didn't turn out as he had expected.

The teacher directly told him that it was the Dean's decision to advise him to transfer.

Advise him to transfer?

That just sounded nice, but it was really just kicking him out!

Yang Wei felt that he had lost face, and the more he thought about it on his way back, the angrier he became.

Seeing Yang Wei in this state, Village Head Yang sighed, "It's better that you were dismissed. After all, the person who saved the Dean wasn't you, so you couldn't have enjoyed that good fortune."

Yang Wei was taken aback, but he didn't dare show it on his face. "What? The person who saved the Dean wasn't me? Uncle Village Head, what are you joking about?"

Village Head Yang had hoped that Yang Wei would recognize the reality and reform himself, but he didn't expect Yang Wei to persist in his shameless attitude.

Sighing, Village Head Yang shook his head, "Never mind, pretend I didn't say anything."

Staring at the village head's retreating back, Yang Wei gritted his teeth and caught up with him. "Uncle Village Head, do you mean that you know who the real person is that saved the Dean?"

"Well, it's someone you can't afford to offend. Don't worry about it if you don't know."

That night, when Mrs. Wang came back from the beating she got from Xie Xun, she fell into a ditch halfway and smashed her mouth.

Village Head Yang didn't believe it was a coincidence - it was clearly retaliation from Xie Xun for repeatedly offending him.

The more the village head said this, the more Yang Wei's curiosity was piqued.

"Uncle Village Head, since you know, just tell me. Even if I'm not the real person who saved the Dean, can't I inquire about it?"

The village head had seen the true colors of this family over the past few days.

If he told Yang Wei now that the real person who saved Dean Gu was Xie Xun, Yang Wei would definitely go and make trouble.

Patting Yang Wei's shoulder, Village Head Yang said, "Go check on your mother first!"

"My mother?" Yang Wei was confused. "What happened to my mother?"

Village Head Yang didn't answer and simply turned and left.

When Yang Wei returned home, he learned that his mother had fallen into a ditch and smashed her mouth, leaving her unable to open her mouth fully due to the scars, and needing to be fed by others.

Lying on the bed, Mrs. Wang realized something must be wrong when she heard her son had been dismissed from the academy.

It wasn't a coincidence, but retaliation from Xie Xun!

This meant all her previous worries had come true.

Mrs. Wang was filled with hatred, but in her current state, what could she do?

An influential Feng Shui master like Xie Xun was someone ordinary people like them couldn't afford to offend. If they caused more trouble, the consequences would be much worse than just a smashed mouth.

Thinking of this, Mrs. Wang cautioned her son, "Wei... son, don't... bother Xie... Xun."

She couldn't open her mouth, so her voice was muffled and unclear.

Yang Wei thought his mother was just nagging again, so he ignored her and walked away.

In September, Luming Academy was recruiting new students, and Xie Xun was going to study in Kaihe County.

Kaihe County was an hour's journey from Shi Mo Village, so commuting daily was impossible.

Most other students lived at the academy.

Although the academy conditions were decent, Dean Gu didn't want to inconvenience the Third Young Master by having him room with the students.

He specially rented a decent small courtyard, intending for Xie Xun and Jiang Xiaoxiao to move there.

Although the village head couple was reluctant to see their younger son leave, they didn't dare say anything considering his safety.

Before leaving, Lin Guifang came to help pack their belongings.

"Young Master Xie, you two can go with peace of mind. I'll take care of your vegetable garden."

"No need," Xie Xun declined flatly.

He wasn't accustomed to letting unfamiliar people into his home, even if it meant letting the vegetables rot.

Seeing Xie Xun's cold expression, Lin Guifang hesitated but said nothing.

Dean Gu came to pick them up before noon, and not just one carriage, but two!

Unlike before when the carriages would stop outside the village, today they went straight into the village.

Yang Wei happened to see this grand procession and followed out of curiosity, wanting to know whose home the carriages were going to.

To his surprise, the carriages went straight to the eastern part of the village!

Yang Wei peeked from behind a wall and soon saw Dean Gu alight from the carriage.

He frowned.

The time Yang Wei accidentally insulted Dean Gu, he learned that the Dean later had a meal at Xie Xun's house.

But at that time, Yang Wei was too worried about being dismissed from the academy to think much of it.

Now, it was different.

Village Head Yang had just told him that someone else had saved Dean Gu's life, and Dean Gu immediately came to see Xie Xun.

If he still couldn't figure it out, he'd be a real fool!

But then again, how could Xie Xun have saved Dean Gu's life?

They must have gotten the wrong person again!

Unwilling to accept it, Yang Wei quickly went over and called out to Dean Gu before he could knock on the door.

Dean Gu turned around and, seeing it was Yang Wei who had just been advised to leave the academy, he smiled slightly. "You made it home safely?"

Yang Wei didn't care about Dean Gu's concern and demanded bluntly, "You're here to see Xie Xun?"

Dean Gu nodded.

"Why are you looking for him?"

Yang Wei said, "I remember Xie Xun is an orphan without any relatives. Could it be that, Dean Gu, you're related to Xie Xun?"

"No, that's not it."

Well, if they weren't related, that made things easier.

"Dean Gu, you don't know, do you?" Yang Wei raised his eyebrows. "Xie Xun is a very sinister person. Anyone close to him ends up meeting misfortune."

"Although I don't know why you're looking for him, but as a student, I should warn you out of teacher-student affection - it's best to keep your distance from Xie Xun. Otherwise, you'll meet great disaster."

Dean Gu didn't refute him. "Oh? Is that so? For example?"

"For example..." Yang Wei was about to cite himself as an example, but suddenly realized the person in front of him was Dean Gu.

Yang Wei thought he was dismissed because of the real person who saved the Dean's life, which was Xie Xun.

But in the Dean's eyes, Yang Wei was dismissed purely because of his poor grades.

How could he explain this?

The words on his lips changed, and Yang Wei said, "For example, when he was very young, he killed his own wet nurse."

Dean Gu exclaimed, "I heard that when you were five years old, your grandmother passed away, also killed by you?"