The Unexpected Rise Before My Exit from the Entertainment Industry

[Double Female Leads + Lighthearted Funny + Daily Life + Entertainment Industry]

On the verge of her debut, she unexpectedly died. When she woke up, she had transmigrated into a first-tier female celebrity! With plenty of scandals and poor public opinion, her career was beyond saving.

She thought the original owner was rich, so she might as well enjoy a lifetime of luxury. But it turned out there were only five digits left in her account... Having endured the cruelty of society in her previous life, she hadn't caught a break in this one either. Not wanting to put in effort anymore, she took a laissez-faire approach on shows, never fighting for attention. But unexpectedly, she became hugely popular!?

This is purely fictional. No implications or connections are intended. Please do not overanalyze or gossip. Thank you all.