A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 49

Earlier, when Yang Ershun was practicing meditation, Jiang Xiaoxiao casually drew divination sticks, which foretold that visitors would arrive today.

Of course, Jiang Xiaoxiao couldn't predict exactly who the visitors would be with her powers.

But it definitely wouldn't be Chen Sixi.


After an incense stick's worth of time, there was a knock on the courtyard gate.

Hearing the sound, Yang Ershun looked at Jiang Xiaoxiao in awe, "Sister Jiang, you're truly gifted!"

Jiang Xiaoxiao remained calm, "Go open the gate!"

Yang Ershun immediately stood up and scurried out.

Soon after, he rushed back in, panting, with an unsettled look on his face, "Sister Jiang, the visitor says they're from the Nie Family. Do you know anyone from the Nie Family?"

The Nie Family, it must be the same one from last time.

They had agreed previously that for cracking the Nie Family's case, Jiang Xiaoxiao and Xie Xun would not charge any fees, but the Nie Family would help them gather intelligence about Yanjing City.

Lord Nie is a straightforward man, and said he would provide intelligence once a month.

Counting the days, it was time for another delivery.

Jiang Xiaoxiao asked Yang Ershun to stay inside, then went to the gate herself.

The visitor was the Nie Family's head butler, who treated Jiang Xiaoxiao with great respect.

"Master, our lord has sent me to convey that the items you and Master Xie requested have arrived. Over the next two days, our lord will be available, and you can visit the manor at your convenience."

Jiang Xiaoxiao asked, "How did you find this place?"

They had just moved to the county yesterday.

The butler smiled, "To be honest with you, Master, ever since that incident, our lord has been immensely grateful to you. He instructed the guards to keep track of your movements at all times, and to lend a hand immediately if needed."

"So, when you moved to the county yesterday, the guards reported it to our lord right away. Our lord was quite pleased, saying that with you living closer, it would be easier to seek your assistance whenever needed."

After chatting for a while, the butler finally remembered his main purpose, "Master, when would you and Master Xie like to visit our manor? I'll come to escort you personally."

"This evening."

That evening, Jiang Xiaoxiao went to wait for Xie Xun outside the main gate of Luming Academy.

She wore a russet narrow-sleeved jacket and skirt, the fabric coarse but failing to conceal her beauty.

With her fair skin, rosy lips, alluring almond-shaped eyes more ravishing than peach blossoms in spring, yet not appearing frivolous.

Those pure, unreadable eyes, as serene as rippling lake waters, were captivating.

Nearly every student who passed by had their gaze linger on her.

Jiang Xiaoxiao always ignored others' glances, and she remained oblivious this time as well.

Until she noticed Xie Xun approaching with a sullen expression.

It was only then that she reacted, "What's wrong? Didn't your first day at the academy go smoothly?"

Xie Xun noticed others still looking at Jiang Xiaoxiao, and frowned slightly, instinctively walking beside her to block their line of sight.

Even so, the young lady remained completely unaware.

Xie Xun had to remind her, "Don't come to pick me up anymore. It's close, I can return by myself."

"I came to take you to the Nie Family's manor."

Jiang Xiaoxiao told Xie Xun about the butler's visit earlier that day.

Xie Xun nodded in acknowledgment.

"Brother Xie—"

Someone called out to Xie Xun from behind.

Xie Xun turned around.

The person wore the azure robes of Luming Academy and had a genial smile.

It was Fang Changyue, the senior who had personally guided Xie Xun through the admission procedures earlier that day.

Jiang Xiaoxiao glanced at him.

Fang Changyue had dark circles under his eyes and a haggard appearance, looking utterly exhausted.

"Is there something you need, Senior Brother?" Xie Xun asked.

Upon hearing Xie Xun's words, Fang Changyue appeared slightly abashed, "I just wanted to let you know, if you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to come to me."

Xie Xun nodded, "Thank you."

"No need to thank me, after all, I'm your senior brother," Fang Changyue said with a pleased expression.

At present, Xie Xun was one of the few at Luming Academy who would still interact with him.

After Fang Changyue left, Jiang Xiaoxiao lowered her head in contemplation.

Noticing her unusual behavior, Xie Xun asked, "What's wrong?"

"That person you just met, are you close with him?" Jiang Xiaoxiao inquired.

"I just met him today," Xie Xun answered truthfully. "He assisted me with the admission procedures."

"He has a heavy aura of yin energy around him," Jiang Xiaoxiao stated firmly. "There must be evil spirits around him."

Upon hearing Jiang Xiaoxiao's words, Xie Xun recalled something.

When Fang Changyue was helping him with registration, other students had quietly advised Xie Xun to keep his distance from this person.

Although Xie Xun had no intention of prying into others' private matters, he couldn't help but overhear the gossiping nearby.

Apparently, just three months ago, Fang Changyue had been a top candidate for recommendation to the Imperial Academy.

However, not long after, he seemed to have become a completely different person. His exam scores plummeted, he constantly fell asleep during lectures, and was frequently reprimanded and punished by the instructors.

The instructors were utterly disappointed in him and revoked his recommendation to the Imperial Academy.

With one less competitor, some lamented while others rejoiced.

But Fang Changyue remained indifferent, ignoring the criticism and advice from those around him and the instructors, persisting in his carefree ways and sleeping through classes as usual.

For a long-time top student to experience such a dramatic decline in performance within a few short months was evidently abnormal.

At the time, however, Xie Xun hadn't considered supernatural causes.

He could only see ghosts, not the yin energy or inauspicious aura surrounding living people.

For that, he had to rely on Jiang Xiaoxiao's insights.

Jiang Xiaoxiao looked up at Xie Xun, "The seal on you hasn't been lifted yet. If you get too close to him, you might be affected by the yin energy. Why don't you try to probe for information another day, and I'll find an opportunity to examine his situation."

When they returned home, the Nie Family's carriage was already waiting outside the small courtyard.

Upon seeing Xie Xun, the butler greeted him cheerfully, "Master Xie, how was your first day at the academy?"

"Not bad."

"Our lord has invited you both for dinner at the manor," the butler said. "If Master Xie has no other matters to attend to, shall we depart now?"

Before he could finish speaking, Yang Ershun darted out from the courtyard, "And me too!"

The butler had previously informed Yang Ershun as well.

The young lad had changed into a new outfit his mother made for him last New Year's.

Although he didn't know whose residence they were visiting, judging by the luxurious carriage, he couldn't risk embarrassing Sister Jiang.