The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 26

The next day, Yuan Luoyi woke up with her head still a bit dizzy. She dreamed of the first thing she saw when she regressed in time - the death photo of her elder brother, Yuan Ao.

He lay in a pool of blood, his eyes tightly shut, paler than ever before.

He had promised that if Yuan Luoyi was killed, he would avenge her until the grim reaper reunited them. In the previous life, Elder Brother Yuan Ao kept his word.

The news said that in a clear state of madness, he tortured to death the three judges who sentenced Yuan Luoyi, along with countless others involved. His rage, hatred, and anguish were unbearable, and no amount of killing could liberate him.

In the final second of his life, Yuan Ao was still seeking vengeance, but unfortunately, the real culprit escaped from his grasp and killed him.

With the loss of the Yuan family's core figure, conflicts erupted among the remaining four brothers, each pursuing the culprit, ultimately leading to the death of the entire Yuan family.

Now, Yuan Luoyi has regained her memories from her previous life. As the only one aware of the Yuan family's future, she must continuously increase her influence, activate her regression ability, and find the true culprit.

An opportunity to boost her influence presents itself this afternoon when the program crew comes to film their physical education class. Yuan Luoyi decides to seize this chance.

As usual, Yuan Luoyi arrives at Xinghan Middle School, attends the morning classes, and goes to gym class with Yu Hua in the afternoon.

The entire first-year class is present, brimming with excitement because the new physical education teacher is a formidable soldier who has brought two large boxes of firearms and announces:

"Running laps around the track day after day has made the students run silly. To build robust physiques and resilient souls, actual combat is the most effective! Today, we're going to play a battle royale! A fight to the death, with only one survivor!"

Thus, Yuan Luoyi has no choice but to pick up a gun and join the "battle royale" activity lasting half an hour.

Of course, these guns aren't real - they're loaded with paint bullets that feel like being punched when hit, somewhat painful but not too extreme.

The soldiers personally choose students and teach them one-on-one how to use the guns. Everyone studies diligently.

As always, Su Xun is very popular, and a highly-ranked soldier quickly selects her. The two converse happily, and she learns rapidly.

Boys and girls surround Su Xun, showering her with compliments.

"Wow, Su Xun, your shooting stance is so standard!"

"You're so awesome!"

"You look both cool and beautiful!"

Su Xun modestly responds, "It's not that standard. You all are better than me."

Su Xun sneaks a glance at Yuan Luoyi, finding her standing alone, with no soldier willing to teach her how to use the gun.

Su Xun smiles radiantly, her face filled with pride. With a patronizing air, she extends her hand to Yuan Luoyi in feigned sympathy: "Need any help?"

Yuan Luoyi ignores Su Xun and fiddles with the gun herself. Even without someone teaching her, she knows how, for in one life, she was a hunter.

"Humph!" Su Xun rolls her eyes, but when she turns to face others, she smiles sweetly and gently again.

Suddenly, someone approaches Yuan Luoyi. Looking up, she sees Yuan Yong, the third elder brother.

Yuan Luoyi opens her eyes wide in surprise: "Thi..."

"Shh!" Yuan Yong swiftly leans down, his movements as smooth and fluid as a feline stretching its body, and whispers in Yuan Luoyi's ear: "Just pretend you don't know me."

Yuan Luoyi asks: "What should I call you?"


"Okay, Instructor. Why are you here?"

"Your new P.E. teacher is my friend. I'm here to help out and check on you. I told them not to teach you so I could be your instructor."

Yuan Luoyi realizes why the soldiers walked away when they saw her.

Yuan Yong picks up Yuan Luoyi's gun, carefully examining it as his slender fingers trace the grooves on the metal barrel: "You've chosen a good gun. The weight is well-balanced, perfect for you."

Yuan Luoyi selected it based on fragmented memories of being a hunter in a previous life - a good gun must have a stable center of gravity, or the slightest tremor in the fingers could cause it to miss the target.

Yuan Yong returns the gun to Yuan Luoyi: "Do a shooting stance for me."

Yuan Luoyi sits down, hugging the gun and aiming through the sights. Being too small, the powerful recoil of firing would make her unsteady, causing her to miss the target. For a young girl like her, the best approach is to shoot while sitting, using her body weight to stabilize the gun.

Yuan Yong smiles: "Such a strategic mindset. Did someone teach you?"

Yuan Luoyi says, "No."

Yuan Yong begins adjusting her stance, sometimes guiding her hands, sometimes lightly tapping her back, until she adopts the standard shooting posture. "On the battlefield, even an 11-year-old sniper can kill many people. You have a talent for this."

He suddenly lets out a deep, resonant laugh, his voice as melodious as a whale's song: "Do you remember when I taught you how to kill rabbits?"

How could Yuan Luoyi forget?

The young Yuan Yong considered it beautiful, but the 6-year-old Yuan Luoyi disagreed. She stared wide-eyed in terror, shrinking into a corner, hoping the adults would quickly rescue her.

Yuan Yong said, "Swift killing is the greatest mercy for prey. Don't hesitate - leave the rest to your instincts. After trying it once, you'll understand what I mean."

He places his hand on Yuan Luoyi's shoulder: "Now, take a deep breath, aim at the target, focus your attention. When the surrounding noises fade away, pull the trigger."

Yuan Luoyi follows his instructions. The students' laughter gradually fades, the surroundings dissolve into a haze, leaving only herself, the gun, and the target.


Yuan Luoyi pulls the trigger. The powerful recoil sends a wave of heat through her body, and a hundred meters away, the center of the target explodes in a red cloud of smoke from the paint bullet's impact.

Yuan Yong's eyes are full of admiration: "Excellent."

He extends his hand in a gentlemanly manner: "You and I are born hunters. The other students can only be your prey - they lack the ability to compete with you on equal footing. Training is complete; stand up and rest."

Yuan Luoyi takes Yuan Yong's hand and stands up.

She looks around. Many students are learning to shoot, but only a few can hit the target.

A large group of people approach from afar, carrying various equipment and drenched in sweat. Director Zhang leads the way, fanning himself and panting heavily.

The students instantly become excited - the production crew has finally arrived!

Many girls washed their hair for the occasion, hoping to appear on camera, while the boys wore hidden insole inserts to appear taller.

The crew finds a suitable shooting angle and sets up the cameras. Students pretend to casually walk in front of the lens, showcasing themselves, unaware that the cameras aren't rolling yet as Director Zhang searches for extension cords.

Yuan Yong says regretfully, "I must leave now."

Yuan Luoyi asks, "Where are you going?"

Yuan Yong replies, "Somewhere the cameras can't capture me. Don't worry, I'll be watching over you."

He keeps one hand behind his back, removes his hat with the other, and gracefully draws a few elegant arcs in the air. Taking a step back, he slowly bends down in a stately bow like a nobleman: "Best of luck to you."

Yuan Yong dons his hat and departs.

Yuan Luoyi stares at his retreating figure. Judging by his appearance alone, the third elder brother, Yuan Yong, is a near-perfect man. He has a mesmerizing charm, giving off an elegant yet grand aura. However, Yuan Luoyi knows that his true nature is violent and bloodthirsty.

When his dark side suddenly emerges, it's like he becomes a different person altogether.

"Ding ding ding!"

The P.E. teacher blows the whistle, and all the students gather around, Yuan Luoyi included, gun in hand.

The cameras are finally powered on, and the battle royale is about to begin.