The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 27

On the playground, students were excitedly chattering, making an uproar. Yuan Luoyi, on the other hand, appeared exceptionally quiet, her expression calm, surveying her surroundings like a seasoned hunter analyzing the terrain.

To become the ultimate winner of the battle royale, one must utilize every available resource, especially the natural environment.

Yuan Luoyi's steady gaze caught the interest of the director, who turned the camera towards her. But before he could film for a few seconds, the gym teacher stepped forward, blocking the lens.

The gym teacher announced loudly, "Students, for this battle royale, we'll form teams by class!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, all the students turned to look at Yuan Luoyi and Yu Hua, their eyes gleaming with anticipation.

Yuan Luoyi blinked her eyes, oh boy, the other classes had over thirty students each, while Class D only had two. This vast difference in numbers was like the Great Rift Valley of East Africa.

Yu Hua clasped his head and wailed, "Teacher, this is so unfair! How can the two of us defeat the other three classes!"

The gym teacher said, "This world is inherently unfair, and a large group has its drawbacks, just as a small group has its advantages. You have three minutes to devise tactics. The game will officially begin when time is up. Understood?"

The students chorused, "Understood!"

Class A's students were particularly excited, especially the head of the student council, Su Xun. She had rallied quite a few students, both boys and girls who admired her. She smiled provocatively at Yuan Luoyi.

Sen Junxuan stood beside Su Xun, apparently deciding to team up with her against Yuan Luoyi.

The students from Classes B and C also gathered, eagerly discussing tactics, occasionally glancing at Yuan Luoyi and Yu Hua with a restless look, as if the two were lambs awaiting slaughter.

Yuan Luoyi felt a sense of familiarity with the current atmosphere. After pondering for a moment, she realized.

Ah, this is the feeling of being collectively ostracized.

But it didn't matter; she didn't need to be liked by these people. She just wanted to blast them away with the gun in her hand and happily claim first place.

Yu Hua sighed, "They all want to take us out first. This isn't two against thirty anymore; it's two against a hundred. What should we do?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "Huh? Isn't it me against a hundred?"

Yu Hua said, "I'm your classmate. How could I let you fight alone? I won't be a deserter!"

Yuan Luoyi said, "But you always trip over your own feet when running, and you've never passed gym class."

Yu Hua's face reddened, "Brute force can't solve everything. Intelligence is my forte! I have a brilliant plan. Do you want to hear it?"

Yuan Luoyi leaned in, "I'm all ears."

The two friends quietly plotted their strategy, with the camera closely following them, and the comments flooding in.

"What are they saying? Director, quickly get a microphone over there! I want to hear!"

"I want to hear too, +1, but with only two people in Class D, their chances of winning are slim."

"Class A will definitely win. Their students just look stronger."

The number of viewers continued to rise, much to the director's satisfaction.

As the daughter of the Yuan family, Yuan Luoyi had high looks, an air of mystery, and had previously been in the headlines twice due to school bullying incidents. She was naturally a topic of interest. Many netizens tuned in just for her, so regardless of whether she won or lost, the director would give her more screen time.

In the shade of a distant tree, Yuan Yong's gaze was fixated on Yuan Luoyi. The situation was unfavorable for his sister, but he believed she would win.

Yuan Luoyi's shots hit the bullseye, while the other students couldn't even hit the target. This gap not only proved Yuan Luoyi's superior shooting skills but also her higher intellect.

Thinking about this, Yuan Yong smiled. The other members of the Yuan family had opposed him teaching Yuan Luoyi the art of killing. They had said:

"She doesn't want to kill rabbits at all! What are you doing? She's only six years old; you're scaring her! This isn't protection; it's imprisonment!"

As a result, Yuan Yong was forbidden from being near Yuan Luoyi. He was resentful, as the other five were not normal either, yet he was the only one not allowed to approach his sister.

Yuan Yong often worried that his sister might completely forget him. But now, it seemed that Yuan Luoyi not only remembered him but also remembered some of the things he had taught her, which delighted him.

Look, her gun grip is so beautiful.

The three minutes were up.


The gym teacher fired a shot into the air and shouted, "The battle royale has officially begun!"

The students immediately raised their guns, aiming them squarely at Yuan Luoyi and Yu Hua, forming a circle around them.

Almost simultaneously, Yu Hua threw a smoke grenade, and after the loud explosion, smoke billowed, obscuring the students' vision. They panicked and fired continuously, emptying their magazines as they fought each other indiscriminately.

"Stop shooting! You're hitting your own people!"

"Class president, I've been so loyal to you. Why did you headshot me?"

"Sorry, I couldn't see clearly. Where did that sneaky D Class student get the smoke grenade from? No matter, let the survivors keep fighting!"

The three classes began fighting blindly, gunshots ringing out as more and more students fell.

As the smoke cleared, Classes B and C had been completely wiped out. Everyone was covered in multicolored paint, lying on the ground panting, looking both ridiculous and disheveled.

Su Xun had survived, with the students who admired her acting as her shields. Only three boys were left to protect her.

Sen Junxuan had also survived, with several girls shielding him from the paint bullets.

Yu Hua, on the other hand, had been eliminated, his face smeared with red paint. The smoke grenade had been secretly retrieved from the bottom of the gun case. His original plan was to throw the smoke grenade, allowing the other three classes to shoot at each other while the two of them escaped the encirclement.

But Yu Hua's athletic ability was truly too poor; he had only run a few steps before being hit by a paint bullet. Fortunately, Yuan Luoyi had managed to escape, so Class D still had a chance of winning.

The survivors had also noticed Yuan Luoyi's disappearance. One of the boys approached Yu Hua and demanded loudly, "Where did Yuan Luoyi go?"

Yu Hua didn't answer, and the boy grew furious, aiming his gun at Yu Hua, "Answer quickly, or I'll kill you!"

Lying on the ground, Yu Hua spread his hands helplessly, "I'm already a corpse! Are you going to kill me twice?"

The boy awkwardly lowered his gun, pretending nothing had happened, but the camera had already captured everything. These days, even kids' embarrassing moments were recorded in high definition.

In the face of unexpected situations, Su Xun remained much calmer. She inwardly disdained the foolish boy, but in front of everyone, she maintained her gentle, ladylike demeanor, never revealing her disdain. She said, "Let's find Yuan Luoyi ourselves!"

The boys nodded and began searching everywhere. There were living corpses all around, glaring resentfully at the survivors.

Beneath the bushes of the school's landscaped area, Yuan Luoyi carefully adjusted her gun. If she launched an attack, she would expose her position, so she decided to wait until they had nearly finished fighting each other before striking.

Hehe, she was the battlefield scavenger queen, taking the easy and joyful path to victory.

Suddenly, a gaze fell upon Yuan Luoyi. She looked up to find Su Xun squinting at her.

Ah... girls are indeed more observant. She had been discovered, so she would have to take Su Xun out.

Su Xun shouted, "She's over..."

Yuan Luoyi's finger was on the trigger, the black muzzle aimed at Su Xun.