The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 25

Back home from school!

When Yuan Luoyi got into her little sedan, she was surprised to find that her big brother Yuan Ao had come to pick her up today.

Yuan Ao was a very busy man, so it was not easy for him to find time to pick up his sister.

Yuan Luoyi asked: "Big brother, why did you come to pick me up today?"

Yuan Ao said: "I'm a little worried. Yuan Fa said you've been having terrible nightmares, are you okay?"

Yuan Luoyi said: "It's fine!"

Although she said that, Yuan Luoyi was actually a little afraid to sleep now. The memory fragments from her 99th life had given her many benefits, but they also let her experience all kinds of deaths. That feeling of being gripped tightly by the throat by death, Yuan Luoyi did not like it at all.

Looking at Yuan Ao, Yuan Luoyi remembered he was the only one in the family who kept in touch with her third brother Yuan Yong.

Yuan Luoyi asked: "Big brother, why doesn't third brother come home?"

Yuan Ao looked silently at Yuan Luoyi, staring at her until she felt a little creeped out: "Why do you ask this question all of a sudden?"

Yuan Luoyi pretended to be calm: "I just suddenly thought of it."

Her third brother was forbidden from getting close to Yuan Luoyi because of his addiction to killing and once seducing Yuan Luoyi.

She absolutely could not let her big brother know that she had met her third brother, or he would definitely get angry!

Ah...she really didn't dare to imagine what her big brother looked like when he was angry...

Yuan Ao's fingers rhythmically tapped his knee. After pondering for a moment, he said: "Yuan Yong is different from us. Some things happened afterwards that made him feel that the Yuan family was too evil to exist, so he left."

Yuan Luoyi said: "Is the Yuan family really evil?"

Yuan Ao said: "The world is gray, evil and justice are not so clearly distinguished."

Yuan Luoyi felt that her big brother seemed to have answered the question, but also seemed not to have answered it.

In summary, the contradictions between her third brother and the Yuan family were irreconcilable, so he probably wouldn't come back.

Yuan Luoyi felt very regretful.

The little sedan continued on.

Yuan Luoyi decided to use her free time to look through the memory fragments, after all the real culprit might be hidden inside.

The memory fragments slowly unfolded. This time she was a young hunter, she pulled the trigger, the gunshot echoed through the forest, and a male deer fell to the ground. The air was filled with the smell of gunpowder and blood.

Her head suddenly became dizzy, Yuan Luoyi's body swayed, the pain was unbearable.

【Ding! System warning: Host please rest immediately!】

Yuan Luoyi was very surprised, the system had never warned her like this before, what was going on?

Yuan Ao noticed Yuan Luoyi's abnormality: "Are you okay?"

Yuan Luoyi said: "My head hurts."

Yuan Ao pressed his hand against Yuan Luoyi's forehead, measuring her temperature. Although she didn't have a fever, but her sister's complexion was very poor, and she was also listless. He worriedly pulled Yuan Luoyi into his arms.

Yuan Luoyi looked at her big brother Yuan Ao, his shirt buttons were always buttoned all the way up. He had wrapped himself up tightly, no matter how hot the weather was, he never wore short sleeves or shorts, never revealing an extra inch of skin.

What was even stranger was that even though he was dressed so conservatively, his embrace was still cool.

When they got home, Yuan Ao found a honey jar. He poured the amber honey into a glass, mixed it with warm water, and stirred it evenly.

Yuan Ao scooped out some with a wooden spoon and brought it to Yuan Luoyi's mouth: "Drink some honey water."

The moment Yuan Luoyi swallowed it down, Yuan Ao's eyes flashed a faint fleeting pleasure.

The sweetness spread across her taste buds, and Yuan Luoyi felt not as unwell as before. This once again proved that sweetness was the best painkiller.

Yuan Ao also brought a damp towel to carefully wipe away the thin sweat on Yuan Luoyi's forehead.

Yuan Ao asked: "Do you feel a little better now?"

Yuan Luoyi said: "I feel much fresher now."

Yuan Ao busied himself attentively. He pulled over a stool and sat down, slowly peeling a red apple.

Yuan Luoyi asked: "Does big brother like taking care of people?"

Yuan Ao's hand holding the fruit knife paused for a moment. He looked up at Yuan Luoyi, then lowered his eyes again, his handsome face sunk into shadow, his expression unreadable. He continued peeling the apple: "No."

Yuan Luoyi said: "But you look a little happy."

Yuan Ao said: "Maybe because it reminds me of when you were little, you were so fragile then. If I left your side for one second you would burst into tears, needing to rely on me for everything, and only able to rely on me.

Now you've grown up, and don't need me as much anymore. Children really do grow up fast."

After peeling the apple nicely, Yuan Ao placed it on a plate: "You can eat some apple when you're hungry, it has lots of vitamins that can strengthen your constitution."

Yuan Luoyi used a fork to spear a piece and ate it, it was crispy and sweet, with a rich fruity fragrance.

She speared another piece and held it out to Yuan Ao: "It's pretty sweet, big brother you eat some too."

Yuan Ao leaned down, bit off the fruit, chewed slowly, his Adam's apple bobbing: "It is quite sweet, does your head still feel dizzy?"

Yuan Luoyi said: "Much better already."

Yuan Ao said: "I have to go to the company for a bit, just rest at home."

Yuan Luoyi nodded. She jumped onto the fluffy bed, and after Yuan Ao had tucked her in under the thin silk blanket he left.

Yuan Luoyi sighed softly, feeling somewhat melancholy.

Big brother was still concealing his dark side...

Yuan Ao was a good big brother, he was very patient when taking care of Yuan Luoyi, but he was overly obsessed with the feeling of being relied upon by his little sister.

Once when Yuan Luoyi had a fever, she lay weakly on the bed, continuously sweating. Big brother Yuan Ao stood in the room far away just gazing at her, neither going near nor leaving, as dark as a shadow that couldn't be shaken off.

At that time Yuan Luoyi was still afraid of him, she trembled, terrified, curling into a ball, yet not daring to run away.

When her fever burned until she lost consciousness, someone placed an ice towel on her forehead.

She heard.

"Sometimes I really wish you could stay sick forever, so you'd have to keep relying on me."

That was big brother Yuan Ao's voice. This was also one of the reasons Yuan Luoyi had been afraid of big brother Yuan Ao in the past.

All five of her brothers had a dark side, and Yuan Luoyi had witnessed them all.

In her previous life she was fearful, and didn't realize that her brothers actually cared a lot about her, only regretting it after she died.

In this life Yuan Luoyi discovered her brothers' gentle side, and at the same time she also decided to accept her brothers' frightening side.