The Female Fox Spirit Gets Spoiled by the Big Shot

Zhi Yao is a little fox, soft fur, sweet face, loves to act coquettishly. Everyone in A Country knows that the heart meat of Pei Chi Yao is this little fox.

But no one knows that this little fox is actually a fox spirit that can transform into a human.

Pei Chi Yao: "After raising you for so long, have you thought about how to repay me?"

Zhi Yao: "I've given you kisses, hugs, pets, what more do you want?"

The man leaned over, smiling wickedly, "Of course it's to... give me some little fox cubs."

【Bright avoidance of sensitive content】 This is not a story where the female lead is strong. The female lead is soft, easy to push down. Those who like strong female leads please do not enter. If you feel the female lead is too saintly in parts, please exit immediately! Don't make yourself unhappy! Thanks for understanding!