The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 9

Yuan Ao seemed very busy, sitting in his seat typing on his tablet with a serious expression.

Yuan Luoyi said, "Big brother, am I interfering with your work?"

Yuan Ao's fingers paused for a moment. "No, I'm just looking into some things about you."

Yuan Luoyi became nervous.

Big brother is investigating me!


Oh no, I've done so many socially unacceptable things in the past, could he have found out about all of them?!

Yuan Ao looked at Yuan Luoyi's panicked little face with interest. He took out a lollipop from his pocket, it was a cat ears Meow Meow brand that Yuan Luoyi loved when she was little.

He unwrapped it and held the red candy to Yuan Luoyi's mouth. "No need to be so nervous."

Yuan Luoyi leaned forward and bit down on the lollipop. It was very sweet, watermelon flavored, quite tasty.

When she was little, she would cry from being scared by her big brother. There would always be this kind of lollipop by her bedroom door, Yuan Luoyi thought it was left by Mother Yuan, but it turns out it was left by her big brother!

Every time Yuan Luoyi had one of the candies, her tears would stop.

Then, Yuan Luoyi understood her big brother's intention in suddenly giving her the candy, he thought Yuan Luoyi was about to cry, the candy was preventative.

Yuan Luoyi said, "You don't need to give me candy anymore, because I won't cry from being scared by big brother now."

Yuan Ao gently said, "That's very good. If you have something upsetting your heart, you must tell me. I don't want there to be any more misunderstandings between us."

Yuan Luoyi knew Yuan Ao was referring to her misunderstanding that he had killing intent towards her, when in reality that killing intent was aimed at her second brother Yuan Fa.

Speaking of upsetting things, Yuan Luoyi thought of her fate to be kicked out of the house at 18 and then wrongfully die.

Now she was willing to trust her big brother, but because of the system's rules she still could not directly speak of this matter.

Yuan Luoyi asked, "Big brother, if I encounter mortal danger, will you come save me?"

Yuan Ao said, "Of course."

Yuan Luoyi continued asking, "Then what if I've already been killed, what will you do?"

Yuan Ao's expression instantly changed. He had never imagined there would be a day his little sister would die before him. Just picturing losing her forever caused an indescribable tearing pain tormenting his nerves. He could not bear it.

Yuan Ao gently held Yuan Luoyi's little hand. "Have you had a nightmare like this?"

Recalling the final moments of her past life, the death, loneliness, helplessness, it really did oppress her like a nightmare.

Yuan Luoyi nodded. "Yes, a very scary dream."

Yuan Ao leaned his body closer to Yuan Luoyi. His pitch black eyes reflected Yuan Luoyi. He earnestly said, "Next time, I will go into your dream. If you are still alive, I will get rid of anyone who tries to harm you. If you have already passed on, I will take revenge until death leads me to reunite with you."

Yuan Luoyi looked at Yuan Ao. She knew he would keep his word whether in dreams or reality.

"Come over here." Yuan Ao opened his arms.

He pulled Yuan Luoyi into his embrace, rhythmically patting her back. Yuan Luoyi was surprised to find that such a simple gesture really did make her feel much more at ease.

Yuan Ao said, "Oh right, your second brother is coming back tomorrow. Have him enter your nightmare too, he can..."

Yuan Luoyi hurriedly interrupted Yuan Ao's words, "No! Leave him out of it!"

Yuan Ao asked, "Why?"

Yuan Luoyi heaved a long sigh. "He eats my snacks! Takes my toys! The last time we met he even wrecked the castle I spent a whole month building!"

To second brother Yuan Fa, little sister growing up just meant having someone to bully. He would show a shark-like smile when Yuan Luoyi got angry, he thoroughly enjoyed it.

When Yuan Luoyi was about to cry, Yuan Fa would go to the extreme and perform some cute magic tricks to stop her tears.

Otherwise Mother Yuan or big brother Yuan Ao would beat him half to death.

Without a doubt, Yuan Fa was the Yuan family's most abnormal brother, and the most dangerous one with extremely low morals.

Yuan Ao smiled and ruffled the top of Yuan Luoyi's head. "Then I'll help you teach him a lesson."

Yuan Luoyi excitedly said, "Great! Don't show any mercy!"

As the car continued on, the siblings' relationship grew much closer after resolving their misunderstanding.

Yuan Luoyi looked at her big brother Yuan Ao. She wondered if in her past life after big brother found out she was a fake daughter, would he still have embarked on the path of revenge?

Yuan Luoyi felt the answer was definitely yes. Big brother was a man of his word. He cared about Yuan Luoyi herself, not their blood relation. His rage and regret would transform into terrifying obsessive killing intent.

Then did big brother find the real culprit in the end?

Yuan Luoyi could not think of an answer. She softly leaned against Yuan Ao's embrace and sighed softly.

She could no longer change the past tragedy. In that world, there was a shattered brother searching everywhere for his little sister, until death came.