The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 10

At 12 o'clock, a black sedan appeared at the entrance of an amusement park.

The driver Xiao Feng got out of the car and opened the door. Yuan Ao got out first.

He was dignified and elegant, with tranquil dark eyes like the night. He had a unique attractiveness, but the cold sense of danger made admirers stop and watch but not approach.

The breaths of the female service staff paused for a moment. A young girl stared blankly at Yuan Ao, and the supervisor secretly kicked her. Only then did the girl realize how rude her behavior was, and she lowered her head in panic.

Yuan Ao was an extremely respected guest. The boss had arranged for the staff to receive him, and emphasized that Yuan family’s eldest son was extremely disgusted by women pestering him. It was best if they didn’t have any improper thoughts.

Yuan Luoyi stood beside Yuan Ao like an exquisite and beautiful porcelain doll, easily arousing people's affection.

The servers didn't dare stare at her either. Everyone knew she was the precious jewel in Yuan family’s palm. If they were rude to her, there would be no good outcome.

The shopping guide Sister Fang walked over, "Hello, I'll be your server today. What can I do for you, sir?"

Yuan Ao said, "I brought my sister out to play for a while."

He looked at Yuan Luoyi, "What do you want to play?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "I want to play Street Fighter."

Sister Fang smiled, "What a coincidence. We just got new game consoles. Please come this way!"

They took the elevator upstairs. Yuan Luoyi leaned over the glass railing looking down. The amusement park was magnificent and bustling with people coming and going in front of the surrounding stores.

She discovered a familiar face - it was Wang Xiao from Class A. She was shopping happily with her parents.

Most of the students in Class A were sensible enough to deliberately avoid Yuan Luoyi. But Wang Xiao was loud and unceremonious, often taunting Yuan Luoyi arrogantly. She enjoyed the limelight.

Wang Xiao often said, "If I were the Yuan family’s daughter, I would never be like you - poor at English, lacking social skills, without a single friend in class. To put it bluntly, you’re a useless disgrace from a prestigious family!"

"Why can’t you be as capable as your brothers?"

"Hahaha, you have to work hard and not be lazy! If you don’t understand, I can teach you."

A nasty brat like her couldn’t be punished by anyone. Back home, her parents still doted on her endlessly, perhaps even saying she was much happier than ordinary people.

Yuan Ao said, "The world is not fair. She hurt you but didn’t have to pay the price."

Yuan Luoyi was startled. She turned back silently looking at Yuan Ao.

She recalled what her elder brother had said before, that he was investigating her. So now, elder brother already knew she was isolated in Class A.

Previously, Yuan Luoyi had carefully concealed this. No matter how upset she was at school, when she got home she would pretend nothing had happened.

As a child of the Yuan family, it was very embarrassing not to be able to handle such a small matter well.

Yuan Ao rubbed Yuan Luoyi’s little head, "It’s alright. You're still very young. I can teach you how to deal with these things."

He carried Yuan Luoyi up to a higher spot. Her vision became wider.

She could see all kinds of people in the mall, some fawning, some arrogant, some coming and going in a hurry.

Yuan Ao said, "The school tells you all people are equal, but in reality, people have different ranks, like animals in the food chain. Some people are sheep, ordinary and insignificant. Some people are wolves, thirsty for blood. You can't blend in with them, just as wolves can't blend into a flock of sheep. You shouldn't feel bad about it, you should feel proud."

Yuan Luoyi asked, "Was elder brother alone in school too?"

Yuan Ao said, "Yes, occasionally I could tolerate them, but most of the time I didn't want to waste energy on them. Either ordinary or lonely. Wherever the Yuan family goes, we’re the lone wolf. It’s our nature. I'm glad you have that nature too."

Yuan Luoyi lowered her head in silence, contemplating elder brother’s words. Although she wasn’t a real Yuan family member, after being immersed in their culture, she really couldn’t blend in with her peers.

Yuan Ao asked, "So what is it that you truly want?"

Yuan Luoyi stared at the laughing Wang Xiao. In the past, her wish was simple - to get along normally with classmates, maybe make one or two friends.

But deep down she didn’t actually like that. Superficial friendships were just to cover up loneliness.

Yuan Luoyi felt a strange sense of rationality. Her eyes gradually turned calm. After a while staring at Wang Xiao, she said, "I want her to disappear."

Yuan Ao laughed lightly, "Very good."

He looked at Sister Fang and said, "My sister wants that family to disappear now."

Sister Fang bowed slightly, and quickly arranged for two staff to jog up to Wang Xiao’s family to ask them to leave the mall.

Wang Xiao’s mother was furious, shouting loudly, "On what grounds are you chasing us away? We paid to get tickets to come in too!"

The staff were very embarrassed. They pointed in Yuan Luoyi’s direction.

Wang Xiao's family looked over, instantly turning pale.

"It's the Yuan family! Why are they targeting us?"

Yuan Luoyi saw Wang Xiao trembling, scared witless. She herself knew best what bad things she had done, she just never expected Yuan Luoyi would suddenly strike at her.

Wang Xiao’s father noticed her abnormal behavior. Furious, he interrogated, "Did you do something?"

Wang Xiao stammered, not daring to tell the truth. She bawled loudly, full of regret.

Theirs was a typical nouveau riche family, extremely weak compared to hundred-year aristocratic families like the Yuan’s. With one sentence from Yuan Ao, he could cut off all their money pipelines.

They didn’t even dare take the things they had bought, and scrambled to run away quickly.

Everyone knew when the Yuan’s told you to disappear, it was best to disappear immediately, otherwise the Yuan’s would carry out even more cruel retaliation.

Undoubtedly, Wang Xiao would never appear in front of Yuan Luoyi again. She would take the initiative to drop out of school.

Yuan Luoyi felt the long-term depression in her heart dissipate. Justice was now firmly in her own hands. She made Wang Xiao pay the price.

If she told the school, the teachers wouldn't manage it at all. They would call it minor squabbles between children, and might even criticize Yuan Luoyi for being eccentric and unable to get along with classmates.

Yuan Luoyi asked Yuan Ao, "Was this the right thing to do?"

Yuan Ao said, "How did you feel just now?"

Yuan Luoyi thought for a while, "Power."

Yuan Ao said, "Right. Many things don't have right or wrong, only winning or losing. And power lets you win."

Tilting her head, Yuan Luoyi contemplated elder brother's words seriously. The Yuan family was indeed not upright, with their own ruthless yet compelling philosophy.

Having dealt with the nuisance, the two walked into the game room. To Yuan Luoyi's surprise, apart from the servers, no one else was there.

Yuan's Father said they maintained wealth in order to keep their distance from others. So the Yuan family often booked venues for private consumption.

Yuan Ao stuffed a fluffy ivory-white teddy bear into Yuan Luoyi's arms. Its two shiny black eyes were cute. The soft fuzziness also made Yuan Luoyi like it very much.

Yuan Ao said, "This is a little gift. I remember you really like plush toys."

Yuan Luoyi nodded, "Yes, thank you elder brother."

Yuan Ao said, "The things I showed you today might be too early for you. When you grow up, I can teach you more knowledge. For now, you can hug this little bear and have fun playing. I'll wait for you here."

Glancing around, the various game consoles looked very interesting. Suddenly she didn't feel like playing Street Fighter anymore.